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Mitsuru stopped taking advice from her personal fashion coordinator (see her FES secret video).
The result is as you see here.

Mitsuru's and Arihiko's fashion sense was affected by exposure to Persona 3's MC.
Who had fun dressing them in silly outfits. As part of the Wild Card's ability to change people; this actually changed their tastes in clothing and thus became much more extravagant.
  • Alternatively, their personalities/clothing is a result of using their Personas over a prolonged period of time. Having a Persona sublimated into oneself is normal. Having it "awake" all the time changes the psyche drastically.

Akihiko has become a Blood Knight because Victory Is Boring.
He helped to take on both the Nyx Avatar and Erebus, two of the biggest bads in the entire Persona series. Anything after that has got to feel like sort of a step down, especially for someone who threw himself into fighting as much as he did. What if the reason he's changed so much is because he needs another fight like that to feel alive again?

The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena takes place after the "Good Ending", not the "True Ending"
  • The protagonist only gets his ultimate persona during the True Final Boss. This also means that Izanami is still around and still plans to turn everyone into shadows, and everyone is fighting each other due to her machinations by creating the fog of misunderstanding or something.
    • If I may add? It is notable that these screenshots show a non-beautiful TV World unlike the ending.
      • But isn't it confirmed that this is all just a tournament set up by Teddie?
      • Nope. It's actually set up by Labrys' Shadow, who was impersonating Teddie.
    • Jossed Yu uses Izanagi-no-Ookami during his Instant Kill
      • One character also mentions that the TV world turned into a beautiful landscape, which only happens after the True Ending.

The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena will have the Protagonist of Persona 3
  • http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=155739|6 If you look, there are currently 6 characters revealed. Factoring in Naoto and Teddie, that leaves 2 left. It's been implied that there will be more characters from Persona 3 and the events of Persona 4 (going into more WMG territory) show mankind has the potential to defy fate and their inner selves. That seems to have a lot to do with the seal on Nyx/Erebus right? This also explains why (as mentioned on the main page) Aigis has Pallas Athena and not Orpheus.

Aigis was sent by Kirijou to investigate the TV World.
The Kirijou Group only recently managed to discover its existence and wants to know if it poses a threat. In order to make sure Aigis is as prepared as possible in case anything bad were to occur, they outfitted her with some bigger guns. She doesn't have a team anymore after all, so clearly the bigger the better.
  • Seeing as how Mitsuru herself has now joined the fray...

The rest of the P3 gang won't show up.
It's been two years, so it might be a pain to create new character designs for all of them to accommodate that. Plus ATLUS might want to keep their current status vague and up to our imaginations. Aigis is a robot who doesn't age, so she's exempt.
  • Jossed. Akihiko and Mitsuru are confirmed to have spots in the roster, so playability is still open for Yukari, Junpei, Fuuka, Ken, and Koromaru (with Fuuka as a second MC alongside Rise).
    • With some of the P3 characters' color schemes acting as alternate colors for all the fighters who are still in, this may be confirmed after all.
      • Fuuka is indeed in the game as another commentator, but nothing going for the rest of S.E.E.S.
      • Fuuka does more than that; she actually helps the Shadow Operatives drive back the Malevolent Entity.
      • Jossed as of P4C, Yukari and Junpei are confirmed for playability
The final two playable characters will be Margaret and Adachi
In the event that Aigis is the only Persona 3 character in this game, these two are the only other people in Persona 4 that the player can see summoning a Persona and (unlike Rise) have actual fighting abilities.
  • Well, Aegis is not the only P3 character in it anymore, and taking account the game follows the canon of both Persona 3 and 4, Adachi will be kind of "jailed" to be participating on the P-1 Grand Prix; unless the plot delves into more complex events that somehow forces Adachi out of jail to help/fight the heroes, the only chance he has to be in the arena is as a DLC character; normally DLC content can be rendered into the non-canon part of the game.
  • Jossed. Final players were Akihiko and Mitsuru, though they did add Elizabeth later.
  • Ironically enough, this was later confirmed for Ultimax, as Margaret and Adachi were revealed to be two of the game's DLC characters. The other one that came between the two is Marie.

Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano will be playable characters.
Akin to how Roy was in Super Smash Bros. Melee to promote his game, Tatsuya and Maya will be revealed around the same time Atlus announces a PSP remake of Innocent Sin.
  • The PSP remake of Innocent Sin was announced (and I think out in Japan) before this was announced. If anything, it'd be Katsuya and Maya, as a cross promotion with a Eternal Punishment PSP remake. (Not to mention, unlike Tatsuya, both of those still can use their Personas without having to twist the plot around)

We will get real alternate costumes instead of just palette swaps
  • We can dream, can't we?
    • It's possible, if only to avoid They Changed It, Now It Sucks complaints about Akihiko & Mitsuru (And any other Persona 3 characters who turn up) having new looks.
    • somewhat confirmed, each character has a "glasses" costume.

