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    I'm looking for films and other stories where the fictional world seeps through. Examples; Last Action Hero.

    I remember seeing a bunch of these films/reading a bunch of these books, but whenever I search for them I can't find anything. Reply

      Have you checked out the Refugee from TV Land page?

      No, thank you! I thought it would be a trope, but couldn't find it.

      Anyone know what the opposite of this is? When real-word, genre savvy characters are dragged into a plot they know where is heading? :/

      Trapped in TV Land?
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    There was this movie, in like this Jim Henson style. It had this kid who was really young, running away from bullies in like a warehouse, and than he was transported to this magical world, with the aforementioned creatures, and the plot revolved around these four people, the Jim Henson style folks, and there was this princess who in the end betrayed the kid, but the kid managed to turn her back to good. The memory is very hazy. Reply
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    I'm researching a full-length anime movie from my friend, it contained

    • A young male police officer(?) with a Cool Bike (red in color)
    • Sister or friend comes to him, asks him to investigate death of his brother with the suspect of a Man in White villain who killed him by tackling him off the construction site and landing in a net while the other man didn't.
    • A dog central to the plot bites the villain's hand, gets stabbed and dissolved to red goo, giving the villain a Red Right Hand of some sort.
    • Weird Faux Symbolism
    • The bad guy escapes due to the movie being a prequel to a series proper.
    • The word 'Bablyon' seems familiar to it somehow.
    • It is not Akira.

    Any help with this will be appreciated. Reply

      Possibly Tokyo Babylon? IK don't know enough to say if it fits, but it is a prequel to X/1999.
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    I have two books to remember.

    The first was a short book I read in elementary school, so it would have been the mid- to late 70's. A boy is reading a book in school, and the word 'roc' gets blurry then starts to jump around the page, and even grows a beak. Soon, it starts to grow into an actual roc.

    About the only other thing I remember about it was the description of the roc. It had bright blue feathers, and at full size its eyes were as big and as orange as basketballs.

    The second one, also from my elementary school days, was about a family who adopted an injured baby owl, and named him Lwo, because that was 'owl' backwards. That's really all I remember about that one because we all thought it was funny to hear the teacher try to pronounce "Lwo."

    Has anyone else heard of these? Reply

      The first one sounds a bit like E. Nesbit's short story "The Book of Beasts", in which, as a prince reads the titular book, the animals come to life. This isn't too bad when he's reading about butterflies and birds, but it becomes a bit more problematic when he turns to the pages on dragons and manticores. I don't think it takes place in a school, though. Ring any bells?

      No, but thanks anyway. This book takes place in the modern day, and the only creature to appear is the roc.

      Squawwwk! by Thomas Rockwell?

      That's it! Thanks!

      Any idea about the second one?

      Is it Owls In The Family by Farley Mowat? There's two owls, though, and one is named Wol, not Lwo. Pretty well known book in Canada.

      That must be it. I guess I misremembered the name. Elementary school was a long time ago for me. :)

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    Western Animation
    I remember seeing a few episodes of this cartoon as a kid in Iceland in the nineties, but that's all I know about when/where.

    It was about these little dogs, except they had wheels instead of legs. My mind insists they were actually rollerskates that had been 'anthropomorphized' into dogs (canimorphized?), but that might just have been what I thought as a kid; I also vaguely feel like they may have been toy cars or something. In any case, they were definitively dogs on wheels, so if you're thinking of something about dogs that did not have wheels, that's not it.

    I'm pretty sure they lived in a junkyard. The main character was red, and I'm pretty sure he had an old mentor figure as well, but I don't remember any of the plot. I think I only ever caught an episode or two and always wanted to see more.

    Anybody remember anything like it? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I recall an old cartoon I used to watch that was a sort of futuristic cop or soldier thing. I remember the focus being a city that I think was under some kind of dome, and the people had been changed or altered by these pod-things...I seem to remember them having an orange or yellow center...and the good guys were trying to fight back. Anyone have any idea what cartoon that was? I'm in the US, Chicago area and I do remember it was on channel 66 when it still existed. Reply

      I'm just making a wild guess from the words and terms dome, people being changed with something orange/yellow on them; how about Spiral Zone ?
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    Either a movie or a TV show, live-action, that quotes the opening line of David Copperfield ("Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life..."). I think it's a male character speaking in voiceover. It's not Fahrenheit 451 or The Cider House Rules, which were what kept coming up when I Googled it. This may be something very recent or famous or otherwise obvious, I just can't remember, and "stuff that quotes David Copperfield" is sort of a hard thing to search for. Reply

      Boardwalk Empire had a recent episode where that happened. Someone was reading the book out loud.

