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201 PsychoFreaX29th Oct 2012 07:35:20 PM from Transcended Humanity
I had this idea for a Mundane Made Awesome Absurdly High-Stakes Game of coin toss. Good for one of those shounen genres that involve puzzle scenarios.

Anyway, both the opposing players are experts at flipping a coin to get the result they want, making it look like chance. But they actually calculate it based on the air resistance, the environment(I had a bowl/bucket kind of thing that the coin has to land in) and the precise movement they flipped the coin with. Because of this both players were able to predict the precise result before they flip the coin every time.

That is until at some point in the game when one of them decides to shout after their opponent tosses the coin creating enough disturbance in the coin for the result to be unpredictable again. The opposing player does the same and the game turns unpredictable for some time until one of the players analyzed their opponents shout enough to calculate it into the coin toss just like air resistance and the rest. His opponent must then also learn to do the same.

Eventually both of them learn to calculate their opponent's shout into the coin toss. But one of them figured to surprise their opponent by spending one turn not shouting to make them calculate the wrong result. They both then decide to shout at random times so neither of them know to calculate the shout into the coin toss anymore.

That's when the player who wins this eventually figures it out. To simplify the calculation for the coin toss, both players had initially kept the rotation lower than usual. So the shout could influence the final result easier. So the winning player flips the coin with much faster rotation. It may be harder to calculate the result, but the speed of the rotation could fend of other outside influences such as the opponent's shout. Thus it won't matter anymore if the losing player shouts or not. The winning player could calculate the result of the coin toss every time until he wins.

I would've liked to add this at some point in my story. But I won't have a place for it. So would anyone like it?

It might work better to split it as a match then a rematch though. Because of how long it is and the scoring.

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202 Wheezy27th Nov 2012 11:47:48 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
A Black Comedy about two Yanderes who fall in love with each other.

I'm imagining a scene where they accidentally run into each other halfway between each others' houses in the middle of the night, both carrying butcher knives.

"Where are you going?"
"I thought you wanted to leave me, so I was going to break into your house and cut your head off!"
"Oh my God, me too!"
"We have so much in common!"

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Dapper Gentleman
[up]I am reminded of the series of XKCD comics in which Black Hat Guy encounters his soulmate.
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[up][up]That sounds awesome. It's a bit much for me but I can't help but feel it's the natural final evolution of my obsession with pairing tsunderes.
205 Noaqiyeum29th Nov 2012 06:29:28 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
On a similar note, I have a pair of characters in search of a plot who are both stalking each other, oblivious to the other's own concealed affections.
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206 Wheezy30th Nov 2012 05:54:10 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
A snatch of writing I came up with this morning that I haven't found a place for.

Alice's first fanfiction was posted on June 15th, 2012. By June 16th, it had been deleted for terms of service violation, Alice's IP address and screen name had been permanently banned from the entire internet, and all the servers that contained the piece had been dissolved in strong acid by teams of bioweapons specialists in hazmat suits.

However, one user managed to download it before then, and for a short while, it was passed around in circles of badfic enthusiasts as something of a textual equivalent to "Two Girls, One Cup." The practice ended a week later after it resulted in 74 suicides - with one reader somehow managing to tear out his brain with his bare hands and submerge it in toilet cleaner - and multiple government raids, leading to several executions for possession of obscene material.

This, of course, required the first amendment to be overturned specifically for cases related to Alice's writing, but after being shown samples of the material, lawmakers, judges, and even the ACLU unanimously agreed that it was justified.

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A magical girl series involving typical fantasy and supernatural creatures. (Vampire, werewolf, that sort of thing.) Ordinarily the creatures are scary and ugly looking monsters, the transformation allows them to turn into the sexy glamourized Hollywood versions.

Obviously not meant to be entirely serious?
208 PsychoFreaX29th Jan 2013 04:33:42 AM from Transcended Humanity
Hey I'm not sure, but I remember there was one of these for characters instead of plot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there and where do I find it? I'm not sure what to look up. Well since I can't find it for now and I already written all this up, I might as well post it and you can correct me later.

During my obsession with back stories I came up with one for a character in a shounen Serious Business MMORPG setting. Though I don't have enough ideas to make an MMORPG story that could stand out enough from a few others.

