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    A gamebook I remember stumbling upon in primary school (so early-to-mid 90's) - I remember it for being astonishingly creepy for a children's gamebook, feeling like a gamebook version of Solaris; if I recall correctly the gamebook began with the PC arriving at a moonbase - shortly thereafter World War Three breaks out, leaving the crew of the moonbase the only survivors; a later scene had an NPC be seen as outside the moonbase - but the PC could check and see that all the spacesuits were still accounted for; oh, and it also had a You Fail Physics Forever moment where the PC could choose to fire a laser whilst travelling FTL, causing the laser to curve back past them and hit their own reactor, causing an explosion killing the PC. Reply
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    I believe it was an anime set in the gundam universe or some other giant robot series though I could be wrong... It opened with two astronauts meeting in space (I think) and one of them loses their watch. They turn out to be on opposite sides of a war... The show ends with them emerging from a cave after the final battle of the war, and if I remember correctly the guy lead lost a leg. Reply
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    Okay so, I once watched this movie and now I can't find it again.

    It was about a girl who managed to travel back in time thanks to an elevator, and she came to the same building only like 100 years back or something. There she met a girl her age and after some adventure (I think chasing away the mean man who wanted to marry her mother?) the girl went back home and told her dad about it.

    Then the girl and her dad went back in time together and he ended up marrying the other girl's mother and after that they lived happily ever after. Sounds familiar? Reply
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    So this was a million years ago. Early 90's.

    It was some cheesy live action horror movie that was on TV, I just don't remember if it was made for TV movie or just a movie to be played.

    All I remember was a cheesy, skinny mummy thing walking around a neighborhood. And a scene where this kid is all, "Daddy there's a monster in my closet". And you see the weird mummy thing in the closet,but the dad is facing away, looking at the kid, mocking him with "Ooo, scary monster!"

    I never actually *saw* it, because the movie was like, canceled.

    Thank you in advance. Reply

      The movie you're thinking of might be The Monster Squad. Here's a trailer for it, and at about 35 seconds into it, there's the scene with the mummy in the closet that you described. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VAat7Q--wQ

      Hope that's what you're looking for! :)
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    I can't really remember the song's lyrics, I do slightly remember its music video. It involved someone moving through a bunch of scenarios with different clothing on. One of them involved being on the ground in a football uniform. The last scene shows him walking away from the camera's view, possibly with a girl, but I don't really remember it. Reply
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    There's an amnesiac boy with a keyhole in his chest, and he meets a girl. That's all I remember. Reply
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    Okay, I remember playing this bug game when I was in elementary school (early 00's) on the computer (probably pc). It involved a bug rescuing his family from a spider, but had quite a few levels for a kid's game. I remember a snow level, a desert level (with dive-bombing mosquitoes and snakes with boomerang cowboy hats), a water level, and a grassy level. The bug himself was a green... something, and there was this deep bass voice that said "You the man, bug" at main menu screen. Reply

      This sounds like Bug! on the Saturn and PC.

      That's it! Thanks so much!
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    Live Action TV
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    I doubt anyone will remember this, but I recently remembered about a TV show I watched that was on back in the 1980s. It was about a man named Jim Douglas I think and he had a car that had a mind of its own I'm pretty sure. This sound familiar to anyone? Reply
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    A couple of years ago I read on the wiki a description of a short story. I'm having trouble remembering the name of the story.

    Basically a guy goes on vacation on some beach after his wife has died and meets this girl there who claims to be a time traveller. Eventually they fall in love. This girl is using her fathers time machine to travel back in time but has limited amounts of use.

    Eventually she uses the time machine to go back to when the man is younger and changes her name and becomes his secretary and it turns out the girl is his wife.

    Sorry about the long post but I really loved this story and want to find it again. Reply
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    What show originally had the line "He's already dead!"? Reply

      ...The very first instance of that line? It's pretty stock, I doubt it would be even possible to determine. That said, since you asked, the only example that comes directly to mind in The Simpsons episode "Homie the Clown".

      Yeah, I recognise it from The Simpsons, but I was wondering if the same line with a similar intonation exists anywhere else in film or TV.