      That's probably it, thanks. I must have overheard it while my dad was watching it.
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    There's this computer game that I remember playing with my dad when I was a kid. This would have been in the late 90's or early 2000's. It opened in a small window. You had to control this little stick figure man and guide him through a bunch of levels; I think the game had over a hundred levels. I'm pretty sure it was some kind of puzzle game. I remember ice and water being prominent in several of the levels. I want to say the character you control is some kind of miner, but I'm not sure that's accurate. Reply

      I'd bet you it was Loderunner

      Sounds like Chip's Challenge to me, but that's just a guess.

      It wasn't Loderunner. Chip's Challenge looks very similar to what I remember, only I seem to remember this game looking kind of like a flash game. Hmmm.

      Then it was probably Tile World. A freeware remake of Chip's Challenge.
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    Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew the title of this film. I saw it on TV a few years ago but I didn't memorize the name. I've been asking and googling around but haven't found the right thing yet, and it's starting to drive me nuts. D:

    The plot goes roughly like this: There's this girl who writes letters to a prisoner (and he writes back) for some school thing. I don't remember whether the prisoner escaped or if he was released, but he runs away with the girl and ends up committing some crimes. They fall in love and I think the guy was impotent or something but they manage to do it at some point anyway.

    Stuff happens and at the end the police kill the prisoner (who makes the girl tell the cops that he made her do it, even though she went with him because she wanted to). Also, not exactly sure about this, but I think the girl might've gotten pregnant?

    I think it might be from somewhere around the 80's or 90's. Maybe.

    So, thank you in advance (here's hoping someone knows this movie!) O: Reply
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    I remember watching an animated show on PBS kids when I was younger about mice/hamster or maybe just small rodents in general living in Medieval time. And also this show is no the show "Tales of the Riverbank" I remember that there was an ongoing conflict and plot in the whole series instead of just with every individual show. The show also usually aired on Sunday mornings. If any could help me remember the name of it, I would greatly appreciate it!!! Reply

      The Redwall animated series?

      Edit: Wrong coding.
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    Teen novel, probably written in the 70's or 80s, about a girl who is convinced to join a band. Her and the guy in the band sing amazing when she's angry with him, but lose the spark when she's happy. They fall in love, which messes with their dynamic. The band becomes really popular.

    I'm not sure I liked the book, but it fascinated me, especially how dated everything seemed. I'm not sure if they were punk or rock, but I could see their big hair and hear their screaming 'music'. Reply
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    Since there's no choice for edutainment games, I'll put mine under "Not Sure". All I remember is that you played as a kid named Zak (maybe it was spelled differently) and he solved math problems while in a "pod". Along the way, he would earn "Pod Points" and this old guy he was talking to over a long distance would say "That's worth a Pod Point!" or "That's worth TWO Pod Points!" I never played the whole thing; it was included in the "Classworks Gold" program that my elementary school used, along with some Jump Start and Blaster Series games. Ever since playing brief portions of it I've wanted to know what it was. Reply

      It might be Jump Start Adventures 6th Grade: Mission Earthquest.

      Possibly. If I could find more than just one video on it, I'd know for sure.

      Have you tried looking for screenshots of the game?

      Yes, and I'm pretty sure that's what it is.
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    Western Animation
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    Hey all, there are these two shows that I have been trying to remember for years now. They both played at around the same time during the 90s in Australia, but I don't doubt they played in other countries.

    The first one I'm pretty sure was about this white anthropomorphic dog, I dunno, I think he went for a walk (for some reason) and went to a hay-stack and ran into a flying pig (I think) and it turned out some bad guys kidnapped his mother... so they go off to find her... they run into other people to help... There was one episode that was quite creepy when they got to some forest with signs that read "No singing, No dancing, No whistling" Of course the dog-thing rebels and does exactly that and gets captured... Don't remember much after that. I think, maybe, this series was the kind that were 5 mins in length and played before a full-length show.

