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YMMV: Persona 4: Arena
  • Accidental Innuendo: When Yukari beats Ken, she'll comment on how "big" he and Koromaru grew. The chat picked up on this.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The final boss, whether it was of Arcade Mode note  or Story mode note , isn't any more difficult than anyone else you've fought up to that point. The SNK Bosses are instead reserved for the infamous Score Attack mode.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Pre-release, Labrys was a very controversial character - some like her, others hate that she was put in the game. Mostly because she came out of almost nowhere, and what little information was known about her made her seem like a Mary Sue. It doesn't help that the Robot Girl characters were rather controversial in the fandom. However, once the game was released, people warmed up to her. There are still some people who dislike her due to finding her accent (Kansai for Japanese players, a Brooklyn one for the localized players) ridiculous.
    • Ken and Koromaru being The Dividual. People would like to play as Koromaru, but hate that Ken is attached to him, while others are fine with them together. The fact that Ken could de-summon him and fight on his own further raises the question as to why they can't be separate.
    • Adachi is back and even has his own campaign… as DLC included with all new purchases of Ultimax.
      • Atlus seems to want to avoid as much backlash as they possibly can with this decision, however, as Adachi is completely free whether you own the game or not on the first week of the game's release.
    • The reveal that Marie is also going to be DLC has brought a similar reaction, as a holdover between those who dislike her and those who enjoy her inclusion into the canon story.
      • The fact that she's paid DLC has calmed down the detractors, as they can just avoid buying her. But that then opens another can of worms over Marie fans that are forced to buy her, as well as people who despise paid DLC to begin with. Atlus is evidently aware of Marie's reception and has also made Marie free on the first week of the game's release.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Yu is not above joking at Yosuke expected encounter with Kanji (even if he remains seemingly stoic about it), cracking jokes such as "Though if you lose against Beefcake Emperor... you might be in some trouble."
    • But this might go into YMMV territory since Yosuke, being, well, Yosuke and Yu being Yu, may be actually hinting something else.
  • Broken Base: "Do you think the P3MC should be a playable character?" That question is something of a Fandom Berserk Button that no one can agree on.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: A majority of your online matches will be Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Akihiko, and Mitsuru. To put that in perspective, that's almost half the cast.
    • The tournament scene sees a lot of Aigis. Kanji, Teddie, and Naoto show up more often too. But the others are rather rare.
    • Funnily enough in Ultimax, the most popular characters in Arena are still popular. Expect to see A LOT of Sho (both versions) and Narukami.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Fuck yes. "Princess Amagi" and "Mass Destruction" stand out in particular.
    • Ear Worm: Doo-dooo-doo-doo...doo-doo-dooooooo...
  • God-Mode Sue: A complaint towards the manga adapation of the game is that Yosuke becomes way too overpowered to the point where he beats Narukami, the main character of the Persona 4 gamesnote , and then proceeds to beat most of the other characters.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • This piece of fanart made before Persona 4 Arena. And when the game did release, we were actually treated to a scene where Chie and Akihiko actually fought over a beef bowl.
    • The first line of the chorus to "Time To Make History" (The new battle theme from Persona 4 Golden) being the Baseball terminology "Step on up to the plate" became this when Junpei was unveiled, dressed in a Baseball uniform & wielding a Baseball Bat as his weapon of choice. This was ramped up when "Time To Make History" replaced "Fog" as the Instant-Kill theme.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Akihiko and Kanji's pre-fight exchange.
    • Yu's justification for not wanting to get Yosuke a new "nurse magazine" after Yosuke's mom burned the old ones. Yu would feel bad if he was popping into Yosuke's head instead every time Yosuke "uses it."
  • Internet Backdraft/They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Teddie's English voice actor changing from Dave Wittenberg to Sam Riegel, due to Wittenberg being a unionized voice actor now. In a subversion, many were extremely pleased Erin Fitzgerald replaced Tracey Rooney as Chie.
    • Arena being the first region-locked PS3 game ever, to stop Japanese players from reverse-importing the cheaper international version. Quite a few fans were quick to cry foul and boycott the game in fear that other companies would do the same. To be fair, Atlus did make it very clear that both the NA and Japanese versions would be similar in content and released within weeks of one another anyway, so it would give no particular incentive to import the game and there would no problems with DLC support, as that has always been region locked to the same as the disc. However, this didn't help European fans waiting for the game, as the game was delayed from the scheduled release date of August 31st 2012 to May 10th 2013. The EU release being handled by the same publishers as the BlazBlue series, which were notoriously delayed in Europe didn't make the whole backdraft better. Atlus USA is currently trying to do as much as possible to prevent this situation from happening again with Ultimax.
