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One thing I dislike about Shining Force 1 though is that it is addicted to the Magikarp Power trope. Who of us knew that grinding that weak-ass knight in Chapter 2 would lead to a one... err, centaur Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? That said, the game is easy enough that you can beat it without much grinding.

 27 Jaryl, Fri, 20th Jul '12 12:53:03 AM from Austria Relationship Status: I know
Also, isn't there a popular saying that when you've got one particular character in your team, you're golden? I think that's Zylo, but I've never played SF 1 far enough for me to recruit him, so I can't say if this is right... ^^"
Zylo's really good but it's actually Bleu that has the rep of being really good, and you have to do a lot of grinding to get him at that level since he's AWFUL at first.

Or they might be referring to Mushashi.

 29 I Was Just Passing By, Sat, 10th Nov '12 12:55:02 AM from & made of parts unknown
The Fighting Gamer
[up] Really? 'Cause as much as I LOVE Zylo to bits, I'd say that Domingo is the best character in the game. A good selection of spells (and plenty of MP to use them), High HP and DEF, and he can fly!
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 30 Zeromaeus, Sun, 11th Nov '12 9:50:22 PM from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
The samurai, the ninja, Domingo, Bleu, Zylo, Guntz, Koichi and Adam absolutely wreck shit.

Bleu sometimes wrecks shit.
There seems to be a 50/50 chance that he'll be a powerhouse (constant attack gain) or a solid flying wall (constant defense gain).

Those guys are seriously the best units in the first game, though.

SEGA should revisit the Shining Force series...
Also remake the second one ala the GBA remake for the first.
Also remake the third one period. I don't care how.
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 31 I Was Just Passing By, Mon, 12th Nov '12 5:14:05 AM from & made of parts unknown
The Fighting Gamer
While I won't disagree that Adam and Guntz are useful characters, they are most useful in forests and mountains because they're unaffected by terrain. When fighting in actual buildings, they just tend to lag behind everyone else.

As for Kokichi, I tend to not use him because I usually have Amon or Balbaroy to fill his role.

And Hanzou.... I want to like Hanzou, I really do. His stats are nice, but he's basically reduced a meat shield because his spells never work.
Don't ask what's wrong with me, because I don't know either.
Never got the love for Adam. He's cool but comes too late and is too slow to be of any use. The robot in the 2nd game I like a lot more(though he's slow too). Guntz I give move increasing items so he ends up being REALLY good. Plus he can use a spear which rocks. Koichi TBH I don't find that good later on, and he looks incredibly stupid when he promotes. Domingo is my preferred flyer.

 33 I Was Just Passing By, Mon, 12th Nov '12 9:33:23 AM from & made of parts unknown
The Fighting Gamer
Truth be told, the only reason that I liked Adam was because he had a laser cannon as his critical attack... Being a robot probably didn't hurt his chances either.

To be honest, nearly half of the cast I never use. I only started using them (in the GBA remake) because I wanted to hear their dialogue trees, which you can only access by leveling them up. I suppose it does a nice job of fleshing out an assortment of stats though. (Hans tells your fortune, Gong tells you about the stuff he carries in his backpack, Zylo is adorkable as all hell, Domingo turns into a pokemon , etc.)

edited 12th Nov '12 9:35:06 AM by IWasJustPassingBy

Don't ask what's wrong with me, because I don't know either.
Yeah I did like the GBA remake for developing the characters more. Hans was so awful in the original though. Like he was good for the first 3 fights and then he just falls apart. SF 1's cast did seem to have a lot of unnecessary characters. Too many knights for starters. And Yogurt...blegh.

 35 I Was Just Passing By, Mon, 12th Nov '12 10:15:56 AM from & made of parts unknown
The Fighting Gamer
Archers in general are pretty garbage. Why bother having one when a knight has better movement, more defense, and (with lances) a better attack range? The only "archer" you need in Shining Force 1 is Lyle, who is a knight with a freakin' bazooka that can attack from 3 squares away!
Don't ask what's wrong with me, because I don't know either.
 36 Saya 1, Mon, 12th Nov '12 11:49:13 AM from Multiverse
first heard about this series through Project X Zone and got interested in it.
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