    The second show I remember even less. I think the protagonist was a talking blue dog (or something) and he was a pirate. He has a love interest (I think she was a cat) that was originally part of the bad pirate dudes but then converts to the good guys. He had a friend that was large and tanky.

    Any ideas? Reply

      The first show was Mumfy - it was about a little white elephant with a pink jacket. The part with the pig's mother being captured was in the movie. Can't tell you anything about the second show though.

      Woah that's it! Thank you so much! Hehe... weird nostalgia!
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    I think there's a song that sounds very similar to "What is Eternal" by Trans Siberian Orchestra (Not the Ode To Joy Part) I don't really know much about it. I think it may have been another metal song. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    This is a pretty old (and really creepy) children's show I saw when I was little. Full of nightmare fuel. What I remember most vividly is the ladybug that I think it was centered around drawn in a really weird art style. They were probably speaking Simlish. I think it might have been a series of shorts, but I'm not sure. The opening had a fly in it. It would have aired sometime between 10 and 7 years ago in Canada. Reply

      the fly tale would be a likely guess.
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    I went on a wiki walk here and ended up reading a series of short stories, I think at Baen. One of the stories was Bluffing the Advance Scout, the other was the science goes away. The specific mechanism of the science going away was a device that changed the conductivity of metals in a range. For various irrelevant reasons I can't go over to Baen and wikiwalk the webscriptions stories, and a quick read of Bluffing the Advance Scout doesn't help me.


      Giving more details, character A, protagonist, from the Bluffing the Advance Scout story was the boss of the protagonist in the second story. The second story, the one I really want to re-read, involved a class 1.5 apocalypse, a love triangle, murdering the hypotenuse, and whatever is the technological equivalent of the magic goes away.
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    This is a clip from a trailer for "Robo Roach", dubbed into Russian. What metal song is in the background? [http://2x2tv.ru/movie/fa654eb186221d6f93ba81d57c73aafc] Reply
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    Western Animation
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    This was an animated cartoon on a PBS station in Los Angeles. The main character was a young bear wearing a shirt and overalls. The show was made in the 90s. The young bear showed the viewers around his house, and sitting at a table were two step-parents (probably aliens). I've asked this question on the IMDb, but that didn't help. Reply

      There were no humans in this show, as far as I can remember. Most importantly, I ONLY want PBS shows.

      Bump. The parent creatures were of a species with a really funny name. The show looked a lot like Arthur, but it isn't. The young bear (he looked like a teddy) had Black Bead Eyes. The parents, however, had the generic Black Eyes. The pupils were small. The bear had brown fur. The parents wore button-down shirts and khakis.

      Tried http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PBS_Kids#Past_Programs ?

      Yes, I looked at the past PBS shows. None of them exactly matched my show.

      There's Rupert Bear, but he doesn't wear overalls. Hmmmm....

      Cordouroy (im spelling that wrong) bear?

      It's neither Rupert nor Corduroy. I've seen both. My bear is brown; Rupert is white. My bear wore a shirt under his overalls; Corduroy didn't.

      Bump once again. The exotic parent species sounded German. I have no idea where this show was animated. For all I know, I'm a US native.

      Berenstain Bears?

      No, it wasn't the Berenstain Bears. I don't remember the main characters living in a tree house. The "parents" never really talked in my show...

      Bump. The show was most likely created in the USA, Canada, or France.

      Snoozenheimer was the species name, and the show name was My World.:D

      Holy hell Gaz Bev Moo! You saw it too! I posted that info on Wikipedia to no avail. You saw it too? Maybe I might remake it into a cartoon!

      No I actually never saw this. I posted that info according to what another person remembers. And the Justin Bieber link was a joke, that was the name of his first album.

      Oh you were that person. I'm sorry I was confused. I thought this one and the other one you made that didn't mention the name were a different person. I'm sorry.

      That's OK.

      Did you say in one of your imdb boards that you called PBS and they thought you were making it up as a prank call? I'm unclear on that.