    • Giving the Protagonist the Canon Name Yu Narukami instead of Souji Seta. To be fair, the anime has a North American localization, making the former name more recognizable, plus there is still the sizable fanbase who prefer Yu to Souji.
    • The decision to include the Persona 4 Arena Arranged Soundtrack on CD & with new artwork as a pre-order bonus with all European pre-orders was well received. The subsequent decision to release it on vinyl & only through the GAME stores in the UK in addition to the CD, with the pre-order bonuses not shipping outside of the UK, just set the angry fanbase off again.
      • There's even a portion of non-Europeans complaining it's not fair that only Europe gets the soundtrack on vinyl, despite the 8 month delay in the game's release there.
      • With the reveal of the Limited Edition of the game, the backdraft in Europe got even worse. Now people are either complaining about how everything includednote  just seems to be whatever they found lying in the warehouse and would otherwise be unable to sell, as opposed to something more substantial such as codes for the DLC, an art book or a figurine. Made even worse when it was first announced to be nearly double the price of the standalone game, though it's claimed it was supposed to be £10 cheaper.
  • Les Yay:
    • Though it's merely implied, according to Mitsuru following her battle with Naoto in Naoto's Story Mode, her illusion self said "things" about her body. Naoto promptly blushes and wonders just what the hell her illusion self said.
    • Chie thinks that Labrys is really cute, strongly desires to become her friend and protect her, and is generally really emotional about her and cries when she leaves. Maybe Chie just likes robot girls? Or it could just be that she's The McCoy of the group.
    • In Aigis' story mode, General Teddie shows interest in Naoto's measurements. Put two and two together and either Shadow Labrys was just being in character, or Labrys is a Covert Pervert.
      • Speaking of Aigis, Elizabeth seems incredibly interested in her...
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Chie the Hedgehog because of her theme sounding extremely similar to something you can find in said character's games. People then started liking the phrase GOTTA STEAK FAST.
    • MY ARMOR!
    • Anything to do with Ken.
      • People acting astonished that him drinking milk to get tall actually did something.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Zen United and PQube received a lot of flack over the severely delayed European release, with fans accusing them of using the region lock as an excuse to put as little effort into getting the game out as possible. However, it subsided after it was revealed that the hold-up stemmed from Atlus/Arc Systems not supplying the European build of the game.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: To say that European gamers despised the fact that the first game is the only region-locked PS3 game (combined with the EXTREMELY delayed European release) is an understatement.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The gameplay is one to both BlazBlue and the first Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game.
  • Tear Jerker: Labrys's backstory, bar none. Which also makes her The Woobie.
    • Junpei daydreaming about proposing to Chidori becomes tragic when you remember she's canonically dead.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Mitsuru was considered one of the most broken characters in the original Persona 4 Arena thanks to her massive range, extremely useful Furious Action, and the fact that her autocombo does a surprisingly high amount of damage. This garnered her quite a reputation among the competitive community, to the point that one player once decided to participate in a tournament with a special arcade stick that has only two buttons — one for an autocombo and one for a Furious Action — using Mitsuru as a joke. He got into the top 8, only being held from first place because she couldn't burst. It probably stands to reason that Mitsuru was one of the most nerfed characters in Ultimax.
    • According to people who played P 4 AU, Mitsuru was both nerfed and buffed in some areas, leading to her retaining her spot in S tier.
  • What an Idiot: Really, you have to wonder how it didn't occur to the researchers on the project involving Labrys that causing a weapon to develop a heart, personality, and ultimately, an ego might result in said weapon taking issue with being forced to kill.
    • The Kirijo group trying to create an artifial Dark Hour, possibly right under Mitsuru's nose. Yeah, that's totally not going to go horribly wrong...
  • Woolseyism: In Japan, the two Shos are separated by naming the one without a Persona in kanji, and the one with a Persona in katakana. This obviously doesn't work in English, so Atlus instead opted to separate the two by having one operate on a First Name Basis (without Persona) and the other on a Last Name Basis (with Persona).
    • Adachi's localized title as well. Especially if one doesn't care for the cabbage bit.

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