Anyway, my idea is a character who met a friend of his online and faced many challenges together. They even started a guild together that grew quite successful, though the character's friend was the leader. However one day their friend is just no longer on for whatever reason IRL and by the rule of the system, the guild leader is needed to fully manage the resources to keep the guild growing strong. So the other members slowly left seeking a guild that hadn't become so limited. But the character himself stayed for months and even years until he became a badass one man guild being able to solo other dungeons and most other guilds in Gv G.

However, you can only go so far being the only one left in the guild but he just can't let it go. He stayed loyal to his friend with just the slightest chance he'll return. Remembering all the fun they had and everything their guild has achieved, he didn't want it all to end. I haven't worked out yet if he eventually moves on though, or how he could do it. But it's an idea and also an idea I would really love to see done in a story. So good luck!

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209 LoniJay1st Feb 2013 07:40:09 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
This is kind of adapted from a scene in a dream I had the other day.

There was this kid, and his name was 'danil' (yes, no capitalisation). He was the fourth or fifth child of a king, and in this kingdom it was an accepted practice for the king to set aside one of his sons to be sacrificed to the gods when he turned 15 (hence, the uncapitalised name - something to do with him not really belonging to his family?). Anyway, the king's other son, his eldest son, was due to undergo some sort of ceremony of manhood or a formal acceptance into the chain of succession or something, and it turned out that this was due to occur on the same holy day as danil's sacrifice.

The king was so excited and proud about his eldest son's coming of age that he either forgot about danil's ceremony, or planned a big party for the day, or outright said that danil's ceremony didn't matter. The entire court was shocked by this show of disrespect to the gods and to danil.

So then danil decides to run away and give himself to the gods of his own accord (rather than letting himself be given by his father). He goes to the temple... and some aspect of the gods tells him that they accept him, but that they don't wish for him to die. They send him out on some sort of quest.

This is probably not going to go anywhere, because I have no idea what said quest would be. Seems like an interesting start, though.
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210 PsychoFreaX1st Feb 2013 08:54:45 PM from Transcended Humanity
Too many things still feel out of place. Like how "danil" is so content with the fact that he's going to be sacrificed and not envy others. That's a lot of father and son talk.
211 LoniJay1st Feb 2013 10:35:08 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Well, I'm pretty sure there were a number of real-world cultures in which being sacrificed to a deity was an honour. Also, I never said he was totally content with it and bore no resentment.

I'm not sure why having 'a lot of father and son talk' is such a bad thing?

Anyway, this is supposed to be 'ideas you have had for stories but will probably never use'. Nobody here said that they have to be totally fleshed-out plot summaries.
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212 JHM4th Feb 2013 02:27:09 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
[up][up][up] That sounds like a really, really cool idea. Please, go out and write this, or give it to someone that you trust, because it sounds like a great story.
213 LoniJay4th Feb 2013 04:35:54 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Well, I guess if someone here wants to take a stab at it, they're welcome. I have no idea where to take it from here.
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214 Wheezy26th Feb 2013 03:38:59 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
I'm sure this has already been done somewhere, but here it is:

A dystopian "planned community" where The Other Darrin is law.

Bob has cancer? No big deal. Remove him from the experiment, kidnap someone from a nearby city who kind of looks like him, rename him Bob, give him Bob's job, and brainwash Bob's old friends and family into thinking it's him. Or at least pretending to.

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215 Wheezy20th Apr 2013 08:59:56 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
It's the Zombie Apocalypse.

Or at least it would be, if everyone around hadn't whipped out their cell phones and started recording it and sharing it to social media the moment the first victim started turning. Within an hour, every armed zombie enthusiast and Crazy Survivalist in a 50-mile radius has converged on the site, and the few zombies that got a chance to turn have been reduced to what looks like bags of ketchup dropped from a great height.

Now, with nothing else to do, the zombie killers start wandering the city (which was quarantined shortly after they got there by paranoid government officials who have also been waiting to use their zombie preparedness plans) looking for anyone who shows signs of turning so they can shoot them on sight. Even though it usually turns out they weren't. A few people who missed the outbreak entirely start trying to figure out how to build a dirty bomb full of The Virus so they can have a real zombie apocalypse to fight off.

