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The Stepford Wives is in the same universe as Scott Pilgrim.
In the book, Joanna says she and Walter bought their house from a couple called Pilgrim, who lived there for two months before moving to Canada. And the existence of a town full of robotic wives would not be very far out of the scope of Scott Pilgrim.
Joanna in the original is still alive.
During the infamous supermarket scene, it seemed as she was walking toward the camera that she was starting to look nervous after her initial Stepford Smiling. This troper believes that she destroyed the robot and is now posing as it in order to avoid getting killed like the other wives.
  • Wouldn't the men, especially Walter, know the difference? The robot double was more buxom than Joanna
  • Or another theory, that the robots have the orginal brains and eyes (explaining the significant close-up on the robotic Joanna's eyes) from the actual wives, and that one some level they still have their real thoughts and emotions, they just cannot act on them due to programming, explaining why Joanna began to look upset and nervous.
In the remake, most of the wives were real women with chips and a few were robots
Some of the men were so hopeless that they could only have a wife in the form of a robot. They either came to Stepford single and were given a robot bride to fit in or they were bribed into moving to town with the promise of a hot wife they could customize. As for the ending, that can explained by the robots falling and staying on the floor and being hidden by the crowd and big skirts. Or shoved off to the side or under things.