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    I read this book several years ago, and after a few months forgot all about it until recently. Now I'm wracking my brains, trying to figure out what the book was called. It was youth fiction, and I think it wasn't published before the 90s. It wasn't very long - it was probably under 200 pages.

    The setting was a Past Right Now community in the United States that had been deliberately re-created by a group of people - I'm not sure who, but I believe it was the government, though it may have been some large company. The time period in which the community was living was somewhere around the late 18th century or early-to-mid 19th century, while the real time period was in the 90s or 2000s. I also seem to recall that the creation of this community may have had something to do with health or medical reasons, although the community was fairly small. For some reason that I can't remember, there were also cameras and viewing windows hidden in different places all over the town, such as in the shops. I think that while the children in this community didn't know that it was a re-creation, their parents did, but intentionally kept it a secret from them. The main character was a girl in her early teens. She might have had a brother, or a friend who was a boy. I don't recall what her parents did for a living, but at some point in the book, the girl's mother tells her about the outside world.

    Around the same time that she learns about this from her mother - or maybe some time before - the town in which the girl lives begins to experience unrest and disagreements related to the fact that they're being kept in this community and aren't supposed to let the younger generation know that it's a re-creation of life several hundred years ago. The girl ends up running away from the community and escapes from it. During her escape, I think she runs through a forest at night, and somehow winds up looking through the aforementioned viewing windows at someone she knows working in their shop. After she escapes from the general area of the community, I distinctly recall that she uses a telephone (I believe it's a pay telephone) to call someone. Near the end of the book, citizens of a town near the community hold a protest on the steps of the town hall and the girl is interviewed by a reporter.

    It would be great if someone could find out what this book is called - it's been bothering me for a while now. I'd really like to locate it and re-read it, and also add an example for it under Past Right Now, since that page was what sparked my memory of the book in the first place. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I need a website that ISN'T a wiki or the Internet Movie Database that confirms these roles:


      Are you looking for any old website or a particular website? And from what I can see of your post, are you trying to prove a point or something similar? Your wording and usage of particular people in your post seems to point that way. I'm not trying to be rude, and I'm sorry if I come across that way, but you just seem to be very specific and stubbornly determined. Besides, knowing the background of a post can help find the right item.

      A lot of these actors have their own web sites where they list their filmography—you might start there.

      Has anyone got the actors' websites? Otherwise, I'll tweet to them.

      Why? I am extemely curious as to your motivation and specific mentioning of roles.

      Done some research, using the website Voicechaser.

      Kath Soucie was not in any of your listed shows or games. That one is a bust.

      Same with Kevin Micheal Richardson. He was in the show, but was not listed as that character.

      Pamela Segall was not in Bobby's World.

      I watched Bolt, including the credits. The title character was voiced by John Travolta.

      Rob Paulsen was not on My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and neither was Tara Strong.

      Jess Harnell was on My Life as a Teenage Robot, but not voice your specific character.

      I am sorry, but none of the actors you listed played the roles you thought that they did. I also advise against tweeting them - it might come off as rude or prying (as I am sure I must seem, though it is not my intention).

      Tara Strong was Timmy Turner, not Kathy Soucie

      @Tanglemorph I sugest that you watch the credits for those TV shows.

      Also, in one episode of The Fairly Oddparents, Trixie Tang was voiced by Grey Delisle (only when screaming "Security!") Which one was that?

      Your original post said that you needed a website. I gave you one. I also watched the credits for Bolt, and I can confirm that John Travolta played Bolt.

      You haven't yet answered my question: Why are you looking for these actors in these specific roles? Context would be a big help.

      I'm trying to confirm these roles after I received a block from "Behind the Voice Actors".

      I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. Could you please be more specific?

      I was blocked for requesting "false information" about voice actors. I haven't seen any of these works in years except Adventure Time.

      Is it possible at all that they didn't voice who you thought they did? I'd just like to know why you are so certain about these rolls.

      I'd also suggest finding the credits to the shows you are interested in. Youtube often has things like that, so I'm sure your could find what you are looking for. Not sure if the V As are correct, but that's just me.
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    One of the few animes I've watched. I'm pretty sure it was a series, and not a stand-alone movie. I watched it about 16 years ago but it could have been already old then.

    It was about a group of friends who had somehow travelled far in the past or perhaps to another planet, where dinosaurs co-existed with advanced humans. There was a kind of church who were the villains, and a crazy old scientist who had a machine that could help them travel back, powered by some things like huge batteries (perhaps the size of a banana). One of their company betrayed them at some point (a blond guy) and the ending was that they had to use 15 of these battery-things to destroy a meteor and so they couldn't go back home, until they realised that the boss of the church was a robot powered by one such battery, which they used. Reply

      Just a bump...

