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Tropers: Teh Masteh Sord
NOTICE: Teh Masteh Sord's TV Tropes profile has been translated through generations and generations of scholars, and the very wisest of sages have attempted to find its true meaning. Below is the most accurate translation so far:

Hello, tropers fellow. But please refer to me as a colleague, I will go with the name of the Teh Masteh Sord. I am a big fan of what you do not remove all the progress of the black in the middle and go to video games, particularly games. Since I can kill all humans, I joined the Tvtropes. -NOTE: WE'RE STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THAT PART.- Wait ... My interests are included, What I tell you why my interest? This is not a page of Facebook! Anyway, I like to include pain and suffering of human beings. -THAT PART IS ALSO A BIT IFFY.- I do not like is the black music of Rebecca. Her song, suck the testicles of cattle. Kill all humans. -ALSO THAT ONE.-

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