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Awesome: Spinnerette
  • After Evil Spinnerette defeats Mecha Maid and Tiger with ease, Heather blocks Evil Spinnerette's webs with her own and then leaps on to her back without skipping a beat. Heather then uses her own knowledge of spiders to avoid her opponent's attacks and then successfully hogties the supervillain. It's the first time that Heather actually succeeds as a superhero.
  • The security guard at the college. He sees right through Sahira's ruse, briefly plays along with it anyway, drops the bomb on her that he knows, then just does what she wanted anyway. And he knows he's awesome, as in his next appearance (as Sahira's boyfriend!), he's wearing a jacket that says C.M.O.A.
  • Katt O' Nine Tails using her own tails to complete the magic circle to send the Composite Soul back to hell. Resulted in a (near) Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Evil Spinnerette's rematch with Spinrette ends in her victory by way of It Only Works Once. When Spinrette tried the "cowgirl" thing again, ES was ready with the perfect counter and it was all downhill from there.
  • Doctor Universe giving a Giant "The Reason You Suck" Speech to a pair of Nazi's and a Confederate Revivalist. The speech details exactly why their plans to clone Hitler And Robert E Lee would never work.
    "The idea that the key to the human spirit lies in a strand of DNA is idiotic. Any human, a clone or not, has free will."
  • Doctor Universe again - proving his skill as a doctor by performing a multiple amputation quickly enough to save his patient and skillfully enough to keep her in a nice human shape despite having to remove 8 shoulder joints and God knows what else from her torso.
  • While defeating the team of the Canadian superheroes happened off-screen, We still must consider Spinnerette's taking down of Mecha Maid and her very calm and logical approach to the situation of everyone under the influence of the Hate Plague.
  • A psychotic supervillain with flame powers tries to torch a school bus full of children, and nearly succeeds. When the children are saved by a super powered civilian who was on the scene, the villain attacks the person that saved them... which causes the villain to be attacked by two Badass Bystander firemen, one of which turns the hose on the villain, and the other chucks a fire extinguisher at him. Remember, kids: you don't need super powers to be a real hero.
  • Green Gable facing this, without any superpowers, knowing he'll win anyway.
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