YMMV / Luann

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Toni Daytona simply a Satellite Love Interest for Brad or is she a Broken Bird who has absolutely no idea what she wants (Hence her seriously mixed signals towards Brad and her dogged defense of the indefensible Dirk)?
    • TJ. He is always smiling whenever we see him, he's shown to be charismatic (Talking Luann's family into letting him move in with Brad and in their house when he accidentally lit it on fire, talking Brad's dad into okaying a car trip), and has been shown to concoct disreputable schemes to get money. However; his parents were never mentioned, and a 2008 strip very heavily implies that he suffers from Parental Abandonment. It's easy to interpret that he's an example of a Stepford Smiler who has to resort to scams or unethical business practices to get by.
  • Anvilicious: Is it ever. A guy smoking marijuana isn't merely a druggie; he's a horrible, semi-abusive jerk to who tries to force his girlfriend (Bernice) to hide it for him. Also, Brad's inspired by 9/11 to become a firefighter and hero.
    • Delta is sort of an in-universe example. And her friends (including Luann) find it annoying.
    • Pretty much any arc that focuses on why Luann should choose Gunther as a boyfriend because he's nice and her mother likes him sooner or later deals out anvils about the evils of wanting a boyfriend based on infatuation/attraction.
  • Base Breaker: Depending how you feel about the increasinbly-Brad centric nature of the comic, he can be one. On one hand, Brad received significant Character Development... but on the other, this caused the Character Development of the other cast to take a backside.
    • Gunther as of recently. He's either a Lovable Nerd or a complete Jerkass, especially when it comes to his mother's relationship with Mr. Grey.
  • Creator's Pet: Mr Fogarty, Luann's teacher, and lead character of a comic Greg Evans drew for several years before Luann.
  • Designated Villain: Ever since Quill was introduced, Tiffany shifted from merely the shallow Veronica to Luann's Betty to an outright antagonist. Her behavior didn't change, but the other characters' reactions to it have. Commenters on The Comics Curmudgeon have also noted that while Tiffany matured as a character during the college years and became a better person, everyone still treats her horribly.
    hitorque: Once again, I ask why Tiffany continues to hang around with "friends" who totally hate her and do nothing but denigrate her when she's not around... Bernice realizes she's describing "high school Tiffany", right? The Tiffany that hasn't existed for 2+ years because she's actually grown the fuck up in comparison to the rest of the legacy cast, who inexplicably still have an axe to grind against her? I mean, FFS... Bernice has lived on the same floor as Tiffany for two years now, and hasn't noticed any change whatsoever?
  • Designated Hero: On the flip side, there's Luann herself. As noted on the main page's This Loser Is You entry, she is depicted as lazy, sloppy, jealous, clingy, angry, unintelligent, vindictive, gullible and horribly insecure on a regular basis. And while Brad's relationship with Toni has played a significant factor in his Character Development, Luann's relationship with Quill has only enhanced some of her more negative personality traits. Eventually her self-centered and clingy nature leads her to dump Quill for not spending enough time with her.
  • Growing the Beard: Almost literally with Gunther's return from Peru. Karen Evans had taken over as writer the previous year, and this seems to be the point she's hit her stride.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The arc where Luann runs in Clay Aiken and mistakes a note from him to mean he's in love with her is most ironic after the real life Aiken came out as gay.