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    Okay. This has been bugging me for ages now. Back when I was younger, about 3 or 4 years old, I would play a game on our kindergarten's computer with my friends every time we got the chance. I can remember it being about a group of kids, about 4 of them. I think it was either three or all of them that were boys. The opening sequence of the game had the kids playing baseball outside an old house and accidentally smashing the window, which was followed by them talking to the player and asking them to click on the house or something similar. Anyone know what it is? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    It was an animated film I saw perhaps 15 years ago. I remember it featured a child (a girl, IIRC), a kind, older looking giant in whose pocket the child was hiding at one point, and a group of evil, ugly, troll like giants who were as big compared to the first giant as he was to humans. Reply

      Could it have been the animated The BFG movie?

      Yes, looks like it. Thanks.
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    I vaguely remember a children's picture book from when I was little, and recently the identity of it has been bothering me. I'd greatly appreciate it if somebody could read my description what I remember of it and help me out.

    -It was a children's picture book I was read once when I attended library time as as young child, maybe five or six years old.

    -The story line was about a young monster child telling his mother about a nightmare he had.

    -The nightmare began with a hole appearing in the middle of the child's bedroom, and growing bigger and bigger until no floor was left and he fell into it. I don't recall the ending, but I think it was a happy one. Pancakes were possibly involved.

    -My memories of the monsters themselves are incredibly hazy, but I think they resembled white clangers (for those not familiar with clangers, they looks like a cross between an elephant and an anteater walking on its hind legs).

    -The illustration was, to the best of my memory, incredibly trippy for a children's book, with greatly exaggerated angles and flat, blocky colouring composed mainly of orange, purple, red and black and white strips.

    It scared me greatly as a child but now I am really curious to find out why it scared me so badly. If anyone can remember the book I mean, I'd be really grateful. Thank you! Reply

      The story line doesn't ring a bell, but might they have been Moomins?

      No- I do remember Moomins, even if they were't an integral part of my childhood in the way some books were, but that's certainly not it. This was a picture book, rather than just a childrens book, and the drawing was far more trippy. Thank you for replying though =)
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    This was a flash game on the old Bonus.com before something happened to it and the whole site seemed to vanish. I'm almost positive this game still exists because I've seen other games from that site on other sites. It was a tournament fighter a la Street Fighter with a Japanese name and it was the third or fourth installment of its series. It had three or four characters, all of which were cute little chibi animals (one example is a round yellow duck-like creature and another was a blue bear-like creature). The final boss was a shadow thing that looked somewhat like a common Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. If you beat it, or if you did a code on the character select screen, you could play the game as that boss. I swear I'm not making this up, does anyone else remember this? Reply

      Bonus.com. Now THAT's a Flashback. I used to play on it back in 1994-96. XD

      I was trying to look through archive.org, but any actual backups of the site try a redirect which fails, because the resource is no longer there.

      look for games by Appaloosa, who did a majority of the games for the site, including the Tank one (was that still there?) and some old hacking game. Now I wish I could go back and visit. I got the greatest paddleball from it XD

      I'd bet that Appaloosa Interactive going under is what did in Bonus.com. Their site went offline in 2008, but they closed officially in 2006.

      Well I did a search for 'bonus.com apaloosa' and it just gave me un-helpful results about horses. Battlefield (the tank game) was recently resurrected under the name Tank Pit, apparently, but I still haven't found that chibi fighting game. It would be so much easier to find if the name wasn't Japanese...



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    A new snack that is basically a graham cracker sandwich with chocolate and peanut butter in between. I remember a commercial for it had a robot mining it on the moon. Reply
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    Does anyone know the name of the movie, about a captain who has super nervous breakdown, and he gets picked to captain a submarine as a part of an Uriah Gambit so that some guy can profit from it to build a B-2 bomber? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    There was this really tacky reality show in the early/mid 2000s (no earlier than 2003, no later than 2006) about Amish teenagers on their Rumspringa (going out into the "modern" world to test their faith before joining the Amish church proper) and their struggles with being an "outsider" to the rest of society, whether or not to rejoin the Amish, etc. Reply

      Amish in the City, 2004.

