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This is an RP based on the Monster Rancher series of games. If you're not familiar with it, then I'm sorry to say that this RP isn't really for you. In order to get the most out of this RP, you're going to want a working knowledge of at least one game in the series.

Setup and Da Rules


Given the somewhat... mutable nature of the Monster Rancher canon, we'll be going with rules that look somewhat like this:
  • In this continuity, monsters can communicate freely with humans, like they could in the TV show and the first few games.
  • We are, however, using the later games' views on monster lifespan—they are long-lived (30-50 years, if not longer) but have a short fighting career (5-10 years).
  • Any monster throughout the series is fair game, including "retired" ones like Dino and Undine. You may also use any version of a sub-breed you like if there are multiple variations (especially with regards to the first two games vs. the later ones).
  • In this RP, Combined monsters retain memories of their past existences (taken from the show), so it's sort of an Nth Doctor situation.


This RP will be taking place in the fictional Tropes (Pronounced "Troh-pess") International League Monster Association (TILMA), a new "region" recently founded as a coalition by members of the other leagues. They're based in the (also fictional) city of Tropes. This league was founded to attempt combing the best aspects of monster raising from all the other leagues, so it offers small shrines dedicated to Saucer Stone, Tablet, and Magic Spell resurrection. It has a nice freezing and combing lab, which uses some rather experimental new technology in order to maximize combining possibilities. Because the current members are all from various other leagues, they use the training techniques they are most familiar with. Of course, adventures are available, and places like the Kalagari Jungle, Promiass Ruins, and Kawrea Volcano are breeder favorites.

In other words, the MR equivalent of a Mary Suetopia, or at the very least, one that allows for the largest variety of plot conveniences.

RP Rules

  • General RP ettiquette applies here: Don't try to control other people's characters, try not to be overpowered, etc.
  • I guess we'll do this in prose style, I.E. write like you're writing a story. So "The Mocchi went over to the tree and gave it a strong Punch, hoping to shake some Mangoes down."
  • I made this, but there is no real "GM." The plot flows where it will. Any person may create NP Cs or opponents or whatever. This is more of a freeform RP.
  • You may have up to 1 human Breeder and, if you choose, 1 Breeder's Assistant. (Assistant optional.)
  • You can have as many monster characters as you like, but you can have no more than 3 of them "out" at any time. You can play however many you can handle, but I'm setting a limit both in-line with the games and because I know from experience that playing more than 5 characters in a single RP post is waaaaay too convoluted.


Just post here. A small bio of your character/first monster, in whatever form you like, would be nice, though. You can add monsters later if you like, though.

Peeps A-Playin'

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Freezair's Bio:

  • Breeder Name: Freezair
  • Original League: AGIMA
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Pretty much an Author Avatar in terms of appearance. She's a short, chubby woman with long, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and a rounded face. Has glasses. She's always dressed practically and almost always in khaki pants.
  • Personality: While rather shy at first glance, Freezair warms up fairly quickly provided you can find something to talk about with her. She's the sort of person who turned to monster raising at a fairly young age because she had troubles with humans, and used her love of it to help bring herself into her own as she got older. She's bookish and quite intelligent, though she has a habit of speaking before she thinks things through, leading to her putting her foot in her mouth a lot. Oh, and she makes bad puns. Lots of them.

Carol's Bio:

  • Monster Name: Carol
  • Monster Breed: Tinkle Bell (Suzurin x Antlan)
  • Gender: Female
  • Monster Appearance: She's a blue Suzurin with an "armorlike" body. She has a shape like an Antlan's horns on her chest, and a yellow "hat."
  • Build: Balanced
  • Monster Personality: Currently on her third "life" (she's been Combined twice before), Carol is an impish and somewhat immature monster whose personality is a bit like a living Gross-Out Show. She loves the weird, "icky," and macabre. She loves playing pranks on people and being a bit of a pest. She's generally obnoxious, but is capable of putting her nose to the grindstone when it counts. Her personal Berserk Button is the stereotype that Suzurin are all spoiled and girly.
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Query: Can we used 'changed' monsters, like a Mint instead of an Aero?
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Yes, and you can use which form you like best. Since, according to (I think) MR 4, differences between fusion appearances are often the results of differing equipment (and our little Mary Suetopia has them all).
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Bah, humbug, the stuff that happens when I'm due to go out to sea...