      Er, no. My local station (which is no longer a PBS) told me to contact PBS itself, which produced the short.

      Did you contact PBS yet?

      Yes I have. They haven't replied yet.

      The folks on Wikipedia removed my edit to "PBS Kids" about "My World". Maybe I might pitch in an extended remake. More of an "Arthur" meets "Phineas and Ferb".

      Can't you just call them? How long ago did you send the message? I'd say it sounds more like a mix of Arthur meets Phineas And Ferb. But do you say that in sense of art style or genre? Also do you remember if the cartoon had more than one episode? And could it have been part of a show with lots of short segments like Sesame Street or Between The Lions or something similar?

      I sent the message in August. Maybe I'll send another message.

      Yup. I also wrote to PBS Kids tonight.

      OOPS! The programmer told me to expand more into info. She suggested a segment of "Africa for Kids" (also called My World), but that was live action.

      PBS suggested that I contact something called "American Public Television". This may very well be my last chance at EVER finding the short. Maybe I'll do a loose sketch of a scene, then mail it to PBS.

      Did you describe the cartoon in detail to them? If not then you should call them again and do it. There is a chance you misremembered the name.

      I might have the wrong name, and I forgot to include details about the character designs. Thank you SO much; you're so helpful.

      Was it Little Bear? It was on Nickelodeon, not PBS, though. But I think Little Bear wore overalls sometimes.

      No. This couldn't be anything well known.

      How about "Corduroy"?

      We know it's not Corduroy, Rupert, Little Bear, The Berenstein Bears, or anything else well known.

      Yeah, an Australian on the IMDb guessed Rocko's Modern Life. I almost fell over, but then I calmly explained that the short was aimed at pre-school age children.

      Oh man!XO if I wasn't laying down I would've fell backwards! How dumb can people get? That my favorite show ever and this short sounds nothing like it remotely.

      Hi Fifimcleef, maybe I can help. I work for American Public Television, referenced above. The public television system has a number of show distributors for childrens' programming— PBS is one of them, and we are as well. It's a similar situation to public radio, where shows are created by NPR, PRI, APM, etc. So: I checked our archives and I can't find anything for kids named "My World." However, it could've been from another distributor— OR, it could've been created at KCET, the public television station in Los Angeles. But are you sure that's the correct name for the program you're looking for? Otherwise, it's a needle in a very large haystack! Also, a specific year you're looking for will help.

      At first they said 1995-1999 then 1997-1998, can't you look through shows and find something obscure that sounds like what they described?, I believe that the main major character was a young brown bear wearing a purple shirt and green overalls. The parents inside the house looked nothing like the kid. They were pale, long snout, wore white button-down shirt, and khakis. That should help.

      Hi there— unfortunately no, we can't look through actual shows from over a decade ago— especially if there's no accurate program title. As well, with programs this old, the actual tapes have been returned long ago to the original producer if the shows are out of legal rights, which I'm sure these are! But I'll do a little sleuthing with some folks who have been in the system a while. Stay tuned, this may take a bit. I'll try to do what I can to help you.

      The legal rights thing is confusing, and I don't know who produced the short. My best guesses are Nelvana, CINAR and Porchlight.

      Are you able to look up shows that started over ten years ago but ended less than ten years ago or are still running?

      Have you tried contacting the Museum of Television and Radio? Maybe they have archives for this sort of thing?

      That museum has been renamed "The Paley Center for Media". I'll also ask U.C.L.A. because they have a large film/television collection. Heh, I'm living in the Los Angeles metro area, so my mom or dad will drive me there.

      This is so exciting!

      You can also try the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. You can do an online search of their archives here.

      Or I could visit cartoonresearch.com, but that specializes in pre-60s shorts. I'm 100% sure my short was from the 90s.

      I'm worried that the footage has been deleted, or maybe it's only my imagination. I'll probably do a loose sketch of the only scene that I remember. (shedding a tear) Maybe its name WASN'T My World.

      This weekend I will draw a comic of what I picture it looking like from what you said for you to show them. I don't want you to go to the trouble. Be warned however that my art stinks, but I can probably make it look identifiable to anyone familiar with it.

