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    Is there a trope for a story that serves as an excuse to beat up the Author Avatar? Sorta like an angst thing. Maybe a deconstruction of a Mary Sue / Marty Stu Reply
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    Looking for a trope about voice changers, often used when someone calls with ransom demands. An example is the creepy voice used by 'ghostface' in Scream Reply
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    Whats the trope for this kinda logic: Go watch [work]! It has [batshit insane element]! What else do you need? Reply
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    Is there a trope for when something — usually a video game — follows the plot too well? More or less the opposite of Adaptation Decay.

    For example, this was one of the Angry Video Game Nerd's criticisms of Rambo on NES. Reply
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    What's the trope for suddenly finding out/realising somethng about sometihng you used to like and having it ruined forever?
    • this troper just found out that the song 'bright eyes' references and describes the symptoms of myxy instead of just being metaphorical and deathy*
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    Where would you put this?:

    The example I am thinking of is from the VG "Dragon Age".

    First, there is the battle of Ostagar, which is about 30(?) minutes of shouting, fighting, running around, really epic Crowning Music of Awesome. (Here it is) At the end, everybody dies, apparently including the Player Character. End of "Act 1".

    Immediately after this, there is the scene in Flemeth's hut. Our hero has been miraculously saved, and awakes in said hut. Except for the cutscene dialogue, the only thing you hear is some faint creaking and chirping from the hut and the outside environment. One of the few (or maybe the only) instance in the whole game WITHOUT ANY MUSIC! (usually, you've got a tleast some ambient Basically, it's completely quiet, but calm, not creepy...

    It's strikingly anticlimactic, and I'm sure I have encountered similar examples. (Film, of course) Strangely enough, I coudn't find a trope that would match this effect. The Silence Tropes all deal with different aspects.

    Maybe it's a case for YKKTW, but I'm sure there is already such a trope... it's kind of Quieter Than Silence, but with dialogue and definitely not ominous... it describes the contrast between a high-tension noisy scene and a perfectly quiet and (more or less) "relaxed" scene that immediately follows.


      Breather Episode? I'm unfamiliar with the specific example, so sorry if this is obviously wrong.

      I've actually found a youtube video of these two scenes - there are comments by the player/uploader and... budgie squeaks in the background, just ignore them.

      The beacon at the beginning was supposed to be lit by the player character as a sign for the reinforcements to join the battle, (and the first two characters we see are the commander of said reinforcements and his second-in-command) but... well, you'll see. Notice that before these cutscenes, there was already about 20 mins of battle scenes involving the player character...: (warning: violence and blood!)

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9r7iZIjeCE#t=3m29s (should start at the correct point)

      Second scene starts at 6:33.

      Breather Level, in that case - yes, it would fit there, although nothing but dialogue happens there, it's not a game level in that sense - is there something like this for movies as well - Breather Scene? (Nope.)

      Mood Whiplash maybe, too -

      - although all these examples deal with whole game levels or TV episodes, or scenes as a whole, whereas I think more of the immediate contrast between a high-tension, noisy scene which ends abruptly, and the calm silence that follows... something like a "mental shell shock"...

      EDIT: I think Mood Whiplash comes closeset, although the following scene is not really funny, only calm and... well silent, as I said.

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    Nvm. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a trope for doing an act on Reality TV specifically to annoy a judge or structuring some portion of an act around annoying a judge? Reply

      Does Genre Savvy come into it somewhere - deliberately subverting the structure of a show?
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    I'm looking for 3 different tropes here, tell me if we have them already:

    1. Trope Namer, except more like "Quote Giver" or something, if you get what I mean. As in, a similar idea, but about the quotes on the pages.

    2. You tell someone something, their immediate response is to laugh in your face.

    3. Germans Love David Hasselhoff causes the most popular series made by a company to play second fiddle to a different series, which is their most popular series outside of their home country.

    Are all of those tropes already? Reply
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    Is there a trope for when the extinction of the dinosaurs is caused by a character? Like Aku being the meteor in Samurai Jack, or Wanda doing it in the Fairly Odd Parents Reply
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    I'm wondering whether there's a trope involving a female who is presently hiding from a villain but whose burgeoning romance with the male lead causes her to alert the villain of her whereabouts. Had she not met the lead, she would have remained invisible to the villain. I'm wondering whether there's a trope for a "prince blew her cover" kind of thing. I can't quite picture what sort of trigger their hanging out would cause that would allow the villain to begin to locate the girl. Would really appreciate any ideas anyone has. Thank you! Reply
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    Is there a trope about the sun/other Celestial bodies having a face?

