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lalalei2001 is an Ohio-based female Troper. She loves video games, anime, cartoons, books, comics, cats, and all sorts of other awesome stuff. She is also fond of the ^^ and ^_^ faces. While her list of favorite things is mostly lighthearted, she does enjoy darker works, especially those based on lighter things, like a Dark Fic of Mega Man.

She loves many things related to the 1980's despite being born in '91, as well as 90s, classic, and contemporary stuff.

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Girl, you made the Metal Walker page, that is just awesome. ~ BlackDove

  • Don't thank me, thank Nintendo Power! I was going to make the Robopon page too, but by the time I remembered, someone already had. ~Lalalei2001
I like Dark Fic too. Let's talk - SabrinaDiamond

You're the gal that hangs around the Sonic Underground page. Pleasure to meet you. - whizzerd

Hic sunt pirates. Ye be warned. -Muramasan

YOU PERSON. Mega-Hi. (oh god wat XD) :D —Gancena

Hi-o. -Etheru

  • Hello, fellow troper. You have alot of patience, listing all of that in one folder!- eternal Noob

Fellow Protomen fan! I only just discovered them and saw your nickname in a lot of Protomen contexts, hope that doesn't mean I've been stalking you. - Doktor Von Eurotrash

  • it's fine. XD

Huh, you'd think I'd notice a fellow Megaman fan around these parts. Guess I don't bother looking sometimes. Pleasure meeting you, miss. I'm what they call the HARDCORE retro gamer of TV Tropes... or at least that's what I call myself. You may call me Light Phaser ^u^ ~...Light Phaser

I wish we could have a Sonic Battle. ~Wanderlust Warrior

VAAAANDALISM! ...Hi. :3 ~Freezair For A Limited Time

  • Seen you here and some Mega Man fan community places. Just wanted to say hi and glad that an active member of the Mega Man fandom (Mega Fandom maybe?) is contributing here. :) -Mobile Leprechaun

No matter what they're about, for some reason, your forum posts always seem to have an amused tone to them. I think it's your avatar. -Dr Furball