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YMMV: Halloween (2007)
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Every character save for those played by Brad Dourif and Danny Trejo are as violently unlikable as possible, and we barely see them (Danny's is killed very early on). Without a single character to like, and with Michael having most of his Creepy Awesome stolen by the beginning in which we see how terrible his life is, why should we watch this movie?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: People poked fun at how the orderlies at Michael's asylum fed him steroids due to how tall he got. This gets even funnier when in the sequel, Daeg Faerch (the actor who played Michael as a child) was unable to reprise his role because of a massive growth spurt he had between films.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Michael crosses it when he brutally kills Ismael Cruz, the only guard who ever showed him any kindness.
  • Narm: Michael bursting through a car windshield is followed by Dr. Loomis shouting "MICHAEL! JESUS CHRIST!" as if he were reacting to someone spilling coffee on the floor. The line even became a meme in the Dread Central podcast and forums, usually used whenever Malcolm McDowell is mentioned.
    • Judith's death, due to how comically oversized the White Mask of Doom is on young Michael.
    • As pointed out during the review of the film by Phelous, the merits of giving Michael an origin and explaining his murderous nature is dubious at best (and has been donepoorly before), but it is difficult to take Michael as a child seriously with the tantrum-esque "I'M NOT LISTENING!! *SCREECHES LOUDLY*" moment, to say nothing of how this can make it difficult to take this version of Michael seriously as an adult killer.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Ken Foree.

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