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Led Walrus is a portmanteau of Led Zeppelin and "I am the Walrus." It is an artifact of the time in high school that he loved 60's rock and roll. He still does, but has since expanded his musical taste.

Led Walrus is a skeptic of progress, whether societal or technological. (Try not to read to deeply into the fact that he has an internet connection). He also hews much closer to traditionalism and Christianity than 99% of Tropers, but only makes makes this known in this page. Generally he avoids the topic of religion to prevent replies out of ignorance and stupidity (from whom? You decide!)

Still, despite the old-fart ways of this young twentysomething, he enjoys observing Subverted Trope s here and there. He just doesn't have the "need" to see every single trope under the sun subverted. Tropes work, boys and girls.

Contributions? He started the WMG for That Guy with the Glasses and the WMG for Michael Jackson.

Observation: The Ubermensch makes Nietzschean philosophy look good. The Nietzsche Wannabe makes Nietzschean philosophy look bad. Of course "bad" and "good" are meaningless terms to nihilists, but I once again remind you of words "traditionalist" and "Christian" up there.