      Asked in 2006 with no real answer.. http://ask.metafilter.com/51503/Did-someone-else-die-first
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    I know it best as a catch phrase from Atop the Fourth Wall, but does anything before it use "Our hero, ladies and gentlemen" in a sarcastic tone? Reply
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    I'm choosing literature but this is actually a comic featured in Heavy Metal magazine. It was featured about the early 90s, I think (at the earliest the end of the 80s). I only saw the issue being read by a bunch of schoolmates and the rest of the details are all hearsay. From what I saw, it was about a tribe of women on an alien planet. They lure warrior men to go down a huge cliff wall, where the rest of the tribe hide in waiting to capture them. Once the men are caught, the women would tie them up and have sex with them to impregnate themselves; then they would, errr, cook them for the whole tribe to eat. From what I've heard, the planet was slowly falling apart (hence the giant cliff faces) and the inhabitants try to keep it together with cables/rope, and the women follow the ways of the black widow spider (hence their treatment towards men). I really would like to know the title of this story and who made it, and even the issue of the Heavy Metal mag that featured it. Thanks! Reply
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    This a book I read back in the sixth grade. I remember specific details about it, it was about this seemly boy genius (or at least top of his class), I remember he discreetly gave party invitations to some of his classmates for a tea party or something so that the uninvited people wouldn't feel left out. He was once bullied and had his book bag painted to say "I am a ass" which he changed to say "I am a passenger on spaceship earth". His teacher (or some other adult) was a paraplegic but still drove. He was wondering how she 'activated the pedals'. I think there was some kind of show with a female dog in there too. Reply
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    Why there is no trope for the MMORPG Mu online yet? Reply

      Because no one has made a page for it. Tag, you're it. Thank you for volunteering.

      Yeah, no offense or anything, but Works Pages Are a Free Launch. That, and this isn't really the place to bring it up in the first place.

      I was mostly concerned about the fact that that effing game is nigh impossible and repetitive and has like millions of private servers that manage to be worse than the original and stuck in the ice age and it has been around since 2001. I am just surprised that none has even mentioned it somewhere

      You'd be surprised what's barely mentioned around here. If it's that big a deal to you, write it yourself. I don't mean to sound callous or anything, but what else are you going to do?

      Nothing. Making a article here will be a Schmuck Bait for lots of innocents here and better to stay that way.
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    I remember watching some kind of show or movie back around the late 90's early 2000'swhere some kids are doing a play on Hansel and Gretel. The kid who plays Gretel gets put into an oven and comes out as a giant animal cookie-like version of himself. What was this? Reply
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    I would have sworn that I played an Oregon Trail spinoff called Rescue in the Outback when I was a kid, but the Internet denies its existence. Can anyone confirm this game? Reply

      No offense, but you're probably misremembering a few facts. Try to broaden your searches so as to not be crippled by what is likely faulty information
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    Watched this in Malaysia just a month ago, so it was voiced-over in Malay. The title didn't show.

    A dark and bloody anime that had something about an experiment called Project ALICE that went wrong. They were trying to perform an experiment on a little girl with a spiral mark on her abdomen. Her village was destroyed (something like that). There was a significant toy animal somewhere.

    At the point where I started watching, there were five main characters. The main character was a girl with round glasses. Then there was a scientist guy with glasses; he was eaten by a skeletal animal. Also, a badass guy with a his arm tattooed with the name 'Laura'. And a young boy and his female guardian (whom I can't seem to remember much of). Reply

      I've got a few ideas, but I'm not terribly sure since I've only seen one of the shows this description brings to mind. I'm leaning towards Elfen Lied, Spiral, Gunslinger Girl, or maybe Canaan. Check out those pages and see if that's it.
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    This one has been nagging me for years. As I remember it, it's part of a movie. There are girls, in what I think is an orphanage, and they're in a bedroom. One of the girls is telling the others a story, which is shown on the screen. The story has a man, maybe a prince, dying in a forest. A deer comes along and licks his wound, and ends up giving its life so the man can live. That's all I can remember, and I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could tell me what it was from. Reply

      A Little Princess (1995). Director is Alfonso Cuaron. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113670/

      Sara and the girls live in a boarding school during World War 1. Sara, who lived in India previously, tells the other girls stories from the Ramayana.