      I found it in the end. It's called Jura Tripper, but it was apparently never translated to English.
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    Okay, so I remember this one, vaguely — I rented it at Blockbuster and loved it to death. It was for the Nintendo Gamecube. It was about a pair of treasure hunters, one male, one female, but the female was a Cute Mute who only communicated through....I think it was a flute? You could also go to this guild to get quests and hire these other two treasure hunters who would join your party permanently later, or you could just skip paying those two and take your Battle Butler instead. The level I got stuck on was on some sort of airship? So Yeah. If anyone could help me remember this game, that'd be nice. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Which episode of the Mario cartoon has a scene where Mario gets squashed and his hat gets wet? I believe it was from the SMB 3 series. Reply

      That scene also had Mario & Luigi arguing (though that certainly doesn't make anything more specific).

      Nevermind, found it. It's "Oh Brother" from the SMB 3 cartoon.
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    What was the name of the pokemon episode which featured And I Must Scream fates for team rocket? Reply

      If you ask a question, and don't get an answer for a while, please don't ask it again as a new question; it clutters up the system, and confuses people if it gets answered in one place and not the others.

      If you want to remind people that your question exists, you are allowed to reply to your own question with a message saying you'd still like an answer; this will also bump it back up to the top of the page.

      srry can sum 1 delete the other 2 ones. BTW BUMP.



      fyi just saying "bump" is more courteous than yelling like that.

      also wait a day before bumping.
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    This was a live-action children's fantasy film I saw maybe once or twice. It was in some sort of medieval snow village where all sound was banned, especially music. And then a mysterious woman came and had a music box and the children had no idea what it was (there was some line like "what's that noise?" "it's not noise, it's music." "muuuusic.") The king had banned noise because his wife had died, I think? I can't really remember. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I vaguely remember a cartoon - possible on cartoon network - that featured a blue dragon that spoke gibberish. I say "dragon", but it actually looked more like a rabbit and behaved like a dog. There were two other characters as well - one of them a large, possibly Asian guy, and the other had a very camp voice. Any ideas? Reply
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    is it violent then i might recall Reply
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    I think it was on Adult Swim on cartoon network, it was probably an anime.

    There was a little girl who wanted to kill herself. She seemed happy and cheerful but she wanted to commit suicide. She wore a backpack of some kind of cute animal, I think it was pink. I mostly remember her traveling somewhere and along the way I think some man mentioned it was odd that she wanted to die because she was so young.

    I think the smiling creature on the backpack was some sort of symbol. Anyone who had that backpack/creature wanted to kill themselves. At the end there was the cute pink creature standing in a field and it was very tall. It was surrounded by people in a circle, it was much taller than the people. I think they might have been wearing the backpacks aswell. Then I think the people fell down (dead?). I'm pretty sure they were all smiling. Then the creature might have fallen and laid in the field and it ended.

    Does anyone know what this is? I saw it years ago and it really creeped me out. Reply

      It's Paranoia Agent. It creeped you out because it was made by Satoshi Kon.

      Thanks :) That's it.
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    A children's novel about a boy and his imaginary friend. The imaginary friend is real and just can't be seen by anyone else, or at least the book is written as though that's true. The imaginary friend is humanoid, and I kind of remember the cover depicting him as bright orange, and the other illustrations also showing him as being roughly child-sized. He's named Oddity, and there was a scene where the imaginary friend made a mess, and when the kid explains that his imaginary friend did it all, his mother's reaction is "oh, did he?" - this either caused a Who's on First? moment or actually was the basis for the imaginary friend's name; I just remember thinking "oddity" was pronounced "oh diddy" because of this book. Reply

      There's a children's book called "O'Diddy"—that might be it.

      Looks like that's it. I swear I remember the imaginary friend looking entirely different from the one on the cover that amazon has, but I may be thinking of something else.
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    Live Action TV
    I'm looking for a Japanese show that air on U.S about women who fight giant monster in a robot. I'm not sure if everything is correct because I saw it a long time ago but definitively look like a really old Japanese show. Reply
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    Looking for two children's/ya novels that have been bugging me. The first takes place in medieval times and is about two sisters. One of them is implied to be autistic, but everyone believes she's a changeling. It was about that sisters' relationship. The second one was about a girl growing up in the 1960's or 70's, and her search for her father. At one point, she writes to a doctor whose name she found in her mother's things, but when he comes to visit, she discovers he's black, and couldn't be her father. At the end it's revealed that her mom was date-raped, and her father is the dead son of an old man she's come to be friends with. Reply
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    There was an episode early episode in pokemon in which team rocket received an And I Must Scream punishment. Can anyone tell me which episode it was?