    • In a lot of cartoons the sun is drawn smiling.
    • The sun in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    • The Moon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

    Feels like I have Seen It a Million Times Reply
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    There's abit from Ultimate Marvel that I think would be perfect for Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids, except that it's a biological agent rather then a robot. Spider-Man's dad invents a medical dip bodysuit that gives its wearer superpowers. It was invented as a cancer cure. Reply
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    Is there a trope about a new character gradually assuming the role of an older character? It's not Suspiciously Similar Substitute, because in this situation the old character is still there, it's just that this new character begins to serve the same or a similar function that old character used to. The new character doesn't even have to be suspiciously similar to the old one. When this happens, usually the role of the old character in the story is either diminished (because two characters serving the same function is considered redundant), or he's assigned to a new role. A good example is Snowy/Milou and Captain Haddock in Tintin. Before Haddock was introduced, Snowy often acted as a comic foil to Tintin's straight man. Haddock then assumed that role, and Snowy became more of a Heroic Dog. (He'd always had some Heroic Dog in him, but after Haddock's introduction this role was emphasized while his comic shenanigans became rarer.) Reply
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    The author writes a story that has a character. Then this author writes another, usually a much more refined and acknowledged story, that usually isn't even set in this universe, but also has this character* . Certainly not Canon Immigrant / Canon Foreigner. Reply


      To be honest, I've never seen that happen. Do you have an example?

      To be honest, I've never seen that happen. Do you have an example?

      There's an YKTTW there somewhere.

      Example? Wild Cards series, every major character originates in roleplaying sessions that the authors engaged in before the novels even started. That's if you count roleplaying session as a work.

      If not - many furry comics apply. Also shitloads of fanfiction where an author's OC travels from fanfic to fanfic.
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    Is there a trope for when one work is definitively deeply inspired by an older work, but the setting, characters, dialogue, and maybe some plot specifics are all new? For example, Romeo and Juliet->West Side Story, or La Bohème->Rent. Reply
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    Do we have a single trope for any case where someone Doth Protest Too Much (IE they claim one thing so frequently and forcefully it becomes clear that the opposite is true)? I know in psychology it's known as "reaction formation", but I'm not sure if we had a term for it. Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? and Most Definitely Not a Villain would probably be subtropes. Suspiciously Specific Denial is probably related. Reply

      It looks a little like Implausible Deniability, but I can't find anything specific for reaction formation under the Truth and Lies index. Sounds like a good YKTTW to me.
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    Do We Have This One?? Our heroes find themselves in a Perilous Situation, but barely manage to escape — except for one character, at which another (frequently the protagonist) must be physically restrained by one or more of the others from running back into danger to rescue the doomed party member. Often accompanied by a Big "NO!" and/or a Say My Name.

    I've seen this crop up in a number of works, most prominently in The Lord of the Rings (Frodo to Gandalf), The Sword of Shannara (Shea and, later, Panamon to Keltset), and Harry Potter (Harry to Sirius). If we don't have it already, maybe it's common enough to be tropable? Reply
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    Kinda in a lot of medias. Ugly man gets hot woman. Like Peter Griffin to Lois. Barney Rubble to Betty. Fred Flintstone to Wilma. That one fatass fighting gym leader in Johto with a pretty wife. Reply
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    Do we have the "character who's never seen a member of the opposite sex" trope that shows up in The Tempest and The Pirates of Penzance? Reply
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    Do we have a trope in which a story is just an adaptation/update of a mythological story? For example: Both The Natural and O Brother, Where Art Thou? are basically The Odyssey. Reply
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    looking for a trope about self sustaining reactions, where a runaway power reaction leads to something not needing a external power supply any more. For example in the film Chain Reaction. Reply
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    Is there one about promotional material displaying a group, perhaps laughing in a featurless white room with one member casually laying on the floor? Usually done to promote the cast of a sitcom or something. Big Bang Theory season 4 An (admittedly old) Star Wars puzzle Page image for Futurama A Team Fortress 2 poster Reply
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    What do you call it when someone slips up and makes a mistake, and one of their friends discover it and cover up for them and take the punishment and insults. However, instead of confessing that they really did it, the original criminal joins in on the punishment? Reply
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    What do you call someone who always has to do things the complicated way? e.g. Tom Sawyer, many sparks, also many villains Reply