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05:03:07 AM Nov 19th 2014
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Not sure about LEGO Marvel Superheroes quoting Marvel v Capcom; that looks to me like "In the original work" (but I never played Marvel v Capcom, so I could me missing something). Mythology Gag?
06:24:20 PM Jun 4th 2013
I have to question how "Spoony Bard" being part of the official translation means it isn't an example. The quote I added to the page not too long ago is the developers directly acknowledging the line going memetic and thus it was kept in the game when the rest of the script was entirely re-translated
06:24:15 PM Jun 4th 2013
I have to question how "Spoony Bard" being part of the official translation means it isn't an example. The quote I added to the page not too long ago is the developers directly acknowledging the line going memetic and thus it was kept in the game when the rest of the script was entirely re-translated
06:25:00 PM Jun 4th 2013
apologies, dunno how this was posted twice
06:10:25 PM Feb 15th 2014
This is ancient I know, but the point is that it has to originate outside the work. It's part of the definition.
09:04:32 PM Feb 26th 2013
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I'd like to note that Zack Ryder's push is over but he's continued to talk about the WWE's use (or lack thereof) of him.

Ex: @Zack Ryder Hey @Real Jack Swagger…the reason Americans are out of jobs is because I’ve been doing them all. #sevenfigurejobguy

I’m so bored backstage at @WWE #RAW that I think I’m going to make a Vine.

SPOILER ALERT! Tonight LIVE on @WWE #RAW…Long Island Iced Z vs. Catering!

Since I’m not needed for #Elimination Chamber, do you think @WWE will reimburse me if I buy the PPV? #WWE Doesnt Want The Z

@Zack Ryder “@fisk_robbie: @Zack Ryder do you think you will ever fight for the WWE championship?” Yeah…in the WWE ‘13 video game (even Randy Orton liked that one)

Trying to figure out what #Fandango’s finisher is. I need to learn how to counter it.

2-0 this weekend against @WWE Graves…yeah 2 wins…oh right, these shows weren’t televised.

When your company doesn’t believe in you, start a YouTube show. When that stops working, write a song. https://itun.es/us/YUFTJ #stillswingin

Anyone see that commercial for The Job? I’m the host! #SB 47
And re-tweeting stuff such as this: @Beezzzzy @Zack Ryder @Johnny WWE #WWWYKI

@Awwwesome Will @Zack Ryder Congrats on your meteoric rise to the top of the @WWE jobber list. Siiiiiiiccckk #Jobber #WWWYKI

Yeah. It's gotten ridiculous.
11:38:36 PM Dec 9th 2012
"Waluigi Time!" is definitely not a case of Ascended Meme unless the meme has been around at least since before Mario Kart Double Dash (GameCube, 2003), which came years before the referenced Mario Party 9. In Double Dash Waluigi says it when he's on your team and you switch him to the back of the kart. (or front, one of the two). Even if the meme has been around that long it could easily be coincidental.
07:46:53 AM Dec 10th 2012
Seconded. I removed it. It's a line that's reached Memetic Mutation status, but it's an actual, earlier line from Waluigi.
09:16:00 PM Feb 15th 2011
edited by goto124
Is the below example considered an Ascended Meme, as it happened outside the game where the 'meme' started?

In Hit Grab's Facebook game MouseHunt, there is an Urban Legend of Zelda, the Salt Mines. Later on, Hit Grab added the Salt Mines to it[']s other Facebook game, Levyn Light. Also, A person named Aznor [the backward of Ronza, a character in MouseHunt] was introduced into Levyn Light.
05:42:09 PM Jan 29th 2011
How is this a subjective trope? "Fan meme gets used in an official work" seems pretty concrete and objective to me.
10:16:29 AM Jan 28th 2011
edited by BohBoh
Regarding the Snakes on a Plane example (and, for that matter, the image caption), I'm pretty sure I saw a trailer for Snakes on a Plane from before it started getting hyped up for the So Bad, It's Good factor, and back then, it still included a different version of the famous line that simply said "Enough is enough. I've had it with these snakes." If I'm right about that (and I admit I'm actually not 100% positive,) then from what I understand, the iconic line seen in the final version was just a reshoot of the original version with extra Ham added in. As in they took something that was already in the movie and then just reshot it to play up the over-the-top-ness.

And just to comment, I also have to say I'd actually kind of prefer the original version because I remember it being so serious and deadpan. Yeah sure, it's also fun to have "MUTHAFUCKIN' SNAKES ON THIS MUTHAFUCKIN' PLANE," but honestly, there's just something I find really funny about him saying such an absurd line in such a deadpan, "serious business" tone.

"Enough is enough. [intense close-up] I've had it with these snakes."
10:29:13 AM Jan 28th 2011
I believe it was the "Mothafuckin' snakes on this mothafuckin' plane" bit that was added.
02:56:40 PM Nov 26th 2010
Cut this, because it's more of a Mythology Gag (since the line was in the actual movie instead of being a fan permutation):

  • Everyone knows how Iron Man built his armor IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! Come Invincible Iron Man #18, Tony Stark mentions it word-for-word when revisiting said cave and said armor.

07:49:03 AM Feb 6th 2012
In the movie, Stark didn't say it, and wouldn't have any real way of hearing it either. So I think it counts even by your definition.
04:31:14 PM Oct 9th 2010
Does it really count as an ascended meme if the meme is unrelated to the series?
04:35:19 PM Oct 9th 2010
It shouldn't. That would be the series making a Shout-Out to another meme.
07:31:48 AM Sep 21st 2011
Shouldn't that be on the main page? I still see wicks to Ascended Meme when it's clearly just a goddamn shout-out! Think about AscendedFanboy, does the fanboy get to be in a genre he's not fanboy of? No? Then it's not AscendedFanboy and neither is it AscendedMeme. This really isn't rocket science ppl.
04:44:50 PM Jul 1st 2010
Ravage SG was based on a web comic. http://shortpacked.com/comic/book-8/04-guest-strips-and-miscellany/sgravage/

The creators of the REAL comic evidently liked him so much he became canon.
11:32:04 PM Aug 15th 2010

So, in a video game about a movie, they used a scene that appeared in that movie. Oh, and they didn't really do anything to preserve the meme, in fact they made the scene LESS like the one that spawned the meme. Not really looking like an example.
02:05:13 PM Feb 8th 2013
Oh god, I HATE the image. I just want to change it so bad. Th carameldansen is an overused youtube dance for 8-year-old girls with a SO RANDOM XDXDXD sense of humor.
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