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    Last year, this troper saw either a film or a Christmas special of a Live Action Show. If I remember correctly, it was Canadian, in French and consisted mainly of intended special effects failures. It included the characters repeatedly hanging lampshades on the incompetence of the film crew and finally, the house they were in catched fire. Reply

      Hmm... any details on plot, characters, setting, "look" of the show...?

      I couldn't really identify the plot. Actually I am not sure if it even has one. It was set in a bigger house for a Christmas Celebration if I remember correctly. I am not able to recall the characters but all in all the show was somewhat kafkaesque. Here is a quote: Man (inside): "Il commence ŕ neiger." (It starts to snow.)
      • Snow falling on him*
      Man (annoyed): "Il commence ŕ neiger ŕ l'EXTERIEUR!" (It starts to snow OUTSIDE!)

      Found it: it's this episode of the soap opera parody Le Cœur a ses Raisons. (The moment you mention happens at around 11:30.)

      Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.
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    It is a french movie about a young filmmaker that decides to make a movie in his neighbourhood with people that live there. It's kind of a comedy and it's not old. Maybe 10 years max. It was funny because they had to improvise almost everything Reply

      Bump - I don't know what it is, but it sounds good (:

      i found it... it was a real trouble it's called Ze film
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm looking for the episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that provided this example on the Face Doodling page:

    An episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit had a brutal subversion. A bunch of people at a party find an unpopular girl passed out and start painting things on her face. As one of them moves the girl's head, she realizes that there is a blood on her fingers. The unconscious girl was hit on the back of the head, raped and then left lying on a bunch of coats. Reply

      Skimming through wikipedia's summeries, I found the episode "Consent"; (season 1, episode 10) - A college girl is raped during a frat party, but can't remember anything that happened. The detectives find that she had a date rape drug in her system, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplices.

      Is that what you we looking for (I didn't find any with a similar premise)?

      EDIT: Actually, forget that. It seems that the episode's "Rescue" (season 12, episode 10). According to the IMDB entry there's a goof in the scene related to the blood on the hands of the doodler.

      Thank you!
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    I'd really like to know what the music is that plays from 27 seconds or so to the end of this video I stumbled across some time ago:


    The video itself is only 57 seconds long.

    I love it. I think it would be perfect to end a story with on a And the Adventure Continues theme. It has a sense of finality to it and yet it's uplifting. I just have no idea what it is.

    I sent a PM to the guy who made the video, but he told me he didn't know and he found the music just by searching 'relaxing music' on google. I searched around myself, but never found it. I also posted a couple of comments on the video but didn't get any answer.


      Bump. I figured this would be a long shot.

      Very soothing music, but I have no idea.

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    Years ago, I heard about a PS3-exclusive that was being released in Japan only. It was about the current-gen game consoles as humans, and I think it was going to be an RPG, but I never heard any further word on this game.

    What was the name of this game, and was it ever released? Reply

      Hyperdimension Neptunia? Link on the other Wiki:


      Released, in America too.


      Hmmmm, I never knew it was released in America, I had never seen it at any of the stores in town. But maybe that was a good thing, since from what I read on that article, most of the reviews were negative.

      Thanks anyway!
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    Western Animation
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    I am looking for an animated series with a plot similar (might also be close in time) to Men in Black the Series.

    Main character was a man who could "see" aliens in disguise, can't remember whether he later joined some specific organization.

    Another character was a female alien from a race very connected to nature (had white or silvery hair) Reply
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk8YEmCjyzE Song? It's pretty much throughout the whole thing, but it's pretty quiet. Reply

      Might say it's original for the trailer. Look for it on the game's OST, when it comes out?
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    There was an episode early episode in pokemon in which team rocket received and And I Must Scream punishment. Can anyone tell me which episode it was? Reply
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    I remember reading a book about a girl from nobility who has to masquerade as a peasant boy to evade the group that had her family killed. The main plot device of the book is a set of rings which store knowledge of "weapon skill" in them, which can then be used by the wearer, but if you use your own skill while wearing a ring, your knowledge gets drained into it, so you lose your skill when you remove the ring.

    I think it was called "Lenxrider" or something similar, but I can't find it in TV Tropes. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Whats the name of that show in cartoon network where a kid says he's a side kick to a superhero and hangs out in hero's lair with a Indian computer. Reply

      Indian computer? If you mean an Indian techie, you might be thinking of Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures.

      No that's not that I meant computer not techie.

      In what sense is the computer "Indian", then?

      Sidekick? I think thats the show

      Yeah that's it.
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    Western Animation
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    I'm looking for a cartoon series about a bunch of field mice, the main character lived with his grandpa who played the fiddle and didn't have a tail and his two best friends were a girl and this kid mouse who had cruches. There was also a christmas movie with some bit being about inside out and outside in, and the bad guys were rats. In one episode they found a wallet and used the money for clothes and rugs and stuff, but gave it back so that the farmer didn't move away. Reply