      Thanks. A friend of mine refused to believe that it existed and I was starting to wonder if I made the whole thing up...
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    I'm looking for a game I played when I was younger. (I'm 20 now) I don't remember much. The only things I'm 100% sure about was that I played a wizard that could call rocks down from the sky and that it was a multiplayer game that I played with my brother.

    I vaguely remember a level that might have been a farm (or maybe it was a graveyard). I think it might have had a corn patch. I also think zombies might have been enemies, but I'm not sure. I think you could open chests. Reply

      It's fairly recent, but could it have been Magicka?

      No that's not it.

      Was it first-person shooter, fighting, rpg?

      The Diablo II Sorceress could cast a meteor spell. I don't recall whether the original recipe Diablo Sorceror could.

      How long ago was it?

      What console was it on?

      3D or 2D

      Western or Eastern?

      That makes me think of Neverwinter Nights, but I can't be sure without more information, since that sounds like every fantasy RPG ever.

      To Ori Doodle: Maybe rpg, I don't know.

      To supergod: I don't know the answer to those questions. I think it was 3D, but I don't know.

      I think it might have been Diablo but I'm not sure so anyone feel free to make suggestions.

      I am absolutely certain that the game you are looking for is Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. It's a multiplayer game on PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. The first world, Forsaken Province, has both a field and graveyard level populated with zombies wielding farming instruments. The game also features a wizard character with a special move called 'Rock Shower' that does what you describe. While the treasure chest bit could describe any number of games, opening chests is a big component in Dark Legacy. They are abundant in each level, and contain powerups, gold, and keys for unlocking doors that impede progress.

      Gauntlet: Dark Legacy not it.

      It theoretically could also be Gauntlet Legends, which is mostly the same thing except shorter and on the previous generation consoles (N64, PS 1, Dreamcast).

      I can't believe it wasn't Dark Legacy. I was so sure that I had found the answer! Anyway, like Joban said, it could also be Gauntlet Legends. Aside from that, I haven't found any more leads, so I fear that I have offered all of the help I can.

      A rock storm spell makes me think of Golden Axe.

      One of the Untold Legends game on the PS2/ PS3/ PSP?

      Maybe it's "Sacred"?
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    Going through the Contemptible Covers page has reminded me of this.

    My dad has a giant collection of ancient scifi magazines. I remember one of them, likely an Analog from the 1950's to early 80's, mentioning a novel on the back for a scifi book based on our world being a hologram. It was part of a larger, rather blue, advertisement describing other novels, it might have also included The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, hence the wide date range.

    If anyone knows, again, I'd be glad to know what it is. Reply

      What exactly are you looking for?

      Are you looking for 1) the issue of the particular magazine, or 2) a copy of the ad in question, or 3) the book being advertised (where our world was a hologram?)

      And what does any of this have to do with "Contemptible Covers?"

      The book in question. Contemptible Covers, because face it, most magazines of the sort at the time were. =P This series no exception. But it's so much fun.
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    Western Animation
    Alright, I need help identifying a few episodes of Garfield and Friends. The first five and the last one are U.S. Acres episodes, three of them being clips I saw in commercial breaks from CBS on YouTube.

    • 1. One episode which ends with Shelldon asking "An egg?"

    • 2. One episode that ends with Roy saying "Being used as couch by extremely fat person!"

    • 3. One episode that ends with the gang covered in apples. One hits Orson on the head, and he sighs.

    • 4. On one website, it said that Bo Sheep said "That's radical, man!" in an episode of the show. Did this really happen? If so, what episode was it?

    • 5. There was an episode I remember watching as a kid which I'm not sure about. The only thing I remember is that Wade did a pose similar to the one at 3:45 in this episode. Was that the only episode where Wade does this pose, or were there others?

    • 6. There was a Buddy Bears episode of Garfield and Friends I saw as a kid. I don't remember much, but Garfield was in a log cabin and he was watching an episode of The Buddy Bears.

    • 7. What Season 3 episode used the logobox quip "Hey, the kid who missed last week's show, you better have a good excuse"?

