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Peteman: Ignoring the lack of ykttw here, this should probably be called "Anti Shipping Goggles".

Solandra: "Anti Shipping Goggles" would indeed be clearer.

Also, I have a feeling that this article is going to get quite... combative later on if the issue of what counts as "canon" or "possibly canon" comes up. (It seems like one editor in particular has it out for the Sesshomaru/Rin ship, as a similar example is listed under Shipping Goggles...)
  • Soojinyeh: That's cause I'm the one who made this page with that particular fanbase in mind after a suggestion was made. While I do admit bias, there's nothing I've said that isn't true.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Yes, this needs to be renamed to Anti-Shipping Goggles. But the concept of "rejecting a ship regardless of canon evidence" seems reasonable to me. (Heck, I thought No Yay ought to mean that.) We've just gotta be careful about the standards — use the criteria of Dis Continuity ("there must be a significant percentage of the (anti)fandom"), since the concepts are related — this is, in its most basic form, rejecting canonical ShipTeasing.... Oh, and Ship Sinking can happen when an author gets this.

Schizo Technician: I second (or is that first?) the concept of "rejecting a ship regardless of canon evidence". Harry/Ginny, for example- any other ship involving the two of them ignores their canon pairing. And so on. There will probably be a fair bit of bullshit and Justifying Edits about how Harry/Hermione or Harry/Draco is more canon based on subtext (ignoring the actual text itself), but that can be deleted. If we can do articles on politics and religion and edit out overly forceful opinions (some of which, I admit, are mine- but y'all fix my mistakes), we can certainly do this.

Solandra: I guess so, as long as we take care not to attack all shippers of fanon pairings as some of them are doing them Just for Fun and aren't too concerned with trying to promote their ship as "more canon" than more obviously/implicitly canon ships. In other words, only extreme examples should be listed.

Schizo Technician: Makes sense. It would clearly have to be only extreme examples, or this page would explode to include every possible combination of characters from every fiction ever.

Hylarn: The examples are problematic already, though. The InuYasha one is a barely readble screed and the FFVII one is specifically attacking someone on this site.

Grev: And besides that, how is this different from Die for Our Ship exactly?

puritybrown: Die for Our Ship is about bashing a specific character who stands in the way of a ship you prefer — and in particular, killing them off in fanfiction. Anti Goggles (or Anti-Shipping Goggles) is about looking at a particular potential relationship, saying to yourself "This is definitely not and never will be a canonically romantic relationship!" and refusing to be budged no matter what. The main difference is that Anti-Shipping Goggles don't have to have anything to do with another ship being threatened; some people just don't like romance plots and don't want their favourite shows tainted with them. Or the ship in question is same-sex and they're uncomfortable with same-sex relationships.

On that note, I actually think it might be best to reserve this trope for instances where the reason for resisting the subtext has nothing to do with Ship-to-Ship Combat. If you don't like Ax B because you'd rather see B paired with C, that's Ship-to-Ship Combat. If you don't like Ax B because you prefer A to be single, that's Anti-Shipping Goggles. But then we need some new examples...