Awesome / Halloween (2007)

  • Michael's escape in either both the normal cut or in the Director's Cut.
    • In the normal cut, he breaks out during his prison transfer, killing the several guards transferring him, just using his brute strength and the chains on him.
    • However, in the Director's Cut two orderlies pick a female inmate to rape and decide to do it inside Michael's room, while the killer is there, making his masks. But one of them takes one of his masks and mocks him during the rape, a cathartic curb stomp ensues.
      • What makes the Director's Cut version more awesome is that Michael is shown in this and Halloween II (2009) to be a merciless killer, killing anyone who gets in his way of escape (Case in point, Ismael Cruz's death, even know Ismael was the most kind to him and tried to put him back kindly, only to get dunked in the toilet mutliple times and a TV dropped on his head.), but it's the fact that after killing the two orderlies brutally, he doesn't even attempt to hurt the female inmate. Kinda somewhat doubles as a... somewhat twisted Pet The Dog moment.
    • To be fair that Cruz warned that man not to touch Myers' masks. And the female inmate did nothing to provoke him. Whilst Cruz tried to lock him back up.
  • Michael Myers donning the iconic mask for the first time as an adult. The Halloween theme just adds to the moment.