    • 8. What other episodes of Garfield and Friends used the background music that played when Wade rips off the mattress tag in "Wanted: Wade"?
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    I'm not sure if it was Anime or Western animation, but there was this show on when I was little. I vaguely remember this kid having the power to become a Knight in red armor. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I remember from a French cartoon which setting is After the End. Mankind was destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse and the survivor gathered in floating cities above the clouds or were turned into dragon-like mutants. The point is that the ones living above the cloud had to mount their domesticated dragons and then hunt for energy crystals to power their floating city and the mutants wanted not only to impede them but also to destroy the floating city. Does someone recognize this? Reply
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    Add Tag: I'm trying to remember the name of this old really weird cartoon I used to have on VHS back in the mid 90's. I remember that the seemingly kids show was very creepy/eerie. If i remember correctly, the intro theme had jungle drum-type music. I also remember there being something about a pyramid(s) in the intro. The show basically told different folklore/legends/myths/tales from around the world. I recall one story was about some boy in a jungle-type country. Something happened where people turned into monsters and were trying to eat the boy. If i remember correctly, they also did a Hansel and Gretel story. I remember it scaring the shit out of me as a little kid, but I still loved to watch it. i would love for somebody to recall what it is called for me so that I can relive those childhood memories. Reply
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    OK I really want to know a certain series! It played for 3 days I think(so maybe on OVA) and it played on a regular channel 2,4,5,13,or 30! I think the main character looked like the batman beyond dude with black hair! And it made me think dark/haunted! All I really know about the short series was the main character gets a cool,powerful glove(it goes on his right hand) like silver I think(It might go invisble,been to long) and he says "Yosh" when he was slicing around with it! I think the main character is being hunted down or that is how the series was like on the first episode and that the epidoes may have been 45min-1hour(with commericials of course) also if anyone elses hand goes in the glove...I think the glove crushes the hand! Anyone else seen this anime and knows the title I would be more than happy! Tried some google searches etc but found nothing yet! Reply
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    Okay, so there's this show and I can't even remember what it really was about. I remember it was a soft claymation aimed at children. The show was based on a white background and it was centered on a little blond boy. His hair sat on his head like a mop and when the show starts, he rides his tricycle around these large letters that end up spelling his name. His parents were never shown above the hips. I remember only seeing it when I visited my family in Mexico, but it might be a show from the BBC network. Reply

      Bobby's World?

      Sounds like Pocoyo, but it's not because Pocoyo wears a hat. Can't help you there.
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    N/M, probably not the right place Reply

      Well, I'd imagine there were a lot of RP Gs released for the Famicom/NES, could you be more specific?

      Yeah, you have to tell us something about this RPG. Give us some kind of detail.

      All I know is I thought it was on X-Cult, but it wasn't. Again, it was unidentified, I forget how, though I think it was code on a cart somewhere or magazine clippings? Eh, come to think of it, Tropes probably wasn't the best place to ask this. I blame having a sinus infection at the moment and not thinking clearly, sorry.
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    A short story with what I think was a 20 Minutes into the Future sort of setting. The main character was given a punishment where no one was allowed to interact with him or otherwise acknowledge his existence - I think he was made to wear some kind of uniform or symbol that signified that everyone should ignore him. He points out the potential Cursed with Awesome aspect of this punishment, that you could sneak around where ever you wanted or just openly steal things, but also notes that people can still bend the rules enough to retaliate - the example he gives is that you could walk right into the kitchen of a restaurant and start grabbing food, but a cook could then "slip" and spill the contents of a pot of boiling water in your direction. Reply

      It was adapted into the Twilight Zone episode "To See the Invisible Man", see the note on the bottom of that page.

      Thanks. I sorta knew the words "invisible man" were in the title somewhere, but of course that wouldn't have helped my search much. I used to have a book that was all stories that had been adapted into Twilight Zone episodes, so I think that must have been where I read it.
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    Hey guys, so this is a series of YA books I read a long time back, late 90s or possibly early 2000s. It was about a group of kids/young teens who discover they have superpowers, can't remember if it's by experiment/mutation/etc. The main character spent the first bit of the series tracking down other kids with powers like himself, so it seems like he knew how many of them there were supposed to be, which makes me lean toward them being experiments.

    I remember that one boy had super-vision (could see extremely far and detailed) but he had to wear glasses in order to see normally. Also, there was a girl whose power was described as being like a worm: if any part of her was cut off both halves would regrow so that there would be two of her. Wish I had more, but this ringing any bells? Reply

      Was it Animorphs?

