Elemental Barrier

A Sub-Trope of Instant Armor and Sister Trope of Elemental Armor, this trope utilizes elemental forces as a form of (instantaneous) protection in a shape of a usually spherical barrier that covers the user. It can be a ball of flame, sand, lightning, or any elemental manifestation.

Characters who use this trope are a combination of Barrier Warrior and Elemental Powers.

See Instant Armor for worn armor that appears instantaneously and Elemental Armor for an elemental variation of the former.


Anime and Manga
  • Gaara from Naruto has, outside from his sand Elemental Armor, a sand barrier that serves as his first line of defense. He even uses one as a form of a transportation/protection hybrid in the Deidara fight.
  • Gajeel from Fairy Tail uses his iron-based abilities as a source of Nigh-Invulnerability. He is quite literally Made of Iron.
  • Some Logia (and Paramecia) Devil Fruit eaters from One Piece can use their powers defensively this way, such as Galdino's Candle Wall (a wall of hardened wax) or Monet's Kamakura (basically an igloo).
  • Toriko:

Comic Books
  • Magneto from X-Men can create electromagnetic forcefields as a form of defense.
  • Similarly to Magneto above, Static also tends surround himself with electromagnetic shields.

Fan Works
  • The favorite maneuver of any kind by John in With Strings Attached is to create a water “force field” around himself (and often others as well). Besides being physically protective, it also contains air and protects against noxious smells, can be extended under water so he can carry people along with him, and (as shown in The Keys Stand Alone), it helps lubricate his way through tight spaces.

  • The villain of The Quest of the Unaligned uses a lighting barrier to protect his McGuffin. The heroine uses another barrier, this one made of fire, to block the first one from hitting her.

Live-Action Television

Video Games

Western Animation