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07:28:20 AM Nov 16th 2013
Despite Layla's complaints about the hero/sidekick setup it does make logical sense. Of the other members of "Hero Support tend to have powers that would be of little help in the heroics business. Thoughts?
06:45:53 PM Apr 1st 2013
edited by Morgenthaler
A request to people who've seen this film: can someone update the entry for Sky High for Super Weight? It's a Just for Fun homegrown ranking at TV Tropes of measuring characters' relative power in a story, divided into nine broad categories. The entry according to the old criteria was this (and can be found on the medium subpage's discussion page):

  • Sky High
    • Type -1: The poor, poor Tom Kenny cameo character who nearly gets squished by the falling school
    • Type 0: Ron Wilson, BUS DRIVER!, Mr. Boy, Stitches (Highly variable because it's never made apparent if they have superpowers or not.)
    • Type 1: Zach, Majenta, Ethan
    • Type 2: Most Sky High staff and students, including Will, Gwen, Layla, and Warren, Royal Pain
    • Type 3: Steve, Josie, Will with both superstrength and flight
03:03:54 AM Jul 31st 2012
Some stuff I cut from/reworked for the page:

(From All of the Other Reindeer)
  • A line from this song is actually sung at one point in the movie.

  • Broken Aesop: The story is mean to show that separating people into groups is bad, but it serves a vital purpose in Sky High — mainly, it keeps the sidekicks from getting killed by something they can't handle. If Magenta (who only shapeshifts into a guinea pig) tried fighting the Giant Robot from early in the film... It's even worse for Zach (who just glows) and Ethan (who melts), since their powers could easily be replaced with utility belt items (Flashlight and Oil Slick, respectively).
    • Not really. The Aesop is more "The Powers Don't Make The Super Hero" than "Work together". Even with their "lame" powers, they can get by with creative uses. And that without mentioning the super heroes who don't have any super powers, and aren't mentioned at all in the film.
      • "You don't need Hero-class powers to be a hero" rings a little hollow when the main character develops not one but two top-tier powers which which to impress his classmates and save the day. Multiple sub-tier powers can, with the right set of circumstances, provide vital background assistance; or you can single-handedly overpower a cheerleader army with your Green Thumb, be the main muscle through Playing with Fire, or save everyone in and below school by virtue of being a Flying Brick.
      • Though do note, a lot of the Aesop depended on how the Sidekicks were treated; though there was a practical purpose in isolating them and the main hero ended up saving the day, a lot of the conflict stemmed from the fact the sidekicks were treated like second-rate trash and the hero learned to interact and empathize with them.

(From Chekov's Gun)
  • Of course it's only used for one scene. You have a power weapon to that can render enemies powerless and 'stop using it'?

(From Made of Iron)
  • Given that Will inherited both his parents' powers and Warren also have two super-powered parents, it's possible that Warren has Made of Iron as his secondary superpower along with Playing with Fire.
  • He says "'Think I can't take a hit?" when he walks back in, so it's possible it's an actual power. More likely it's just a genre convention, though

  • Never Trust a Trailer: Not sure if it counts, but this troper has seen advertisements for this on Disney Channel (with their tradition of playing movies that are years old) that had convinced this troper (who had not seen the movie yet) that Layla, the plant girl, was the villain.
09:52:02 AM Jul 20th 2011
edited by hayleychaotix
What Could Of Been says to go to Word of God, and Word of God isn't there. Anyone know what was going to go there?
01:29:14 PM Jun 3rd 2012
I think it might be referring to the fact that it is/was intended to be the first of a series; at least, I found a reference to it on its IMDB Trivia page, but I couldn't find anything else backing that up.

Perhaps my Google-Fu is merely too weak... ?
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