      Main character: the shirt color was purple; the overalls were light green. Dot eyes like in Peanuts. Brown fur. Only had thumbs, don't remember shoe color.

      Parents (?): White button-down shirts, brown hair. Khaki pants. Long face, with nostrils. Smiled with the teeth style of a Disney princess movie. Wore shoes.

      These details should help with the comic

      Thanks for telling me, because I was picturing the parents a lot different than that. I tried to do a comic last night but closed the page without saving when I was almost done. How big should I make the comic? I was just going to do a few big panels and just have the bear introduce himself and show off the alien parents. Is that enough? The shorter it is the better the art will look with me. Also when you put a laconic on that Wikipedia page you called the bear PJ. Can I call him that?

      Sure. The character names may be different than what I thought, but I sure hope that works.

      Also I've been very busy this weekend and it may be up to a month before I get around to it, but I will.


      Anyway, I tried a search, but it didn't work.

      I haven't got the chance to make it yet, but I will this weekend or next.

      The requesting user was banned. The parents didn't have ears.

      How do you know?

      It's only a random guess.

      This is scary.

      Perhaps it was a one-time short. You could try contacting the production companies. Or wonder if the voice actors are alive.
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    A young adult novel about a young couple who run away from home to live in the wilderness after the girl's family is killed in a car crash. They live off the land in the deep forest of a mountainous national park, and come very close to having sex but stop because they don't want to risk pregnancy, which would force them to rejoin society. Eventually the girl recovers from her grief and decides to return to their home town, but the boy refuses and is implied to spend the rest of his life in the wild, having rejected the outside world more fully than she did. Reply
  • 6 Dec 8th, 2011 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2011 11:58:55 AM
    Someone I know was talking about a stage play she saw, but couldn't remember the name of. The only scene she described to me was a young boy drowning. She said they flooded the stage with blue light while he pretended to drown in slow motion, before quickly going back to the other characters waiting, in normal lighting and speed. I think she said it was a fairly famous play, but I'm not sure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Reply

      Could be a stage version of "And Then There Were None"/"Twelve Little Indians". The female protagonist tricked a child into swimming out well over his head (figuratively and literally). A flashback to the scene is in the book (and the movies?) So, it would probably be in the play.

      Does she remember where she saw it? That might make a difference.

      Not sure where she saw it, but pretty sure it was a nice theater, so probably either Broadway or the tour of a show. When it cut back to all the characters in normal time/lighting, it sounded like they were waiting for the boy to surface, so the character was, most likely, not alone when they started drowning. There is a slight chance it was a musical, but about 90% sure it wasn't. Sorry for all the vagueness, but I can't really get in touch with the girl who was telling me this right now.

      I've got a feeling it's Coram Boy which was shown on Broadway in 2007. That scene does sound familiar to when I saw it in London. It was a musical but it wasn't particularly very song heavy - considering part of the plot is based around one of the children being a singer. Based on the book by Jamila Gavin here. What they did in that scene for the London version was have the blue lighting like you said and I definitely recall there being a sheet to represent the ocean. At least I believe so, it's been a very long time.

      That's my suggestion. Can't think of anything else.

      As for And Then There Were None. There hasn't been any productions of that outside of the UK... except in 1944.

      FWIW, the production of And Then There Were None that my theatre did in New Jersey last year has no such scene. The character merely describes it in a dramatic monologue.

      I got in touch with my friend and she said it was Coram Boy. Thank you for the suggestion!
  • 18 Nov 11th, 2011 at 2:02PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2011 02:06:28 AM
    Okay here's a real long shot:

    Around 2002 or 2003 on Nicktoons I would see a lot of things in-between shows that were a behind the scenes look at different shows, it was like the ones they have now called Inside Nicktoons but it may or may not have been called that, my question is about some show they featured on it that I would see a lot in this segment, it showed an animator explaining how they created some character from a show I don't know about, the character was a female fairy, the animator explained how an early version of her was like a purple alien with somewhat tentacle like hair, he said they liked the face but not the outfit(they showed a picture) the final version was a fairy that looked nothing like that. What show was he talking about? Reply

      Winx Club?

      This was 2002/2003, Winx Club came out in 2004 and had nothing to do with Nickelodeon(at least in the US) until earlier this year, so no.