      Definitely not Animorphs.

      Were some organization of people tracking these children down and killing them? I feel like I saw a series in the library that might be it but don't know the name.

      It sounds a bit to me like the Mindwarp series of books; the girl being described as "like a worm" because she can regrow lost body parts (and those body parts being able to grow into clones of her) is definitely a character from that series. Other characters include Ethan, the skinny nerd who can fight like a master martial artist and could see in infrared like a lizard, Toni, the girl who can absorb and expel electricity as well as travel through time, and a boy (Jack?) who can speak and understand any language, even nonhuman ones like Termite and Fax Machine. All of them had silver blood. Any of this ringing a bell?

      Completely unrelated to the original question, but does the Mindwarp series of books have a scene in one of the very early books where a kid cuts their hand and then realises they're leaving silver blood smears all over a payphone?

      @Irrisia: I think so. I've certainly never heard of any other works where characters have silver blood. Blue, green, phosphorescent, sure, but silver? Just Mindwarp.

      Was it Replica? I haven't actually read the books, but it sounds like it, only with a female protagonist instead.
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    Lastest Reply: 9th Feb, 2013 06:38:36 AM

    I still have in my mind part of a movie I saw like 5 or 6 years ago. I didn't saw the whole thing, I was almost asleep but I remember a couple of scenes. The movie has a really "artsy" feel a bit weird... I remember a scene when there's a boy (like 8 years old) running like in a very empty a plain desert and there's some kind of living being that seems to be kinda robotic, and looks like a giraffe without half of it's body (2 legs, long neck) and i doesn't do anything. I think the boy just passes through by it's side running somewhere...

    There's another scene inside a house. I think there was a "team" of 2 people, dressed in old "victorian-ish" clothes with a futuristic touch, and i THINK (dont remember well) that one of those actors was Patrick Stewart or Alan Rickman, but I don't really think this is the case. From the "team" one is a woman, And if I remember correctly, the spoke in a british/new england-ish accent. Hope you can help me. Reply
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    Hi. I remember a movie that I saw on HBO in the late 80s to the early 90s. It was about either a Police Detective or a Journalist who was interviewing a killer on death row before he is to be executed. The Killer is white, and the Interviewer is black. Why is he interviewing him? Maybe the guy is innocent? Maybe the guy interviewing wants info on the locations of more victims? Maybe he wants a story, I can't remember. Here's were I'm fuzzy. Thru the course of the movie the guy doing the interview begins to care about the killer on death row. At the End, the killer decides he's going to die on his terms. To this end, he makes a really half assed "escape attempt", and the prison guard's open fire on him and fatally wound him. All this happens in front of the interviewer,and he dies in his arms(?). Sounds bad, but I remember when I saw this as a tween I cried at the end. Do y'all have any thoughts on what the name of this could be? Thanks O_* Reply
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    This is as obscure and as What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? as you can get, but hear me out:

    When i was little, I mean really small, I remember a video I used to watch. It was animated, but I can't remember what country it was from. It was from the perspective of an old catfish, who was retelling the story of how catfish came to be. Basically, a girl cat fell into the water and turned into a fish, and married a guy catfish (the storyteller) and yeah.

    I need closure on this as it's bugged me for years now. Reply
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    Really, really random. A guy (live action) draws an orange popsicle, and the orange popsicle becomes real. May have been an episode of Blue's Clues, maybe not. Most certainly a little kids' show though. Reply
  • 2 Feb 8th, 2013 at 2:02PM
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    Me again.

    I got to thinking about a movie from the early 90s (or could be late 80s), that seemed to blend live action and animation, somewhat, like parallel universes/dimensions... I think it took place in a live action animation or drawing studio, where we meet two different animated characters (similar, but not exactly South Park style), one was a man in a top hat and tuxedo, who didn't speak, and the other was a little bespectacled orange bear or dog-like creature, who did all the talking for both of them. One thing I seem to remember is that perhaps a bottle of ink in the live action studio fell over and spilled, causing like this ominous black cloud of doom to penetrate the animated world.

