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03:51:46 AM Nov 30th 2014
Preston Marlowe? Really? He's a mostly silent protagonist who fits practically none of the criteria.
03:41:28 PM Jan 24th 2014
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Not sure anyone would think this is a good idea, but I was considering creating an article called "Generic Cool Guy", which wouldn't be entirely like this. The article would read "These are characters that made to appeal to audiences (charming, easy-going, and attractive) and have little to no personality beyond that. While this is not a bad trope in and of itself, but when done poorly can make a character as being a less than fully developed one. See also Escapist Character and Action Genre Hero Guy of which this trope overlaps with (The former of which this is somewhat of an outgrowth of and is like the later, albeit are generally are pretty boy versions minus a compelling and interesting personality.

examples: Anime


Live Action
  • Dean Winchester was this for the most part in the earlier seasons of Series:Supernatural but after going several dilemmas subverts this.


Western Animation
  • Johnny Bravo: The eponymous character is a parody of this trope.
10:44:03 PM Jan 24th 2014
You ought to take that to YKTTW.
12:18:55 PM Feb 14th 2013
Always white? A few paragraphs after mentioning Will Smith. I didn't know that Will Smith is white.
04:45:59 PM Aug 17th 2011
I think the picture, while funny, is not appropriate. We should put the seperate trope called "Skinhead hero" or something.

Also, is the person in this trope needs to be American only? I think most of the action hero around the world can fit to this trope. Chow Yun fat character for example.
05:28:12 PM Mar 22nd 2012
edited by Gregzilla
In addition to the above, I don't think Desmond Miles fits as an example. Although he physically looks like one, he is not a former military man of any sort (as proven by Assassin's Creed: Revelations and the introduction to Assassin's Creed I both), he has never been seen using a gun except in one debatably canon comic (outside of the memory of Ezio Auditore, who is not him), does not have the name Jack or John (though this is admittedly not a deciding factor), doesn't have a Dead Little Sister (unless you count Lucy, who came up late into his current career as a possible one, and still doesn't really count due to the method of her death), and there is no actual word on his ideas about authority (he only ran away from home because he wasn't told why he should not in sufficient detail).

Should he be taken off of the picture list?
03:23:42 AM Jun 26th 2011
It would be nice if someone added the names and works of all the guys on the page image in a hottip.
03:00:46 AM Jun 24th 2011
I don't think Wander from Shadow of the Colossus is really an example. He's got long hair, and his primary weapons are a sword and longbow. Nothing is ever said about his socioeconomic class or his relationship with authority.

He may not even be white; he could be Mukokuseki.
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