The whole plot is Hazama's doing.
He thought it would be fun to pop up in the Persona world and cause chaos for kicks. It sounds like something he'd do, doesn't it?
  • For extra fun, his "Persona" is calling Mu-12 from off screen to use Gamma Ray.
  • He may be trying to learn the Shadow system in the Persona world, and when he perfected it, he'll get back to the BlazBlue world and spread the Shadows into the BlazBlue cast, creating even bigger mayhem. I mean who wouldn't want to see a Shadow Ragna?
  • Long time reader, first time poster. This troper has wondered for a while if there was a connection between Hazama and the Shadow Characters. Both have Supernatural Gold Eyes and a habit of Trolling their opponents.
  • Hazama vs. Adachi. You know you want it.
  • Forget Adachi. Hazama teaming up with Nyarlathotep is where it's at.
    • All jossed. It turns out that this is all the design of a certain Malevolent Entity, which is more believed to be Nyarlathotep, and lacking Hazama's crass, troll-speak, trash-talk style.

Hitoshura will be a bonus boss.
Why? Cause that would be a really mean move by Atlus. Remeber, they get off on our tears.
  • But then imagine playing as him. FREIKUGAL!

This game will have allusions to Persona 5
It's not exactly impossible, events for Persona 5 could certainly be hinted at in the endings for different characters.

Future character WMG
  • A Guest Fighter from BlazBlue
    • Considering that the developers are the same, Atlus could at least afford to have a BlazBlue fighter included. Besides, the control schemes are roughly the same, aren't they?
      • You might as well be Relius Clover. See the below WMG.
  • A Guest Fighter from Guilty Gear
    • For the same reasons as above.
  • Most (if not all) of the members of S.E.E.S
    • Since we have Aigis, Akihiko and Mitsuru included into the ranks, it would make some sense to have the rest of the team come back. This could also lead to some interesting match-ups between the two generations of Persona users (Minato/Yu, Junpei/Yosuke, Akihiko/Kanji, Aigis/Chie).
      • However, if we are to take the alternate colors, we probably would have to take Minato (alt color for Yuu) and Yukari (alt color for Chie) out.
      • And forget that last point, because Junpei and Yukari were just confirmed. Alternate colors probably don't mean a thing.
  • Adachi and/or Strega
    • Since there aren't all villain characters, it would make sense to put in these guys. Never mind the fact that Adachi repented for his crimes and that the members of Strega died.
      • Strega members looked impossible if we count that Takaya becomes an alt-costume for Akihiko, while Chidori becomes an alt-costume for Yukiko. Also, Jin becomes one for Yosuke.
      • Adachi was confirmed as a DLC character, no word on Strega.
  • Rise
    • Let's be honest: she must have been doing some training or hiding some skills that none of her teammates don't know about.
      • The most plausible, as she does have in-game sprites for pre-battle cutscenes. Just give her a full movelist and a palette swap of Minako Arisato (only if Minato doesn't make it, see below WMG) and Platinum The Trinity and she's good to go.
      • Confirmed! And she's pretty much acting as a walking advertisement of her own game.
  • Margaret/Elizabeth/Theo
    • Because you can't have a fighting game made by two companies who are known for making brutally hard bosses not have one.
    • Elizabeth is now confirmed.
    • And so is Margaret in Ultimax.
  • Characters from Persona 5
  • Naoya and Maya
    • Come on! I wanna see what the former protagonists are doing now after 10 or 20 years. I'd add Tatsuya too but plot prevents that.
      • Naoya can have a small chance, but Maya is confirmed as a Mitsuru alt-color, so she's probably out of quotation now.
  • Nyarlathotep
    • It is stated that As Long as There is Evil, he'll be back. What good chance aside of now, after years of absence, that he'll be back to wreak chaos again? Could be a good contender for Big Bad and Final Boss.
      • May be jossed that Thanatos (Elizabeth's Persona) has a Joker-Nyarlathotep color scheme. However, not fully because Nyarlathotep's modus operandi is to disguise himself as anything. Which opens possibility that Elizabeth was being manipulated by Nyarlathotep to become the Bonus Boss.
    • The Malevolent Entity's personality and methodology are very similar to Nyarlathotep. It's a common theory that he's him.
  • Nanako
    • Turns out she did get a Persona during her trip to the TV world. She will fight cosplaying her favorite anime Magical Girl detective, Loveline. Her S. Link arcana is Justice after all. Not to mention the current cast is lacking a Token Mini-Moe / Magical Girl .
    • Apparently, someone pitched in the idea that Ryutaro should be playable with Nanako to stand in place for his Persona. It's been vetoed though.
  • Jolyne Kujo
    • Why, you ask? Because it's f***in AWESOME!
  • Demi-Fiend/Hitoshura and Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th
    • What? C'mon, guys! They're passable with a little Amala Network and Akarana Corridor hijinks! Beside, who doesn't want to play as the most badass demon and demon-slayer ever?
  • Ryoji
    • The reason why can be found here. But since Thanatos was taken, how about his "Persona" being The Reaper?
  • Vincent

The final boss will be Aigis
They've been setting up this rivalry of sorts between her and Yu, the most likely other candidate is Teddie, who doesn't have any reason to be strong enough to pass off as a final boss, where as Aigis(may) have the Wild Card.
  • Whoever the Final Boss may be, it sure won't a normal version of theirs if it turns out to be one of the playable characters, like Aigis and Teddie, Akysis wouldn't be a regular on the SNK Boss Syndrome otherwise.
    • Jossed. It's Shadow Labrys

The tournament is Not Just a Tournament
Obvious but CALLING IT!
  • Confirmed It's another Midnight TV dungeon created when Labrys gets thrown in.