In the end, the protagonists have to escape from the city to get away from all the zombie hunters, not the zombies.

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216 wheezy10th May 2013 08:39:29 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)

Idea 1

A world where creating Chimeras is easy, and a significant part of the economy.

How much Unfortunate Implications and Fridge Horror you want to load that premise with is up to you.

Edit: I was on my phone when I wrote that and just wanted to get the basic idea down, so let me elaborate how the premise could be turned into Nausea Fuel:

  • People fusing various predators to keep as exotic pets that decimate animal populations (and turn on humans) when they're accidentally let out.
  • Farmers fusing all their livestock into enormous, Korrok-like meat blobs for easier harvesting.
  • Things could get even weirder when people start illegally introducing human DNA to the mix. I was thinking it could be used to put a Darker and Edgier twist on the Cat Girl archetype, where people fuse humans with houspets to create chimera that are humanoid enough to be found attractive by a lot of people, but not intelligent enough to give consent.

Idea 2

While I was reading Planetes, I came up with the idea for a similar premise, but on Earth, 20 Minutes into the Future: A Slice of Life about people whose job is to salvage usable building materials from cities that have been flooded by global warming and haul them back to dry land to be reused.

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A regular person is transported to a world where people can't be physically hurt. So they can pretty much just jump off cliffs and land without a scratch. But, if someone loses heart or becomes depressed they'll get sick and slowly die. It would be interesting to see how the regular person and the invincible people would react to each other.

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A setting without the fourth wall where the villain ends up getting a leg up on the good guys by going back and reading the earlier chapters of the story, thus learning everything about them.

(I keep feeling like that's been done before...)
219 Noaqiyeum12th May 2013 09:19:20 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
[up] Rocky and Bullwinkle did that once.
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Anyone who doesn't look dangerous is dangerous and sneaky.
220 nrjxll13th May 2013 03:40:48 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
The "Well to Hell" was/is real. (Preferably focusing on the social ramifications rather than Demonic Invaders.)
221 MaplePlatoon13th May 2013 03:51:40 PM from Middle of Nowhere,Canada , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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Three girls who turn into giant genderless cute things, with mental ability they desire (e.x. the depressed girl transforms into one with emotions-and clumsiness. The shy girl becomes a confident leader type. The girl who focuses too much on things becomes cheerful and carefree.)
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An invention that allows human to communicate with dogs... used by underworld circles. They use dogs, loyal by nature, to commit crimes, not governed by any laws anywhere. Public unaware of this is paranoid of an airborne rabies strain, and a witch hunt begins. Mad Scientist where they aren't protected (*cough* SEA region *cough*) use them for sick psychological experiments, thanks to the similaritites between the human psyche and theirs. Think Milgram or Stanford.

The dogs themselves, being creatures of the moment (chronic periodical short term memory loss) unknowingly live a hellish Memento.
I am not sure if this was done or not. I had an idea a few years ago about an anti heroic superhuman who goes after the mafia, corrupt politicians and faceless corporations. She is trying to purge the world of those who abuse power for their own profit. However she rarely goes after the common criminal unless provoked (she finds them too pathetic to be bothered with.)The protagonist Sophia would be twenty years younger. At first Sophia idolized the main character when she read about her in the press.

Using her knowledge of technology and hacking she out Viola civilian persona. When she finally meet her heroine she gets the shock of her life. Her idol is a jaded depressed and rather violent forty something. Despite this initial disappointment not to mention Viola's death threats Sophia became her sidekick. While never being directly being where the action is Sophia destroys evidence of Viola's activity. As it turns out it eats up Sophia's social life. Soon she becomes disenchanted with Viola seeing her as a brutal vigilante. However Viola won't let her opt-out.

224 Wheezy5th Jun 2013 06:56:43 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
[up] I like it.


It would be interesting to see a Steampunk deconstruction where the characters still have industrial-revolution-era attitudes towards race and womens' rights.

This has probably been done already, somewhere, but I haven't seen it.

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Two words: Bioshock. Infinite. Well, at least towards race. It pointedly has unusually progressive views on women's rights.
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