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05:09:35 AM Feb 4th 2013
edited by ElCidIX
So this was removed because it "has nothing to do with the trope".

  • Unfortunate Implications: Combine Heather repeatedly apologizing for wanting to take things slow with Marilyn, her stating that she's "learning" to be gay, the implication that Marilyn having ALS means the relationship should be going faster, and Marilyn's apparent need for Heather to come out to everyone, and we have what can be viewed as one extremely problematic relationship that may have only begun out of confusion and guilt. Ironically, Marilyn was the one who had previously screamed and cried at Heather that she doesn't want a rushed relationship when Heather drunkenly tried to force herself onto her.

Where, pray tell, does an entry about a disturbing, manipulative relationship implied unintentionally due to poor writing belong then?
09:12:32 AM Feb 4th 2013
I dunno. But the definition of Unfortunate Implications has changed to prevent it from being used to say "this was badly written." Now it has to have a citation from somewhere noting that something in the work is making some kind of unfortunate implication.

Basically, the trope doesn't mean, "I think this looks bad," but instead means, "It's been acknowledged that something in this work looks bad."
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