YMMV / The Saint

The Books

  • Bizarro Episode:The Man Who Liked Ants which features The Saint stopping world domination by ants. Seriously. A Mad Scientist breeds ants to grow in size and intelligence, believing them to be a 'purer' and more admirable life form cheated out of its glory by the evolution of fallible and in-fighting prone humanity. Templar kills the ant queen and her nest before it can hatch. It's also a weird episode, because it's one of the few times you actually see Templar afraid and briefly has the heebie-jeebies about insects for a little while following it.
  • Chaotic Good: Simon Templar walks the fine line between here and Chaotic Neutral. His campaign against gangsters, drug dealers, and so forth is based partially on justice for their victims and partially on it being fun and profitable. As for the Chaotic part, at one point the books comment that in Simon's opinion, the law is only really justified in existing by the funny noises it makes when he breaks it (and because it provides him with a seemingly endless string of police officers to annoy).

The Series