      Okay, I didn't know you lived in the USA. What did it's eyes look like?

      I can't really remember what the character or pictures from the show looked like, but I can picture the different version that they didn't use, that version had the classic alien eyes(don't know if there is a trope for that). The finished fairy version looked nothing like that and might have had long red hair.

      What did the man look like?

      I really don't remember, it could have been anyone, what animators stand out?

      All of them.

      I just honestly don't remember what the animator in this ad looked like.

      I think they were called 'Oh yeah! Cartoons'

      That's not what I said at all, I said there would be a behind the scenes look at different shows during commercials, one of the segments that would play a lot would have an animator talking about the development behind this character.

      The closest thing I can imagine would be Wanda (a pink-haired fairy) from the Fairly Odd Parents, but somehow I don't this is it.

      It's not because I wasn't familiar at all with whatever they were showing, and I remember the character who I can't picture looking more like something from an action or anime show.

      Is the character Elastika from Zevo-3?

      Sshe is not a fairy, but she has tentacle-like pink hair that spins around and helps her fly.

      The wikipedia article says that the characters had a different design when they first appeared in commercials, but were later changed when they got their own show.

      The show is a nicktoon, too.

      http://zevo-3.com/ http://nicktoons.nick.com/shows/zevo-3/

      You can see their pitch here: (WARNING: CONTAINS A LOT OF PICTURES, PDF TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD)


      I'm sorry but that came out last year and the commercials didn't come out until like 2005, I'm sorry but that is very far off.

      Oh, sorry.

      I'm looking through Wikipedia's list of Nicktoons, but I can't find anything that sounds like that from that era.


      Not that Wikipedia is the most exact and reliable source out there, but it's something to go by.

      I wonder if whatever this is was even an official Nick Toon, but they didn't have many non Nicktoons on the channel at the time. Also Zevo-3 doesn't count either.

      I looked at cartoons airing at the time,


      but none of them sound like that. Or at least, the character you are talking about doesn't sound like a main character, or a character I have heard of being in those shows.

      I'm pretty sure I remember this! I'm not exactly positive since it's been so long, but I think it was for a cartoon that didn't make production (and the animator even said so in the short). I think it was for a Crash Nebula spinoff. If it wasn't this one, then it was another of these shorts, but I'm pretty sure it was this one.
  • 12 Jul 26th, 2011 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 11th Dec, 2011 01:37:24 AM
    It's a CGI work that was one of the sequences being shown on HD TV on display. I barely saw the ending as I was passing by a store. The setting seems to be in a huge hi tech dome. The main characters of the story seem to be a gentle giant robot, who sort of reminds me of the fat nanobot in Jimmy Neutron (looks like a fat astronaut) and a little girl(?). I assume the girl and the robot are having some fun when (this is the part I saw) some adults come rushing inside the dome and carry the girl out. Seemed to me that the girl wasn't supposed to be there and she met this nice robot, and the panicking adults pulled her from a "dangerous (as in factory-dangerous) place." The last part shows the girl looking over the shoulder of the adult carrying her at the dumbfounded giant robot being left behind, who is sadly waving goodbye at her. No, wait. I think the confused robot impulsively reached his hand out to her. The robot and the dome, as I recall, seemed to be very colorful as they were covered by a patchwork of metal plates of different colors. This work looked so well-done that Pixar came to mind, but I don't know of any Pixar shorts like this. This may be an original CGI work intentionally done for display on LCD/HD TV. Anyone know of this? Reply

      All I can think of is The Iron Giant, but that's probably not it.


      Nope I watched both and neither of them is the one I saw. I think this show had minimal or no dialogue, focusing on the character's actions. I'm pretty convinced this was made to show how much impact High-Def television can make on the viewers. You could actually feel the emotion the robot felt despite it's lacking of a face (at least I think it didn't have any facial features; I recall it looked just like an astronaut's helmet with the visor down). It may just be a "commercial," but gosh, I'd love to see it again. Any links would be very much appreciated! Thanks guys for the brainstorm!

      You might try searching youtube for "girl robot short" or something like that. If it's not a feature film it may be an animated short posted on youtube.

      Yeah I tried that and so far no such luck.