Minato Arisato (Persona 3 Protagonist) will be the final boss
. Would be a nice twist, instead of the expected Izanami or other god.
  • Jossed, it's Shadow Labrys
  • Doesn't leave out the possibility of him being a Bonus Boss. We have Labrys, her Shadow self and Elizabeth, who I am very sure are capable Persona users in their own right. However, compare that to taking on Death itself and... well, he died, but still... With regards to actually being a Bonus Boss, he can go several ways:
    • The Street Fighter II route: Minato acts as the Giant Space Flea from Nowhere and takes Shadow Labrys out of the battle to face you himself.
    • The Street Fighter IV route: Perform well, and you can fight him (or Elizabeth).
    • Minato would end up as an ungodly hard boss to fight, being well-rounded like Yu, is fast as Yosuke or Naoto, can hit like Kanji and Akihiko and has a shitload of stamina. But when you play as him, he ends up as a regular type guy like Seth only not painfully broken as him. He would use Orpheus or Messiah and would have palettes based on Minako and Hakumen. And taking in the WMG saying that those characters who do not have palette swap representations in the game, his Gender Flip counterpart Minako still has a pretty good shot at going in, although its highly unlikely. He was even teased with the Persona 3 post-credits scene in the Persona 4 movie.

Those not receiving an alt-color have a chance to be a guest/bonus character
In particular, Persona 1 characters (Naoya or most probably either Nanjou or Elly since they are playable in Eternal Punishment) or Tatsuya and maybe Ginko. It's mostly a known cause that 'if you're an alternate color, you're probably not in the game'. Which also makes it more plausible to pick Sol Badguy as a guest...

The obligatory Arc Sys character super modes will have the evolved Personas.
Except Yu, who's going to just kill everything with Yoshitsune. (Well that's jossed now since Yoshitsune's stuck on Margaret)
  • For now it seems the Unlimited/Gold equivalents are going to be Shadow versions of each character, as there are two Shadow characters (Yu and Labrys) in already.
    • By that logic, does this mean that we get to see a gay, diaper-wearing version of Kanji trying to kick our asses?
    • Slightly Jossed with Shadow Labrys, who is counted as a separate character with regards to gameplay from her original self.
  • For the Persona 3 cast, Mitsuru and Akihiko will instead wear their original outfits and Aigis will borrow Orpheus Telos.

Relius Clover will be a guest character.
Let's list out several points:
  • Relius' Drive attack has him summon the marionette Ignis to attack the opponent. Seeing as how he comes the closest a BlazBlue character has to a Persona-like fighter, it would make sense.
  • Nobody I've seen so far has a Persona attack similar to Detonator... at least not for the moment.
  • He isn't part of the group of BlazBlue characters who are palette swaps for existing Persona characters (Ragna = Yu, Jin = Yosuke, Makoto = Chie, Taokaka = Teddie, Hazama = Naoto, Tager = Kanji, Bang = Akihiko, Carl = Yukiko, Nu-13 = Aigis, Litchi = Mitsuru), so he's somewhat safe.
  • The only problem would have to be his Astral Heat, "The Puppeteer's Altar", considering that he would end up as the oldest competitor, plus the context of his Astral. They would need to censor the hell out of that.
  • The bad news is that this will probably never happen, but the good news is that Elizabeth has a Relius color palette!
Persona main character Naoya Toudou will be a hidden character or DLC.
  • Personally I think they have kept this guy side lined for too long so I really hope we get to see him again showing up maybe due to sensing the gathering of persona users or just because also It would be cool to have him talk to Yu or something I'm sure enough fans want him back
Persona Users from P3 Keep their Ultimate Persona because they are Parallel to P4's Starter Persona.
  • Ok, This is a bit of Fridge Logic, so bare with me as I elaborate. As the Investigation Team grows larger in P4, They gain their persona by acquiring the Facade to face the world. The Seeds in P3 never faced themselves like the Investigation Team. When they receive their "Ultimate" Persona in that game, they finally gained the facade to deal with death. The Ultimate Persona in P4 are just bonuses to hook you into ranking up with the Team faster than other Links (As seen by Chie, Akiko, and Kanji in Persona 4: The Golden having Different Ultimate Persona compared to the original).
    • I reject that theory because the P3 characters eventually get their resolution without having to fight their shadows.
      • So what're you rejecting? The OP said they gained their "Ultimate" Persona by facing themselves. They just didn't do it in a place or time that Shadows could actually form. It's lampshaded in the game itself during Mitsuru's Story; She finds it incredibly easy to summon her persona, which normally is difficult without Special concentration or her Evoker otherwise. I take that as a bit of proof that the P3 "Ultimates" are really just P4 "Basics." By that I mean those basic forms their Persona had before they gained resolve were nothing more than simple forms that were forced out, and not natural.
      • Keep in mind that the above posted were made months before the release.
      • This theory is supported somewhat in game. In P4 the starter Personas had the exact same skills as their evolved forms, with the only difference being increased stats, meanwhile, the P3 starter Personas had a cap so they only learned mid-level skills until they evolved, as if they're too "incomplete" to learn the rest. It may be because the Evoker artificially summoned the Personas before they users had any resolve.