Welp, I can't even *try* to participate here thanks to the lack of quality internet on my ship, but good luck to you.
Sign me up! :D

  • Breeder Name: Mary
  • Original League: IMA
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Author Avatar here too. Short, with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and glasses. Bangs tend to hang in front of her eyes. Dresses for comfort, not style, so usually in a hoodie, t-shirt, and pants.
  • Personality: Shy around strangers, but when with people or monsters she trusts, Mary is very open. Likes cute things more than you'd expect, but is serious when it comes to training. Above all, though, she wants her Monsters to be happy. They may not progress much beyond B-Rank, but she wants to ensure they enjoy themselves and live productive lives—Monsters are living beings, not tools for battling.

Mint's Bio:

  • Monster Name: Mint ((I seriously just named 'em that. XD;))
  • Monster Breed: Mint (Pixie x Tiger)
  • Gender: Female
  • Monster Appearance: Much like a Pixie, except for some cosmetic differences. Mints have ice-blue hair and bat wings—differing from Aeros, who have feathered wings—and a wolf's fur bikini, though less revealing, with a furred undershirt of sorts. Unlike a standard Pixie's devil tail, she has a Tiger's tail. Also has slightly thicker legs.
  • Build: Slim
  • Monster Personality: Intelligent, though somewhat insecure. Hates to lose, but is of a Good nature. Unusually for Pixies, she dislikes Cup Jellys, wishing to maintain a slim figure. She likes Battle, Play, and Mary. Among Monsters, her only real dislikes are Gaboos—Oakleyman wasn't kind to her in her first runthrough of the E Cup—and a particular Pixie breed known as Kitten. Cats and dogs don't get along...

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  • Breeder Name: Joshua
  • Original League: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Josh is a short teenage boy with a crazy tall spiked hairstyle that is flaming red. He usually wears shorts ad a T-Shirt with a "LETS ROCKON" label on it, his favorite band.
  • Personality: Hyperactive and Hot-Blooded to the extreme, Josh has more energy than most monsters. He's easily excitable and has been waiting to become a monster trainer for years. TILMA will mark his first actual experience in the art.

  • Monster Name: Munsch
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Jelly Gaboo (Gaboo x Jell)
  • Appearance: Easily mistaken for roadside slush at first glance, Munsch is a big fat amorphous glob. His colors are more muted than the typically bright blue of most part jells.
  • 'Personality: Lazy and unmotivated. Munsch tends to believe anything can be solved by either waiting it out or just punching it hard. He's usually right more often than other people would care to admit, unfortunately.
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Three people is enough, by my standards, but I'm bumping this to see if anyone else will sign up.

Worth noting: Signups are still open after the RP has begun.
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Lessee... I've played some MR games (never did very well, though), and I'm curious, sooo...

  • Name: Jackson
  • Original League: TILMA
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Normal. Very, very normal. If there's anything memorable about his appearance, it's his sheer generic-ness. Brown hair, brown eyes, not particularly attractive or ugly, average height, build, and skin tone. Basically, he looks to be The Everyman.
  • Personality: Deadpan Snarker who tends to push his monsters hard, and himself even harder. Fortunately for others' patience, he restrains himself from criticizing other trainers' methods unless his monster beats theirs BADLY (as in B-rank vs D-rank badly), at which point he chews them out for slacking off. One of his oddest traits is a tendency to give his monsters... inappropriate names.

  • Monster Name: Armageddon
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Ducken (purebred)
  • Monster Appearance: Basically a duck made of building blocks, with a white head and wings, a red top segment (the head is affixed here), a yellow central segment (to which the wings are attached), and a blue bottom segment (with two orange-ish legs sticking out from the bottom).
  • Personality: Enthusiasm incarnate, Armageddon would probably get along well with Joshua, at least if their particular mannerisms don't push them to violence. Not particularly bright, though. He tolerates, but is not particularly fond of, Jackson.
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I think I may throw myself in here. Also, A link to the actual Roleplay thread would be good.

Name: Zealot Vedas

Original League: n/a

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and muscular, black skin, yellow eyes, black dreadlocks, black pants, long sleeveless red coat, scar over one eye.

Personality: Serious and kind of gruff, but cares about his friends once he has them.

Monster Name: Vakor

Gender: Male

Breed: Salamander (Zuum/Dragon)

Monster Appearance: Larger and a litter darker in coloration than the average Salamander. Has the same scar over one eye as Zealot.

Personality: Loyal veteran soldier. Nearing retirement age, but intends to go out with a bang.

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