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04:40:40 PM Nov 18th 2014
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  • 18-Volt from WarioWare is pretty obviously a stereotype of a black man—though not necessarily a negative one. He's more like a would-be rapper, complete with boom box and gold teeth. However, some players still dislike him, considering his only lines of dialogue are "word" (Nintendo's understanding of rap culture? Hulk Speak? Who knows?) and he seems like an arbitrary addition to 9-Volt, a more developed character.

Can anyone verify this? From what I've seen, people seem to like him, or at least don't hate him enough to complain. Not to mention he doesn't really look like a stereotypical black man.
01:10:28 AM Jul 16th 2014
Is being a racist stereotype an example of why people hate 'em?
01:33:34 AM Jul 16th 2014
Yep, that can be a reason why people hate an Ethnic Scrappy.
07:25:38 PM Sep 4th 2013
Speaking from 2013, the first time I saw Chop-Chop I had no idea what he was. His portrayal was so ludicrous that, beyond being even unrealistic, it was practically abstract. Hearing that he was supposed to be Chinese didn't help, because he didn't even look like the typical Qing-Dynasty stereotype, which I had seen the Thompsons pull off in "Tintin and the Blue Lotus. Chop-Chop looked like he was put together out of secondhand tales by people who had never seen a single image of either Chinese people or the stereotyped portrayals. I understand that he belongs on this page because he was called Chinese, but...something about 1940s Chop-Chop is beyond even Ethnic Scrappy territory.

Would people in the 1940s have felt the same way? Were the familiar enough with the stereotypes that they could identify him as Chinese?
08:54:40 AM Jun 2nd 2010
Is the second paragraph of the description using Sarcasm Mode and such because they think it's bad that this trope has largely died out, or because they are saying that it sometimes still exists?

Because it's certainly not true that the trope is present only in foreign (i.e. non American) examples now, as there are some modern examples listed under Film and other headings.
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