Shadow Yu is going to use Magatsu Izanagi for a Persona.
Simply because A that would be awesome and B it kinda would make sense
  • Personas are reflections (which may be twisted) of a person's true self, just because Magatsu Izanagi is Izanagi's Evil Twin, doesn't mean that Yu's twisted self would be Magatsu Izanagi itself; Magatsu Izanagi is Adachi's persona, his true twisted self, if reverts were a possibilty, your logic would also imply that a good natured Adachi would have Izanagi itself as his persona. Conslusion, main personas are exclusive.
    • But what i mean by it would make sense is it is in a way a reverse Izanagi Im sure enough fans would like to use it and it beats going to the drawing bored when a good deal of people would probably like or accept the idea of using Magatsu Izanagi
  • Going by the Shadows in Persona 2, Shadow Yu's Persona would be Reverse Izanagi. However, going by Shadow Labrys, it might be something else entirely (Shadow Labrys has a different Persona than Labrys does). So who knows?
  • Nope. Magatsu Izanagi goes to its original owner, Tohru Adachi.

This game's version of Unlimited will be called Awakened
That way you get characters like Awakened Yu, or Awakened Chie. Because it's too good of a word not to be used.
  • Looks like it's quasi-confirmed. While there is no Super Mode in this game, the characters can go into Awakening mode when their health is low.

Elizabeth's Thanatos is not some random Persona she fused.
It's actually Ryoji, who was somehow able to separate from Nyx and contact Elizabeth. Now they working together in order to free Minato.
  • Possible, her story mode shows her hanging out on the moon (read: Nyx's body).
    • That bit about Nyx's body is jossed, as she teleported herself and Erebus there so that she could kill it without hurting the realm of the collective unconscious during the fight. As for Thanatos, she seems to just summon it with no real explanation to why she has it.
    • Explanation: Elizabeth still has Minato's persona compendium, of course she can summon his Persona.
The S.E.E.S. will all make an appearance in one way or another.
With Aigis, Mitsuru and Akihiko in the game, it's likely at least one member (this editor is betting on Junpei) will be DLC, and the rest will make appearances, cameos in story mode or whatnot.
  • Fuuka is now confirmed as another announcer.

Koromaru is Mitsuru's coat.
Koromaru is suspiciously absent from the game, without even so much as an offhanded mention. And look at that fluffy coat that just so happens to be the same color as him. There's a reason they refer to Mitsuru as an executioner...
  • Koromaru's skins would not be enough to make a coat that massive.
  • Jossed. Koromaru's still alive and kicking as Ken's partner in Ultimax.

The Malevolent Entity
  • ...is actually Nyarlathotep.
  • Tempting. However, if he's Nyarlathotep why does he claim he 'can't enter the Midnight Channel because he has no Persona'? He's fucking Nyarlathotep, he used to be the Persona for Kandori AND Joker/Jun, such thing is not impossible! Unless of course, it's just another trolling to catch the Shadow Operatives and Investigation Team off guard.
    • The Malevolent Entity never claims being unable to enter the Midnight Channel. you're probably thinking of the human ME's manipulating to find the "one true vessel", the 'Eerie Voice'. Given the attitude, the powers and the whole setup of the Labrys plan, it probably is Nyarlathotep.
      • Likely confirmed. The reason he decided to control Labrys was probably due to her being built with a self-contradicting foundation. Unlike Aigis, her personality is based on a sick girl who is considered the mother of the Suppression Weapons. As we all know, Nyarlathotep is a personal fan of the word "contradiction", so it would make sense. Add in the fact that it was recently confirmed that his voice actors are the same as they were in the originals, and it might add up. All that remains is for The Reveal by either Word of God or the announcement of Persona 4 Arena 2 or whatever it will be called.

The team was facing a Big Bad Duumvirate
I had a gut feeling that Malevolent Entity is only faced when you use a Shadow Operative character (Aigis, Mitsuru or Akihiko). Otherwise, the one that hijacked Labrys when you use an Investigation Team character is a normal hijacker that probably knew too much about Shadows and was doing tests for his own malevolent purposes. It is known that this hijacker has NO Persona and cannot enter the Midnight Channel directly, so it has to use Labrys as an extension, while Malevolent Entity can enter the Midnight Channel to haunt the Shadow Operatives.

Therefore, the hijacker and Malevolent Entity are working in tandem. Although if Malevolent Entity turns out to be Nyarlathotep, then the hijacker is only an Unwitting Pawn for Nyarly overall.

Another hint? Malevolent Entity also mentions 'having to use the foolish human' about getting to Labrys, while hijacker makes no mention of the entity. So it's clear that there are two people playing the team.
  • Hijackers were just People Puppets the entity used to get Labrys. Also you face the Malevolent Entity with a fair share of the cast, as every Shadow other than Shabrys is the Malevolent Entity. Also Malevolent Entity more or less says human he's working with is an Unwitting Pawn.

The girl that Labrys and Unit#024 wished to meet is the same girl that Aegis met in Daylight and Moonlight Drama CD
  • In the Drama CD, Aegis met a strange girl who appeared out of nowhere (which was her personification). Also, in the Answer, Metis was based on that girl (even shared the same seiyuu). Thus, led to a connection between that girl (plus Metis) and the known Mechanical Maidens (Aegis, Labrys, and Unit#024).

