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YMMV: The Stepford Wives

The book, the original film and its sequels:

The 2004 remake:

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The scene where the husbands use one of the wives as an ATM.
    • There's also the unstoppable twirling scene and the remote control breast size scene. These were actually meant to be rather blatant Foreshadowing, but were rendered bizarre because of the last minute change to the ending.
  • Designated Hero: The three protagonists are all jerks. Both Joanna and Bobbi are Straw Feminists, the former being a Corrupt Corporate Executive who created reality shows revolving around women domineering over the men in their lives, the latter of whom couldn't care less about her own family and treated them as an annoyance, even writing a book that tells women to cut their husbands' balls off as they sleep for absolutely no reason. Meanwhile, the Camp Gay Roger regularly went out of his way to embarrass his partner. It is easy to see why some were Rooting for the Empire.
    • It is arguable at least in the case of Joanna that prior to the move to Stepford her being a Corrupt Corporate Executive is a bad thing and that her straw misandrist shows are also terrible. It's also arguable that the whole ordeal of the film is some sort of Break the Haughty tale.
  • Fans Prefer the New Her: Joanna's robot replacement was an Unnecessary Makeover in the original film, given that she was already quite good-looking beforehand. Here, though, the women look much better as "robots".
  • Shocking Swerve: The 2004 remake ends with a twist: the wives simply have chips in their brains that are easily deactivated, rather than being robot doubles, so we can have a happy ending. This creates a large plot hole, as it contradicts a few scenes like one of the wives acting like an ATM and spewing dollar bills from her mouth, or the Camp Gay guy apparently looking at his robot double in horror. One deleted scene with Bette Midler's character going nuts with various housecleaning accessories in her body makes it very clear that they were originally intended to be robots.
    • This could also be considered a case of They Just Didn't Care. All those plot holes could have been easily fixed with a little bit of editing: Cut out the one second where sparks are shown, the references to the sparks, the ATM scene, and the scene where the robot template is shown. This would have probably cut one or two minutes of the movie at most, and would have fixed all the plot holes. But for some reason they didn't. Perhaps they just didn't care.
  • Unfortunate Implications: So much involving the gay couple.

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