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08:23:13 AM Sep 7th 2014
I like playing games where no two characters are alike, or have eventually divergently evolved. I like diversity, in games and in life. Just look at nature. Cats for example; pumas, cougars, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, lions, etc. When you look even further, even THOSE species can be broken down further into sub-species: Bengal tigers, Argentine pumas, etc. Diversity showcases the rich tapestry of evolution. Diversity is beautiful, why are some people racists? Obviously it comes from being ignorant and uneducated. Others who try to lump races into the same category (ex: People who think Hispanic races are all the same), are just as ignorant and/or misinformed. As our own species continues down the neverending path of evolution, the inevitable result is that the human race shall one day become an amalgamation of all races.

01:27:30 PM May 14th 2012
Took this here because it looked like an edit war was starting:

The Nostalgia Chick was orginally a Distaff Counter Part to The Nostalgia Critic with the only major difference between the two being she reviewed movies that would nostalgic to woman. She ultimately ended up developing her own review style (analysis style overview verus The Critic's linear looks at plot), her character became more of a Broken Bird, Insufferable Genius type (in contrast to The Critic's mix of Manchild and occassional Only Sane Man tendancies), gained her own supporting cast in "Team N Chick" and ditched her bowtie and glasses (whereas The Critic's glasses and tie are as much a staple of his uniform as they were since day one). The latest crossover between the two lampshades this, with the review (stated to be written by The Chick) is very much in The Chick's style and The Critic complains about how she "went rouge" and the only reason he hasn't fired her to find someone more inline with her orginial persona is that to a hold another "The Search For the Nostalgia Chick Contest" would make them look stupid.

For my part, I haven't seen all of the videos, but from the analysis on their trope pages it seems like they have a Not So Different thing going on, as well as both being hypocritical liars who like denial. Anyone who knows them better can weigh in, I've spoken too much english to be comfortable.
06:33:05 PM May 14th 2012
edited by paycheckgurl I added this example based on what the characters themselves have pointed out in reviews (and pointed out by Lindsay and Doug out of character in their commentaries at various points). Other edits on the Characterization Marches On and the description of the Nostalgia Chick's trope page support this being the case. While the may have moments of Not So Different (most of which was early on before Characterization Marched on anyway, compare their first "Ferngully" crossover made when Lindsay first started working for the site and compare it with "The Chipmunk Adventure") I think that the character is no longer "female critic" is more or less an accepted fact (that seems to be the case on pretty much every other trope page it comes on anyway, from Characterization Marches On to Distaff Counter Part).

(Just so we're clear the Lampshade Hanging I mentioned right down to who was stated to have "written" it was in the in-character review. It's probably the best example of the MANY times they've pointed this trope out in recent reviews).
06:36:53 PM May 14th 2012
edited by paycheckgurl
I basically posted one thing (that was posted today and that no one else had added anything onto) based on what was directly stated by characters and their creators and that is already on several other pages in one form or another (those were by several other people). How is that starting an edit war?
08:40:08 AM May 15th 2012
My fault, sorry, I should have taken the example here when I deleted it a couple of weeks ago. And how about this as a compromise?

Zig-zagged by The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic. She started out being just a simple girl version of his basic traits - snarky manchild doing linear reviews – but then something changed. She got a three dimensional characterization of her own, as well as a more sketch-based style of episode, but the similarities ran much deeper (to name but a few; both have histories of abuse, bad inferiority superiority complexes, desperation for power and psychopathic child tendencies) as well as their differences turning ying-yang (overly dominant/worringly submissive, emotionally repressed/can't hide anything, hates kids but loves animals/hates animals but loves kids), much to her self-loathing denial and his clingy love.

Sound good?
06:22:09 PM May 15th 2012
Sounds good. You're honestly overstating their similarities (the fact they even still have them is usually understated, in that unlike their differences their not over emphasised whenever it comes up), but I really could care less. Want to go ahead and post it?
06:27:27 PM May 15th 2012
I have a lot of free time on my hands (disability and all), so I get to watch a lot of eps regularly. Posting now. :)
05:14:30 PM Aug 3rd 2011
discussion of JLA moved to discussion:

  • Which makes perfect sense, in some cases.
    • The Flash sees the world's heroes being somber and gloomy and thinks "Wow, these people need to lighten up." So he doubles up on his joking and trying to make everyone smile.
  • Batman, whose main weapon against criminals is fear, works even harder on his all-important reputation. If he can get people like Superman and Wonder Woman to go around saying "Yeah, that Batman's definitely on our side, but sometimes he scares the Smeg out of me," he can make criminals flee at the sight of him without even having to throw a Batarang.
  • Superman sees what, in some cases, he thinks of as a disturbingly lax moral code among his peers (again, these are the Earth's heroes) and doubles up on his role-modeling.
  • As for Green Lantern, I've got nothing.
    • Well, in the case of Kyle Rayner anyway, he had a great desire to prove himself and get out of Hal Jordan's shadow. Flash in particular was slow to warm up to the "new kid", considering that he had earned the right to his predecessor's title, whereas Rayner just got it handed to him. Hal can be said to be putting on a stolid front because he knows he's representing the Corps and takes his job very seriously.
      • Hal's also ex-Air Force, and a test pilot. Taking his job very seriously is an occupational necessity; if he didn't, he might have become one with the ground.
  • Similarly, Aquaman is a monarch who stands as the emissary of his people to a world that doesn't understand them, and thus he is often a maverick or loose cannon.
02:32:51 PM May 3rd 2010
edited by SigmaXVirus
Do wikifags have to erase all the wittyness that made TV Tropes great in the first place? Did you all forget that There Is No Such Thing as Notability at all? Go back to Wikipedia, or go make a "Tropedia" at Wikia if you want a boring encyclopædic trope wiki.
08:30:42 PM Aug 28th 2010
No need to be too caustic. Though, I did find Luigification a more illustrative name than Divergent Character Evolution. Sort of dry.
03:01:57 PM Nov 14th 2010
Sigma's right. Can FORKS win just once?
04:53:27 AM Apr 1st 2011
What was wrong with Luigification? Can't we just change it back?
03:34:59 AM Sep 6th 2011
I think the current movement of the wiki is against trope namers as a whole. It's unfortunate, because the humor of the names and the discovery of their meanings are what got me into TV Tropes to begin with.

And to respond more directly to the above comments, I also believe Luigification was a better title, but as a Luigi fan I may be biased.
04:35:29 PM Nov 19th 2011
This is a bit old, but it sounds like there's something like a consensus that "Luigification" was better. Should we change it back?
09:30:27 PM Aug 1st 2012
Luigification is a weird name... I think in my early days on the wiki I thought it was Ascended Extra. Somehow I never knew it was the same page as this.
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