The rest of SEES also joined the shadow operatives
  • Since half of the shadow operatives are comprised of persona users it makes sense that mitsuru would want recruit some of the most experienced ones she knew and that they would all join up because they don't want to let their powers go to waste. Also there is a line from mitsuru that implies fuuka is a member and one of the main reasons naoto is investigating the shadow operatives is because of the possibility that they are recruiting students but since they are okay with mitsuru and akihiko being in the shadow operatives despite being in collage they could mean ken since he is likely still in middle or junior high school.
    • A lot of this is Jossed. In Naoto's story, it is blatantly stated that Naoto was hired by the higher ups in the police to investigate the Shadow Operatives due to the police not trusting the Kirijo Group. Also, Fuuka is explicitly stated to be a civilian, and not a "official" member, so it's possible that not all of SEES joined the Shadow Operatives.
    • Although one of the silhouettes in Akihiko's story mode (wearing a cap) definitely looks like Junpei.
    • Also here's the fact that Mitsuru is Shadow Operative #1, and Aigis is Shadow Operative #5. Akihiko's operative number is not revealed, but it's most probable he is #2 given the respect Mitsuru holds for him. Therefore, we can asume that Operatives #3 & #4 coincide with other members of S.E.E.S., even if they are not on actve duty. This troper agrees that the cap-wearing-silhuoutte was most likely Junpei, so lets cal him #3, leaving us with one available slot to assign to Yukari, Fuuka, and Ken. (Kohomaru may not get a number just because Mitsuru is trying to be taken seriously.) Fuuka is the only one explicitly indicated as not having joined the Shadow Operatives, so let's assign #4 to either Yukari or Ken. Yukari might still be interested in exposing Kirijo's crimes, but I see her as the person most likely to desire a return to a normal life after the events of The Answer. Also take into consideration that the Shadow Operatives are suspected of dragging students into their operations, so it is possible that Ken is working with them while still attending school. Let's call him #4. And all of this is just filling out the numbers most likely to belong to former S.E.E.S. members (I don't see Mitsuru as allowing any non-S.E.E.S. member to have command authority over Aigis.), but it's certainly possible that numers 6 and 7 are Yukari/Fuuka's placeholder ID.
    • The woman behind the one wearing the cap looks alot like Yukari so she might also have joined the SO.
    • And this one's been pretty much confirmed as of Ultimax, though Junpei and Ken/Koromaru mostly act as liabilities than anything. The only characters from Persona 3 that aren't part of the Shadow Operatives are both dead.

The Malevolent Entity...
...will try to steal Minato's body for his "one true vessel".
  • Minato's body has been dead for three years. His soul on the other hand acts as the Great Seal.

The Malevolent Entity has NOT committed a Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!. Rather it completed a Xanatos Gambit.
  • Its goal is to corrupt and collect awakened Personas. It was not at a disadvantage when it was 'defeated' at most it lost a temporary form, and it still has the Eerie Voiced Hacker in the real world. Unifying the Persona Users was the goal all along. Right now, he's created a new user in Labrys, rounded up all of the other Persona awakened, and is herding them to one single destination. The Shadow Operatives and Investigation Team are headed into a trap.
    • Thankfully Elizabeth is the Spanner in the Works, but saving everyone from the trap will cause her to be Brought Down to Normal and lose her Velvet Room powers...but this will serve to help her advance on the Fool's Path and reach her goal.

The reason we never see both of the Big Bad Duumvirate at once is...
  • The illusions were still in effect. In order to make everyone think that there was only one Big Bad, illusions were used to show the Investigation Team the Eerie Voice and the Shadow Operatives and Naoto the Malevolent Entity. That way, it would be harder for anyone to piece the whole picture together. We could even go further to say that the ME fought the Shadow Operatives and Naoto at the same time, which could explain how the ME appears as their Shadow in their respective stories.

The Malevolent Entity was Dimension Hopping.
  • All the different stories happened, the ME kept shuffling the line up (Or Teddy broke free early, or Elizabeth interfered) to see if it could arrange a setting where someone's persona would revert.

The Eerie Voice completed his mission for the Entity.
The Eerie Voice Hacker's job was to study and obtain combat data on the Investigation Team's personas for the Malevolent Entity, looking for weaknesses. The last fight with the EVH taking control of Labrys was them getting the last bit of data. Possibly he's dimension hopping as well, like the theory above. In the Shadow Operatives, and Naoto's, scenarios, the EVH has all the data they need, but the ME wants one last shot at corrupting or destroying them.

Snowy the dog is, or is related to, Koromaru.
It seems too much of a coincidence to have an all-white dog who hangs out with Persona users. Like Koromaru, Snowy seems to be able to understand what people are saying to him and can respond with barks or body language. And there's a great deal of congruity between Aigis "interpreting" for Koromaru and Unit #24 doing the same for Snowy. Perhaps Snowy was somehow impacted by the experiments at Yakushima, which led into Koromaru inheriting the potential for Persona.

The Malevolent Entity is really Louis Cypher.
The great Chaos villain of the main Shin Megami Tensei series is the one behind the events of this game.
  • Wild Card users have access to Persona Lucifer, which means no Shadow Lucifer, which means no Lucifer as an antagonist. Besides, wouldn't be SMT Lucy even if it was a god-level Shadow using that name.