      Sounds like it was inspired by the Robot Carnival anime from the late 80's. I saw it when the Sci-Fi (Syfy now) channel used to show anime on Saturday mornings.

      Looking at the description, Robot Carnival's themes are a little too dark for what I saw in the store. Anyways you piqued my curiosity about that show. ;)

      Ok, a follow up. I got to see another episode(?) apparently featuring the same characters, namely the giant robot and the girl. Again they get to play together. There's one scene where the robot holds that little ornament thing with the rotating figurine of a ballerina on top that plays music. Another notable character is a blond haired guy wearing an astronaut-like outfit, without the helmet. The setting is a futuristic city, maybe Tokyo or somewhere in America. I think a parade is taking place where the girl and robot are riding this flying yacht/ship thing. For some reason it catches fire and the robot has the girl overboard into the street, where the blond guy catches her. Both guy and girl look up at the robot who couldn't escape, but stands on the burning craft satisfied that the girl is safe. Apparently it has no dialogue, it's completely CGI, and this one is made for 3D. The robot definitely reminds me of that fat nanobot in Jimmy Neutron, is mainly orange with a horizontal yellow stripe around the torso. The girl is like a grown up Boo from Monsters Inc.

      Television shops normally show recently released to DVD shiny movies and have them play on repeat, though I haven't been able to find anything like a silent CGI film. Of course it could be a show but silent shows never work too well when marketing.

      I really can't find anything. When did you see this? Try and work out a date, though in all fairness they turn off the sound when they show films on displays, certain it was silent?

      PS. If it's currently being played there, go in and ask.

      I saw each on different times and on different places I passed by, but I saw them just this year. The first one was a number of months ago and the other is just about last week. Unfortunately the attendant of the recent shop had no idea what the shows they, um, show on their screens. They feel like shorts, and if there ever was some dialogue, it looks pretty minimal. I didn't get to see their mouths move to form complex words and you get to see that the real focus is on actions made by the characters, sort of like Tom and Jerry or Big Buck Bunny and some other CGI shorts. I have a feeling they're made simply for the demonstration of High Definition TV. (The recent one was set for 3D; you get to see some double-vision on the screen.) Yeah, I'm still on the lookout for some stores to play either of them again.

      I know what you mean about the expression through actions, I was just making sure. I've found a lot of ... everything... but none match what you've described. Hmm... Not sure where else I can look. I did find this Robot Film Festival (film list is here) so it could be one of those. That attendant wasn't helpful at all. I work in retail and that makes me grumpy. Ah well, you could go there and ask a supervisor/manager if they have a list of what DVDs they're showing... *ponders*

      Your efforts and insights are very much appreciated. :) Yeah in our country those in official stores strictly focus on the product and not what is in the demonstration; unless it's something in their interest, like if the music being played is something they know, etc. I'll have more luck with small electronic shops with shop owners who have a passion for the stuff they sell. The search goes on....
  • 2 Dec 4th, 2011 at 1:01AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 10th Dec, 2011 03:58:04 AM
    The show that I am trying to remember had a main villain who was green, had sort of a Frankensteinish look, with a purple cape. There were three kids trying to stop him from doing something to do with computer viruses. One of these kids was a black girl. Reply

      And they were always using math to kick the villain's ass. Cyber Chase.

      Yay, got it in one
  • 1 Dec 9th, 2011 at 5:05PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 10th Dec, 2011 12:56:23 AM
    I saw this movie on Nickelodeon, it was a cartoon movie about this pied piper type guy but with a guitar. He took care of the town's problem but when he asked for payment (A motorcycle if I remember right) the mayor refused to give it to him, the piper then kidnapped all the kids in the town and took them to magical places with the power of rock, while he cursed the adults to age. And I remember one scene where the kids are lava surfing. Reply

      Definitely "The Electric Piper." Wayne Brady was the voice of the guy with the guitar.
  • 0 Dec 9th, 2011 at 5:05PM
    Western Animation
    I remember a Christmas Special involving anthropomorphic dogs who where in a band, but one of the dogs (who was white with a black ring around his eye) had a father who used to be in a band but didn't want his son to share the same fate as him, and so he left home, and then the father becomes a mall Santa. Reply