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Tear Jerker: Spinnerette
  • Every time Mecha Maid's ALS is brought up.
    • Even more so when she reveals that it's progressing faster.
    • Mecha Maid revealing that, because of it, romance was never really a possibility for her.
  • When Tiger learns of a school shooting he is initially afraid his daughters got hurt, and when he is overjoyed they're safe they point out someone else lost their daughters that day.
  • This page, and Heather's many conflicting emotions—including "I'm sorry I walked away I'm sorry I hurt you", "I'm scared", and in the corner, a tiny, little, backwards "Maybe I love you too." Someone give the poor girl a hug.
  • The death of White Heron.
  • When Glass learns that the breeding camps and experiments left Mecha Maid paralyzed, he seems honestly regretful about it, and has a Pet the Dog moment by leaving Mecha Maid alive and telling her to spend her remaining time with her loved ones.

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