The Eerie Voice is the Untidy Researcher from Labrys' Story.
He is able to hack into Labrys and communicate through her, much like he did with Unit 24. Upon hearing of Mitsuru's plans to expose the sins of Ergo Research, he disapproved because he grew to enjoy his cruel research and, at some point, was contacted by the Entity in order to help him destroy Kirijo Group from the inside.

The sequel will be simply named Persona Arena 2 or something along those lines.
If the WMGs of Nyarlothoep being the Big Bad Malevolent Entity are true, then that means the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives will probably cross swords with the protagonists of Persona 2 and possibly 1.
  • Jossed.

Since it's likely the rest of SEES/Shadow Operatives (Yukari, Junpei, Ken, Koromaru may have hitbox issue) will be in the sequel, and with The Malevolent Entity possibly being Nyarlathotep, perhaps one or two of the cast could get involved? As to get past the whole memories thing, perhaps Tatsuya, Eikichi, Lisa or Jun will use an Evoker for their Persona?

Possible playstyles for extra characters
  • Yukari: Physically weak zoner who gets a lot of use out of Isis. Attacks synergize well into combos, keeping with the Lovers' motif of unity. On the other hand, her really useful moves require her to get up close, referencing the Lovers' other motif of dilemma, explained in the Marseilles tradition. Her health would be somewhere around Yosuke's level.
  • Junpei: All around amazing, with great range, strong attacks, and sturdy defense. You may be tempted to rush in and exploit his overwhelming power, but watch out! Without the proper precautions, he's a mere annoyance against more seasoned players. Has slightly less health than Akihiko, but more than Yu.
    • Trismegistus would help Junpei's rushdown capabilities, as Junpei can put the pressure and corner the opponent, and Trismegistus' physical would help keep the opponent in the air for juggling combos. While he is fire-type, rather then Yukiko, Junpei is an outright brawler akin to Terry Bogard.
  • Ken: Mediocre with a casual player, but dominating with one who's dedicated to mastering him, appropriate for one whose arcana is associated with intellect.
    • Elaborating on this possibility: he places huge emphasis on wild and quick movements along with poking from long ranges with his spear, kinda like Billy Kane, and can also set up traps like Naoto, but they are more suited for pressuring the opponent so he can gain spacial dominance and begin pressuring. On the flipside, he has the second-lowest health in the game (since he's still only a kid), and can go down in a few combos.
  • Koromaru: A fast and agile fighter with great specials, combos, and can only be hit with sweep attacks and certain specials due to his height. But he also has the lowest health, defense and attack range in the game and his Normal attacks (ones that don't use SP) do minimal damage at best.
  • Tatsuya Suou: Something like the Sol Badguy to Yu's Ky Kiske, Tatsuya has a solid all-round game, and is great at rushdowns. His combos take advantage of his solid speed and strength, and Vulcunus/Apollo has many excellent tools to synchronize into combos. However, despite being one of the easier characters to use, Vulcunus/Apollo getting a Persona Break can heavily impair his game.
  • Maya Amano: A zoner who also happens to have a solid air game, whose offense depends on her twin guns, controlling the pace of the match, and using Maia/Artemis to fool the opponent into making mistakes, as an allusion to the Moon's motif.
  • Minato/Minako Arisato: A mode changing character similar to Aigis. They start out as a weak Jack-of-All-Stats, having little variety of attacks between them or Orpheus. But when they get 50 SP, they can spend it to temporarily transform Orpheus into either Messiahnote  or Orpheus Telosnote . The result is one of the most diverse characters overall. As a drawback, using either Super Mode makes them very Persona dependant, so getting a Persona Break would both cripple them and waste their SP. The difference between the two protagonists is that Minato will play like a weaker Yu while Minako will have slower, long ranged normals.
  • Eikichi Mishina (Michel): A sturdy keepaway character with plenty of melee opportunities, who is somewhat slow. He's not a Mighty Glacier, but it's best to keep the opponent guessing, before going in for the kill with the guitar case gun and Rhadamanthus/Hades' powerful magic. He uses traps often, as a darkness user, but is also quite the projectile user, and as such relies a lot on a healthy SP gauge.
  • Lisa Silverman (Ginko): Like Chie, Lisa is a rushdown character who relies a lot on physical attacks, but while she has more health than Chie, she has less speed, but compensates with her powerful fist-based kung-fu, which, as a reference to her element, can cause craters. She synchronizes into combos well, and has a lot of combos, but she lacks a good air game and as such, has to keep herself in the ground as not to expose her weaknesses. Eros/Venus' abilities may be Bufu-based, if she's following by the P3/P4 gameplay rules.
  • Jun Kurosu/Kashihara: A keepaway character with fragile defense and poor health, who, like Yosuke, is actually more physical then you'd think. His combos involve a careful balance of zoning and getting up close, but will come naturally to those who practice with him. Hermes/Chronos would attack with powerful wind spells, but is usually a tool to help Jun with his advanced combos.

