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08:04:43 PM Jun 5th 2014
I was going to amend the Sherlock/John entry, until I realised that I was basically going to say "WHAT Sherlock/John subtext is that then?" Have I spent too much time around pro-Mary Morstan blogs on Tumblr, or is there just no REAL or SUBSTANTIAL ship teasing? Nearest thing I can think of is continuing the themes of other Sherlock Holmes adaptations where Sherlock and John are confused for a couple. What have, you know, Gatiss and Moffat said about Mary?
03:44:31 AM May 8th 2014
Re cut: Hrmm... on the one hand, the inbounds would justify a Trope Repair Shop. On the other hand, the page's examples definitively reads like it's ridiculing certain groups of shippers. It also has only 14 wicks. An example cut may be better than a page cut here.
08:26:06 AM Oct 28th 2013
What's the point of this trope? A lot of it seems to be just people complaing about people not liking the ships THEY like, and I see more than a little Shipping Goggles in the article too.
09:58:34 PM Dec 8th 2013
With you on this. I find the stuff about Tales of Symphonia especially infuriating. Might take that one off, at least.
03:35:27 AM Dec 21st 2011
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12:31:47 PM Sep 10th 2011
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EDIT: Last time I stay logged in on a shared PC.
05:22:29 PM Mar 16th 2010
  • Sesshomaru/Rin fans of Inuyasha may or may not tend to have on not only Shipping Goggles but Anti Goggles on top of them, as fans of the Sesshomaru/Kagura pairing may or may not. Which pair of goggles is affecting the perception of which ship is debatable enough that it consumed several pages of text before being cut for size here.

It seems there's a rabid Sess/Kagura fan who HATES Sess/Rin and tries to cause wank in almost all TV Tropes by bashing it whenever it can. Putting the bit here in case someone can rewrite it and do it more neutrally.
08:36:19 AM Jul 23rd 2010
Yeah, I noticed that to. This person has gone through every article they could possibly be in to bash the pairing...
04:02:35 PM Sep 30th 2010
Bashing? No trust me, anyone who's active in the two ships knows that what she's saying is true. Pointing out things that actually happen is not bashing. If she had said "liking this pairing automatically makes you a loser" or something, that would've been bashing. the above quote is 100% true.
04:05:28 PM Sep 30th 2010
edited by SchizoTechnician
One, I'm a he, and two, I really don't care. I stopped reading Inu-Yasha long before those two met. I was just summarizing the several pages of argument between the two pairings in a manner try and not be biased to either side while reducing sheer volume of entry drastically. The point of the entry is that one of the two pairing shippers have anti-goggles on but its impossible to tell; maybe both have anti-goggles on.

06:22:46 AM Mar 15th 2010
Should we have a Troper Tales page for this? We have one for OTP and one for Crack Pairing, this seems to be similar.
04:41:34 PM Jun 28th 2011
Yeah, a Troper Tales page would be useful.
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