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YMMV: Spinnerette
  • Arc Fatigue: Colonel Glass. Adding in breaks for Krow's convention appearances and a side-arc about Minerva's origins, it has taken over a year to finish the story arc.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Dr. Universe: evil Mad Scientist, or victim of the government?
    • Col. Glass: textbook clinical psychopath? Or victim of the North Korean government, driven insane by experimentation to the point of being pathologically addicted to killing? His sole Pet the Dog moment has left his character surprisingly hard to figure out.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The whole of Issue 11. An aged Nazi sorcerer and his Aryan supersoldier protege hire Dr. Universe to clone Adolf Hitler, and gets into a fight with the voodoo-wielding great-great-granddaughter of Robert E. Lee (who wants Lee cloned) over who has rights to a pile of stem cells harvested from disposed-of foreskins to get their clone made first, both sides tossing out racist rhetoric against everyone not-white and then insulting each other, while Universe and Greta look on and snark about the idiocy of racists.
  • Die for Our Ship: Darien was given this treatment by Spinnerette/Mecha-Maid shippers before Heather and Mecha Maid hooked up.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Dr. Universe and Greta Gravity are quickly becoming this to the fanbase. Their Dark and Troubled Past seems to justify nearly everything they do in the eyes of some fans.
  • Foe Yay: The issue 7 cover teases it. See also Clean Pretty Reliable.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Greta Gravity is German-Brazilian. In a 2012 comic, she mentions looking forward to the 2014 World Cup. Come the real life World Cup...
  • Iron Woobie: Marilyn Seong aka Mecha Maid. She's bound to a wheelchair when outside her armor and has only a few years left to live, but spends her time trying to make the world a better place for everyone else.
  • Les Yay:
    • Heather's first week as a hero wasn't quite the success she expected it to be, but hey! At least she got to be the Damsel in Distress to Mecha Maid.
    • Also see Mecha Maid's expression in the first panel here
    • The sub-plot thickens.
    • This casts Tiger's reaction from this strip in a totally different light. Even he seems to think there's something going on between Mecha Maid and Spinnerette. check out MM's eyes in the 3rd panel of the same picture. She's openly checking out Heather's body. Not to mention the wall of MM / Spinnerette pictures Heather has, one of which has MM openly glomping her.
    • In Heather's little news clipping shrine to her superheroing, more than half of the clippings and photos shown are of her and MM in close physical contact. Sahira even uses one of them (of MM openly checking out Heather's ass) to help drive home the suggestion that Mecha Maid is a lesbian. This is Hypocritical Humor as well, since Sahira really seems to like touching Heather. Including in that very comic.
    • Sahira has outright stated she thinks that Mecha Maid wants to be more than just friends with Heather. Confirmed at the end of Chapter 6 — Mecha Maid admits she finds Heather attractive, but denies having any romantic attraction to her. Her thought bubble at the end says otherwise. Heather is too clueless to realize the subtext.
    • It's just fanart... but here you go.(slightly NSFW)
    • Katt O'Nine Tails can add this to her repertoire. There's also Mecha Maid's reaction when she walks in on the following tail-massage. She can mistake it for a) Katt attacking Spinnerette, b) the two of them getting it on and so being jealous, or c) both. In any case on a second readthrough (or just to anyone with Yuri goggles enabled) it can be interpreted very much as a "lay off my crush!" reaction.
    • Spinnerette holding an underwear-clad Marilyn
    • Evil Spinerette/Alexis kissed a girl that was taunting her and made up some fake story about how a Drider's kiss creates a magical bond of romance. One week later, the girl practically throws herself at Alexis. Alexis admitted to Heather that she was probably a closet lesbian her entire life and now has an excuse to come out. It was all part of Evil Spinnerette's cunning plan to fool Heather into helping her with her latest drider-creation ritual.
    • Alexis and Heather: See Clean Pretty Reliable
  • Memetic Mutation: When Katt throws a car at Dr Universe, take a look at the car's license plate.
  • Narm:
    • The strip that shows why Tiger decided to pursue superheroing is either really sad or too melodramatic. Hey, "Vary" is the key word here.
    • After Mecha Maid gets electrocuted and can't breathe, she tells Heather to take her to the "superhero hospital". It's a serious moment, but the way it was worded just made it seem silly.
    • When Marilyn lets out her Anguished Declaration of Love for Heather, it's meant to be a huge Drama Bomb...but the sight of Heather's nipples poking through her suit can kind of deflate it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything about Colonel Glass, from his half-mummified appearance, to his Ax-Crazy Slasher Smile, to his horrifying MO, to his very allegiance to the notorious North Korean military. Even before seeing him in action, the mere fact that his superpower is telekinetically controlling glass is enough to make you shudder. Now take a look around and look for anything glass in the room you are in and read this trope text again.
    • Beautifully karmic though it is, Glass' Rasputinian Death is as horrifying as everything else about the man. To wit, he's lit on fire with white phosphorous, then torn to shreds by an uncontrollable hail of glass, then blown to pieces with a shotgun, then finally burned to death once and for all with a thermite charge.
  • Parody Sue: Delta, who combines as many harem anime as inhumanly possible along with mind control and/or reality-warping powers.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Some feel that Minerva being turned human has done this to her, as well as made her less unique. Doubly so as she actually turns smaller (less than a head taller than Heather) and less strong and muscular in human form.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Green Gable and Katt o' Nine Tails, Wholesome Crossdresser and Bifauxnen, respectively.
  • Villain Sue: Evil Spinnerette had shades of this in Chapter 7. She not only figured out Heather's secret identity, but she also fooled Spinnerette into helping her and then effortlessly trounced her in battle. The whole chapter almost reads like a fanfic by someone zealously devoted to the character.
    • Colonel Glass had a feeling of this, being apparently invincible and taking out all enemies with ease (and with proper application of telekinetically-propelled glass shards). Even his Rasputinian Death is capped by the man who shot him to pieces saying that Glass can regenerate from that.
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Mecha Maid, outside her armor.

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