Possible theories/release dates for extra content
Considering Atlus and ASW's previous business practices, there's no surprise (to me at least) if they start pumping out character DLC soon. Perhaps the rest of the Shadow Operatives (Yukari, Junpei and Ken, as said before, Koromaru may suffer from Hitbox Dissonance) will be up for DLC, but next year, ASW reveal a P4A expansion, similar to BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, containing most DLC (including the possible Yukari/Junpei/Ken, complete with story modes) and with a new character (Adachi? Margaret?). Possible titles could be P4A: The Platinum or P4A: FES.
  • As for the character DLC, possible release dates
    • Junpei will likely be the first revealed, as his silhouette was clearly visible in that one Shadow Operatives picture. A guess would be October-November.
    • Yukari may be the second to be released, due to her having a sizable amount of screentime in P3, and having a plot-important role in The Answer. She could be released anywhere from December to early next year.
    • Ken could be the third out of the non-default P3 guys to get in. He could have a new personality, as going from 11 to 13 is the beginning of puberty. A guess at release would be early next year.
  • Now that we don't have to worry about canon being in the way, let's add in Adachi/Magatsu Izanagi. He fights like Yu only with more sadism and conniving to it.
Plans for sequel/expansion
Actually, what is stopping Atlus from releasing a full-on expansion (ala Super Street Fighter IV except with less douchebaggery from Atlus) that epitomizes the "dream match-up" of the Persona series and end up destroying the series' canon only to reveal it as the actual prologue to Persona 5? Here are my predictions:
  • Characters: Minato Arisato (Persona: Messiah w/ Wild Card), Yukari Takeba (Persona: Isis), Junpei Iori (Persona: Trismegestus), Ken Amada (Persona: Kala-Nemi), Tatsuya Shou (Persona: Apollo), Maya Amano (Persona: Artemis), Tohru Adachi (Persona: Magatsu Izanagi), Rise Kujikawa (Persona: Himeko), Ragna The Bloodedge (Drive: Soul Eater)
  • The DLC would feature the return of Tartarus and the Dark Hour thanks to the Malevolent Entity, and some formal explenation would need to be done to explain how the concepts of Personas and Shadows from 2-4 are related to each other, plus connecting the Midnight Channel with Tartarus as well, thus the return of previous protagonists:
    • Minato would return to Gekkoguan High as a new student, acting in a Ryoji-like role to bring about the rise of the Entity. His reapperance would also bring about the return of Tartarus. It would later be revealed that he is being forced to serve the Entity and would function as the new Final Boss. His name would actually be unknown, Arisato is the name he uses as a minion.
    • Junpei is a rookie member of the Shadow Operatives who joins the party of Aigis, Mitsuru, Akihiko and Fuuka in investigating Tartarus' re-emergance. Yukari would be doing her own thing independent of the Shadow Ops (read: normal civilian life) but joins when the Dark Hour comes around, while Ken (who would probably in high school) is the one who discovers Minato in Gekkoguan.
    • Tatsuya and Maya join in upon learning of the Entity being Nyarlaththotep and have to stop his ass from taking over the world. Maya coming back from the dead? Abyss of Time.
    • Adachi (who has pulled off a Heel to not entirely good guy turn) gets released from prison and probably follows the Investigation Team. He may also try facing his Shadow in a search for his true identity.
    • Ragna would be a non-canon entrant but if they for some reason put him in the story (probably to connect the BlazBlue and Persona universes) aside from Rule of Cool, then all the more better. His motivation would probably be to return to his home world after being trolled by Terumi.
    • The main story would have the Entity explain that only one would be able to challenge him or something, and he would use Minato as a way for the fighters to challenge him. To explain why the cast would fight each other, the Entity would either enrage the fighters (think Kombat Rage from Mortal Kombat vs. DC) or entice them with the power of the Abyss of Time.
    • Storyline-wise, Tartarus and the Dark Hour would feature elements of the Midnight Channel.
  • Possible play styles and themes for the new characters:
    • Junpei: heavyweight with physical attacks supplemented by Agi skills (think Kanji with less grappling and more hitting) (Theme: Remix of Deep Breath Deep Breath)
    • Minato: expert-level character with various Personas that are controlled with a Stance System (Theme: Remix of Burn My Dread)
    • Yukari: long ranged character in the vein of Yukiko and Naoto that has healing skills (Theme: Original theme with elements of Memories of You)
    • Ken: newbie friendly character with insta-kill attacks and can call on Koromaru for assist attacks (Theme: Original composition with a mix of free roaming themes from Persona 3)
    • Tatsuya: rushdown fighter with a lot of combo possibilities (think Wolverine) (Theme: Innocent Sin, a remix of Kimi No Tonari)
      • Or instead of Kimi no Tonari, a new remix of Knights of the Holy Spear considering it is pretty much the main theme of the Persona 2 series.
    • Maya: fighter with emphesis on speed and multi-hitting attacks (Theme: Eternal Punishment, remix of Change Your Way)
    • Rise: another newbie friendly fighter with a move list comprised from attacks of other characters that are combined with each other (think of Bartz from Dissidia) (Theme: Remix of True Story)
    • Adachi: the Evil Ryu to Yu, having some of the same attacks with a much more aggresive style to them (Theme: Remix of New World Fool)
    • Ragna: exact same playstyle from BlazBlue. To compensate for the new system, Drive attacks will be mapped to the Persona buttons, with the Persona cards being replaced with the Barrier Block, now his Furious Action. Blood Kain will function as his Awakening (ala Mind Charge) with Devoured By Darkness and Darkness Fang as his Awakening exclusive. (Theme: Rebellion, either the original mix, a Persona remix or the ''Chronophantasma’’ version)
  • New Stages:
    • Abyss of Time (final boss stage)
    • Iwatodai Dorm rooftop
    • Velvet Room
    • Blockaded District (from Chronophantasma)
    • Tartarus entrance
    • The old stages would return due to the connection between Tartarus and the Midnight Channel.
  • The game would also feature the introduction of Tartarus mode (Abyss mode from BlazBlue) and Legion mode (also from BlazBlue)