      Yes! Oh, my gosh, you found it! Thanks, you're my new favorite person!
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    Video game (Why isn't that an option on the medium?):

    For some reason I can't remember anything except the soundtrack, but I'm pretty sure it was a fighter. All I remember is some guy going "Round One...Fight fight fight fight!" and then "Round Two...Fight fight fight fight!"

    Ring a bell for anyone? Reply

      You're really going to have to give some more details here. I've played every 16-bit fighter I could get my hands on and I have no clue.

      Almost sounds like Ring King, a boxing game.

      Could also be Virtua Fighter (no not virtual) it's a pc game though. also could try powerfox but that is a more recent online game.

      Could also be Virtua Fighter (no not virtual) it's a pc game though. also could try powerfox but that is a more recent online game.

      Dude... Virtua Fighter was on Playstation and Sega Saturn (and arcades) long before it was on PC. I don't remember it well enough to know if "fight fight fight" is accurate though.
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    Western Animation
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    An animated show, say eighties or early nineties (that when I did see this, could have been older of course). I only remember the intro, were the premise of the show is told:

    We see the Big Bad climbing a very high tower or mountain under a star sky, in order to get the MacGuffin (I think it was some crystal thing), which rests at the peak of the tower (or mountain). He can almost reach it, but then for some reason it shatters into many tiny pieces, which somehow disperse into every corner of the galaxy/universe/whatever. Now, the protagonists (normal humans from Earth???) are on a quest to gather all the Mac Guffin pieces, before the Big Bad can get them into his hands]].

    My memories are very vague, so I might have misremembered a thing or two, but I thing I have successfully pinned down the essentials of this Reply

      This could be a stretch, but the show Pandamonium has a similar premise; though there are talking pandas involved. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandamonium_(TV_series) Will think of others....

      Yep, I think this is it. I did completely forget the pandas, but after looking up Pandamonium on Youtube, I must say that they seem indeed quite familiar!

      Thank you!
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    I vaugely remember a song/music video from I believe around mid 90's, it had a very fairground like theme, I believe it took place on or including a rollercoaster, the music was very pop-dance like, and the singer reminded me of Willy Wonka in an odd way. Good luck. Reply

      Well, no roller coaster, but here's the video for the song "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, which has a creepy Alice in Wonderland theme, and the singer is dressed as The Mad Hatter.

      Hmm, no I don't think that was the one, though a rather good song~

      Maybe "Got to Get It" by Culture Beat? There's no rollercoaster, but it's pop-dance and it has a fairground theme.

      Sadly also no, the music was more of a mellow dance beat rather than a fast one. I do apologise, I have been looking for around 6 years to find this song to no avail~ If it's any help, I think it might have been around 97-ish, but again I could be wrong.

      Simply Red, Fairground? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcJeyN5CdCY

      Yes, That's the one~! Many many thanks~
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    Western Animation
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    Kids catoon that I saw on Australian Nickelodeon (no idea if it was on US Nick as well or not) in the mid-90's. Set somewhere in Africa, main character was a teenage boy (dressed in an orange shift thing), accompanied by a neurotic rabbit-man and a girl who was human at night and a gazelle during he day. They were on some sort of quest, guided by two water spirits/deities (a male and female, spoke in unison, appeared in rivers as humanoids with bodies made of water and orange/yellow/red masks) against an evil fire spirit/deity. Reply
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    Flash game where you are defending some United nations post from terrorists. Arrow keys moved and mouse aimed and fired. Reply
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    In the third season episode of 30 Rock, "Cutbacks," what is the name of the music that plays when Liz is preparing to go on a date with the consulting guy? Reply
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    A webcomic set in Japan, really dark... Yaoi tones... A recurring image was that of this creepy yellow smiley face that sort of looked like this O_o and the mouth was stitched. Mention of anarchy... Very sexual in nature.

    The main character was abused by his father, and another of the main cast was a gay, male Ganguro. Reply


      Watchmen is set in the US not Japan (hence why it talks about US politics and Richard Nixon); the smiley face is just a smiley face - no creepy stitching in the mouth. Was a badge worn by The Comedian. Watchmen was a graphic novel written in the 80's, not a webcomic...

      I don't recall anything like that though, sorry. But at least you know it's not Watchmen ;)

      (never mind)

      Annarki (I think that's the correct spelling). It is/was on Smack Jeeves, right? I'm like 99% sure that's the comic you're looking for.

      That's it! Thanks so much