    And... I'm pretty sure the little bear/dog thing was voiced by Lorenzo Music... I'm 100% positive, but I remember it sounded pretty much like Garfield when it talked. Reply
  • 9 Feb 2nd, 2013 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Feb, 2013 10:40:48 AM
    I saw a portion of a show or film from a channel which has a green logo, while visiting the Denver area. The format is quite unusual, as everyone are puppets with human-like movements, except in some shots. This means less stop-motion in most dialogue. It shows two adolescent characters riding a ski and/or a car through the snowy landscape. Then I see a scene in a dining restaurant nearby with few other characters. The restaurant has a toy train that delivers the food in plates to the customers. Then I see a scene with someone in a spaceship that landed around the snowy area.

    I think it's made in the 80's because of the quality and the styles of the characters' hair and clothing. I seen this in the morning of July 16, 2011. Reply

      Your description isn't clear. Was it a) stop-motion animation, or b) hand puppets, or c) marionettes? Or something else?

      Most of the puppet's movements aren't stop motion. It was human like because they move smoothly, like their mouths and limbs. It might be closer to marionettes. Everything is in live-action, and the scenes are set in dioramas or rooms (as in the diner segment). The puppets are too complex to be hand puppets.

      this video reminds me of the work I'm seeking, although the puppets have parts of their body controlled by hand. My belief on the work's puppet style is unclear, but it gives you a thinking on what the format is.

      The adolescent characters are a boy and girl, pretty much the protagonists. The restaurant scene shows adults, with the focused ones probably middle aged, and the spaceship scene has another man, which appears to be a villain. I believe the spaceship has a room of screens secretly displaying the other characters, like a security camera control room.

      Your link is to a video with a type of hand puppet. This type of hand puppet has the puppeteer's hand in the head of the puppet. When the puppeteer opens and closes their hand, the puppet opens and closes its mouth. Jim Henson's Muppets, like Kermit the Frog, work on the same principle—but this link you have provided is clearly NOT anything to do with Muppets, it's instead something very much in Uncanny Valley territory.

      Try going to that link and exploring the "suggestions" YouTube has for things that are similar to that video. They usually seem to involve the term "creepy puppet".

      I wonder if it's one of the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation shows. Does the puppetry in these clips look like the right sort of thing?

      Thunderbirds: Atlantic Inferno: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwNbuMCAsSE

      Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLBkYEzl700

      These were done in the '60s, but I wouldn't be surprised if you mistook some of these for something done later. Sometimes the production values were really good, for what it was. They were sci-fi action-adventure stuff. I don't know if that fits with what you saw, or if yours was more kiddie or comical.

      When I read the original post, I wondered if they were talking about "Supermationation" and Gerry Anderson, which is why I asked for some clarification. But it doesn't really seem like that is what we are talking about, it sounds more like some sort of hand puppets were involved. I'm thinking, again going from the OP's descriptions, that maybe it was some show where they used real people for long shots, and hand puppets for closeups?


      Yeah, it looks like we got the answer here. What I've watched doesn't have any action, but the format "Supermarionation" looks nearly exact to it might be, so it looks like Thunderbirds. Thanks.

      Remember that there were OTHER "Supermarionation" shows besides Thunderbirds, all of which look the same to an initial casual glance.

      Maybe it was Terrahawks. It was Supermarionation and made in the 80s.

      ^According to the other wiki, Terrahawks actually used hand-puppets, so you may have something there

      otherwise, in Supermarionation stuff, Joe 90 and Stingray were also well-aired: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp_ROxS9BoE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jotnWt5GM08 respectively.
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 8th Feb, 2013 08:56:31 AM
    I remember a last part of episode in a show, aired in mid-late 90's Russia. I think, there was a group of children, or at least young teenagers, who met woman and midget. They fight different enemies in some сhallenge, and i clearly remeber some amazon-like girl with whip, who attacked the woman. Woman catched whip and started to spinning in place so fast that makes girl fly in the air, then throw her in wall, and girl disappeared. I was only like 7-8 years old, so i don't remember any better. Reply

      I think you're talking about the movie Matilda.

      Thank you, but that's not it. I remember details, that midget, or at least small man, had a beard, and had some generator of objects. When fight began he and kids tried to create weapon, but created just golf club or something not suitable. I clearly remember how woman catched whip and spinning, makes girl fly in air. I think, it was part of some series for children.