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06:05:27 AM Apr 30th 2014
Use of Power Creep, Power Seep trope

I'm reading through the section on Genestealers, and one of the final tropes about them describes how the fluff lists them to be much more powerful psykers than they are as actual models — wouldn't this moreso be a case of gameplay story segregation? Or is that a video games only trope, and doesn't technically include 40k because it's a Tabletop game?
03:44:44 AM Jan 6th 2013
Just letting people know, I split the Tyranids into separate folders so we can elaborate a bit more on each element. The split was determined by what I have seen offered as distinct army lists in the past (though they might not be offered as such options in more recent versions of the rules.)

Specifically, I made folders for Genestealers (they can and often do operate independently of the Hive Fleets) and the Zoats (which have not been in the game since first edition.) All the remaining stuff was left in the Hive Fleet folder, except that which got moved out to the new folders.

I hope nobody objects.
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