Awesome / The Stepford Wives

  • After being an ass for most of the movie, Joanna hits Walter with a poker and demands to know where her children went.
  • Joanna's photos being finally positively appraised are this and a Hope Spot.
  • In The Stepford Children, Laura manages to survive the whole film and escape with her children, and after fighting her daughter's robotic double, who had a knife!
    • Her son, David, even bursts in with his motorcyle to save his mom and sister.
  • In the remake, after a resentful marriage: Walter and Joanna manage to work out an alternative to Joanna becoming a robot. Joanna merely gets a makeover and plays the part of a Stepford Wife smoothly and perfectly, Walter disables the microchips for each wife, Joanna flirts and flatters Mike and then nails him with a large candlestick when he was about to attack Walter.
  • Also in the remake: when the nanochips in the Wives' brains short out, the women square off against their husbands, who are haplessly pressing their now-useless remotes, when one wife yanks one and STARTS CRUSHING IT WITH HER OWN TWO HANDS.
    • In a deleted scene, one cyborg wife is seen holding up her husband by the neck with her hand stretched out, she turns to the protesting Mike and asks the kingpin "You want some?"
    • And, of course, the women force-feeding their husbands A Taste of Their Own Medicine.
  • Walter's short but sweet "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the men on why he couldn't turn his wife into a mindless slave.
    Walter: Because she's not a science project. Because I didn't marry something from Radio Shack.
    • Joanna gets a smaller one when the men angrily demand what kind of person Walter is:
  • Meta: the acting that went into the movie, with Nanette Newman providing the perfect performance of a submissive, robotic housewife.
    I'll just die if I don't get this recipe!
    • Katharine Ross's performance winning her a Saturn award.