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    Any tropes on being bored to sleep? That is a character falls asleep because something (like along winded explanation)is so boring. Reply
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    Does Adaptation Decay have an inverse? An adaptation which copies the original work word for word? Reply
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    I'm working on writing a page in the How To Index it's called How To Write A War Story. I've gotten stuck at the writers' lounge section. Could someone name some good aesops and such? Reply
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    Which Nudity Trope does this Real Life example fit? Wardobe Malfunction is Red Linked.

    Lucy Lawless =Xena: Warrior Princess sang the anthem at a sports game (ice-hockey IIRC) her boobs fell out of her bodice, she was busy singing the anthem and never noticed.

    It don't fit Innocent Fan Service because that is defined as no nudity taboo Whereas Lucy's innocence was that she did not know she was nude.

    The Happy Ending is that Fans organized the Internet and supressed the videos. Should that go as an aversion of Fan Dumb?

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    Do we have a trope for the Strong Right Arm? TheDragon's Lawful Good counterpart. The Lancer without being a direct foil, or the Number Two without having the responsibilities. Turns up when The Hero doesn't have a foil, or another member of the band acts as TheHero's foil, but isn't the main firepower. Most similar to Type 5 The Big Guy, but with a Knight In Shining Armour or Officer and a Gentleman overtone. For example:

    Sir Gawain or Sir Lancelot in many adaptions of the King Arthur legends, where the knight in question is the number one heavy hitter, surrounded by other Knights In Shining Armour, and not a foil to Arthur. Nor will he inheret any responsibilty if Arthur dies.

    Sir Conrad Weller in Kyou Kara Maou, where his younger brother Wolfram is TheHero's main foil, his elder brother Gwendal serves as the Number Two, and Conrad is... well, the Right Hand Man.

    Zechs to Treize in Gundam Wing, before the Heel–Face Revolving Door got swinging. Reply
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    Okay, I am positive we have this trope, but I've forgotten the name. It was Piggyback something:

    Where a company gives a preview or promo of an upcoming, popular work if a person buys another, less popular work, to encourage sales? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    What's the name of the trope wherein two people stranded on a deserted island or lifeboat etc. get so hungry, that they imagine the other person looks like a food product? Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a blooper or an accident happens on set but is kept in? Reply
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    Is there a trope for "Double-talking" in links? An example would be stating something in the context of sarcasam, and the entire sentence is a link to the Sarcasm Mode page. Or when we are talking about high octane nightmare fuel and then post a link to the image, and say something to the effect of "Click here—> to see the horror. Or not." And "Or not." is a link to the schmuck bait page. Reply
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    Proposing something outlandish so that your next suggestion will seem reasonable in comparison. Do we have a trope for this? Reply
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    Is there a Death Tropes about at the beginning of the story/series All Deaths Final, but later on Death Is Cheap, for no other reason then the author made up new ways to bring people Back from the Dead, but the past deaths are never mention or tried to bring back with the new method? Reply
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    There's a performance going on. Some characters are playing music, for example. The camera focuses on the audience. One of the viewers is obviously enjoying the show. Another one disapproves of his/her enjoyment, staring at him/her.

    I've seen it a million times. What is this trope called? Reply
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    Do we have anything that covers those Zombie films in which the living dead, after their initial brain-eating rampage, are shown to start going back to their old behaviours from when they were living, possibly even building a Zombie society?

    Land of the Dead would be a good example of this. Reply

      There was a YKTTW trope called something like Post Human Social Inertia that covered something along these lines. I have no idea whether it was launched or not, though.
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    I am looking for youtube videos like This Troper only instead for random forum posts Reply
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    I think we have one for someone solving/avenging their own murder postmortem, but what is it? I can't seem to find it.

    I don't mean left for dead, dead for five minutes and revived by CPR dead, I mean deadity dead dead and the character is reincarnated or a ghost or something. Reply
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    Do you have any trope to describe someone who has successfully avoided getting addicted by TV Tropes — to where one can use it without addicition? i.e. out of ruined life to enhanced life?

    One example of Tvtropes enhances life — you break the world record for laughing ... Reply
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    Is there a character trope for a person from a less "civilized" race/ethnicity/species that is shown not to be wiser or Closer to Earth, but to actually be more intelligent (as in Book Smarts) than the supposedly more "civilized" characters? Reply
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    What would you call a Fugue State here? Where people's memories go blank for some amount of time during which they don't remember what happened and suddenly find themselves elsewhere? Reply

      Heroic B.S.O.D.?

      No. This refers to temporary amnesia. Like for e.g in Harry Potter Ginny's memories are blank whenever the horcrux of Tom Riddle possesses her and she wakes up not remembering what happened in the time.


      Easy Amnesia?
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    Western Animation
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    Is there a trope for someone choosing to take a hit in a fight?

    The reason I'm wondering about this trope is from a scene in Spider-Man, where Peter is attacked by a group of university thugs. After he managed to dodge their blows he decides to let himself be beaten, thinking that he looked too good. Is there a trope for that? Something to do with hiding a secret identity or something? Reply
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    Do we have a trope for praying mantises? It's a common enough theme in works, at least common enough to say that I've Seen It a Million Times. Reply

      "Praying mantises" is not a trope. Is there something specific about them you're looking for?
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    Another trope question: do we have one for when a character is named after the author (or possibly someone s/he knows) but isn't supposed to be that person in looks, appearance, behavior... etc. Basically, an Author Avatar In-Name-Only (literally). Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I was wondering what it's called when someone thinks there is reason to be scared, but it turns out there is nothing to worry about.

    Example: 24 Redemption has one of the boys Jack is looking after going through his things, stealing his knife and shirt before he sees Jack watching him. The boy is afraid, thinking Jack is going to do something or at least be angry, but it turns out he was only fetching some work gloves, and after a few calm words gets the boy to give the knife back. Reply
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    Yes, I am looking for two certain tropes.

    Anyway, the first trope is where you can take characters from a certain setting, put them in a new setting, but still have them work in that setting.

    The second one is when a character asks another character a question, and while that character is thinking, the "Do-Do-Do" theme from the Price Is Right is playing.

    Help is very much appreciated! Reply
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    At the very end of a film, various titles tell us what happened to each of the characters, eg, "Sarah lost the lawsuit, married Joe, and became a folk singer." The popularizer would be Animal House. It's almost mandatory in any Bio Pic whose subject is still alive. Reply
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    Looking for a trope that I'm not finding in the only source I recall on this site. The trope in a nutshell is "no future for mankind without the opposite sex". In this movie a small group of soldiers are holed up and going stir-crazy because of the apocalypse and so far as they know they make up the entire human population: a dozen men. They have nothing to look forward to and nothing really to live for, they have no future no matter how successful they are at survival. This example obviously lacks women but it could really be either. I saw the single gender/gender rarity tropes but I don't think what I look for falls under them. It's likely a subtrope of them. But at it's core it's a refined equation:

    The world is dead + no breeding partners = It's over, why bother living?

    Edit: Wasn't sure of markup; the movie in question is 28 Days Later. Reply