Trivia / Halloween (2007)

  • Actor Allusion: As many-a-Halloween fan knows, this isn't the first run-in Danielle Harris had with Michael.
  • Approval of God: Not of the movie itself (John Carpenter has never seen it), but of Rob Zombie opting to make it in the first place. Carpenter encouraged Zombie to make it his own.
  • Dawson Casting : Danielle Harris was 30, playing a teenager. Harris is petite and young looking, though, so it works.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: In a sense, Kristina Klebe stated in an interview that her first day of filming involved filming the sex scene between Lynda and Bob which was her first sex scene on film. Then to make it more awkward that same day she filmed her death scene which involved Myers strangling Lynda from behind while she's completely nude. Klebe stated that she was driving home and had to pull over because she started crying because of how difficult it was to film those scenes on her first day no less. In fact the scenes were so difficult she even began questioning why she went into acting to begin with.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Danny Trejo, mostly known for playing badasses, crooks, gangsters and assassins is the kindly janitor Ismael in the asylum holding Michael.
    • Similarly, Brad Dourif, who generally plays creepy villains, is the town sheriff.
  • What Could Have Been: Adrienne Barbeau (John Carpenter's ex-wife and former scream queen) filmed a cameo role that was cut.