The Malevolent Entity is not Nyarlathotep
  • Atlus may want to make us think that, but will swerve us with a new villain, perhaps to establish P3/P4 as a different continuity to P1/P2. I know Word of God claims they are all connected, but the links are so vague that besides Personas, Igor and Philemon, it's pretty hard to see them in the same timeline. If it is Nyarly, it might be a way for Atlus to tie in the Continuity Snarl between P1/P2 and P3/P4 with explanations.

Akihiko stopped by Jusenkyo on his journey
  • In Chie's ending, he says "A true man is not bound by his sex," and that big cape is certainly useful for concealing the wearer's body. Well, it would be if he kept it closed. Or wore something under it. And the line about a true man crying when he loses his wallet (and Aigis's response) make it sound like he was as broke as a Saotome for a while.

The Eerie Voice could be Shuji Ikutski
  • We know that the Pungeon Master shares similar destructive sentiments with Nyarlathotep. While this theory highly hinges on the Malevolent Entity's identity really being Nyarly himself, if it indeed is the Crawling Chaos, Ikutski may have been saved by him after his apparant "death" so that he (Nyarly) could use him as a pawn. Plus, he may still have access to the Anti Shadow Suppression Weapons controls, which allowed him to control Labrys in a manner similar to Aigis in Persona 3

One of the scientists that worked on Labrys was Yu Narukami's father
  • In the English-dubbed version of Labrys's story, one of the scientists sounds just like Yu. For all we know, Yu's father could've worked as a Kirijo Group scientist before being transferred to do financial work for another company after Labrys went nuts.

The Malevolent Entity is Mitsuru's grandfather
  • What if, after the explosion that caused the Dark Hour, what remained of Mr. Kirijo eventually reformed into a Shadow? But as he was the one who caused the whole Dark Hour mess, he began to become a very powerful Shadow, and spent both P3 and P4 in the shadows (no pun intended), gaining power and waiting to make his move. This would be why he targeted the Kirijo Group, as he was their leader at one point, and knows everything about his company, experiments and all, and what his granddaughter would do. And knowing about Labrys, he threw her in to gather powerful Persona-users and try to take their Personas for himself, to build an army for his ultimate goal... finally achieving the Fall.

The Eerie Voice is Takihisa Kandori
  • A follow-up of the theory that the Malevolent Entity is Nyarlathtep. He used the DEVA system to exploit Maki's thoughts and succeeded with his plans. He must have some method to access the midnight channel, only for Nyarly to screw him over again.
    • Except his appearance in Persona 2 has him more or less bored and to a degree unwilling with this whole evil thing, basically going with it because he realizes that he has been revived just to be a puppet again and he is too old to change now anyway. And he dies again of course. I am not sure what bringing him back to life again would accomplish from a story point of view.

The Malevolent Entity is Loki, Tezcatlipoca, or Angra Mainyu
  • Like a lot of people, I thought it was Nyarlathotep, but the Malevolent Entity mentions that he wanted to "collect powerful Shadows." Why would Nyarlathotep, being the Shadow Archetype of all humanity, need to collect Shadows when he could probably conjure or recreate them on his own? So I'm thinking the Malevolent Entity is some other god or Eldritch Abomination, and my primary suspects are Loki, a shapeshifter well known for being an asshole; Tezcatlipoca, whose name literally means "smoking mirror" and has titles that mean "we are his slaves" and "enemy of both sides"; and Angra Mainyu, God of Evil whose preferred modus opperandi was to use evil like poison, which is how the Malevolent Entity describes his process of reverting Personas back into Shadows.

Alternately, the Malevolent Entity is a severely weakened Nyarlathotep who needs to collect Shadows in order to regain its former strength, due to its defeat at the end of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
  • Or, to put it this way; what better way for a weakened embodiment of mankind's collective dark side to regain its strength than to absorb particularly powerful manifestations of human darkness?
    • OK, this needs to be canon. Now.
    • In a way, it is. Kagutsuchi's M.O. in Ultimax fits Nyarlathotep's own to a tee, making him Nyarly in all but name. I guess they wanted to limit the mythological figures in the game to Greek and Japanese figures only as with P3 and 4.

The soul of No. 24 is the persona of Labrys.
  • No. 24's soul bound to Labrys to protect her and help her reach her goal. The soul changed it's shape to better defend her.

The fight announcer is the Malevolent Entity

Labrys' Black Box..
  • ...contains the memories and data of all the previous units. It's shown that Shadow Labrys was able to preserve herself through it. The same may be true of the other units, and if Labrys so wished, she could download all of them into new bodies and give them another chance at life. Especially #024, the ultimate form of Throw the Dog a Bone for two of the series's biggest Woobies. After all, the units are, in technological terms, all antiques (Labrys is, what, 13? And #024's even older, and they're two of the newer models), so rebuilding them should be quick and relatively cheap for Mitsuru & co. by the time of Ultimax.

Alternative Title(s): Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena