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YMMV: DRAMAtical Murder
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Mink deserved to be pushed off a cliff or is he a Jerkass Woobie who knows what he is doing is bad? Be careful when discussing this though.
  • Awesome Music: Aaaaall of it. The track that plays when Aoba piggybacks Granny home, the Jellyfish Song, and Koujaku's Good Ending Song "At Last" are particularly heartwarming BG Ms.
    • The dramatic track that plays during the climax of episode 6 and 11 is worth a mention.
  • Base Breaker: Mink. Either he's the worst Bastard Boyfriend ever, an unredeemable piece of shit and the worst love interest for Aoba outta all his prospect boyfriends, or he's a Jerk Ass Woobie who's deeply damaged due to his Dark and Troubled Past and his more sympathetic in Re:Connect is enough to forgive his deeds, or at least understand where he came from.
  • Broken Base: The anime adaption, while many fans are excited to see the whole thing animated, there are some who are afraid that it's going to turn out bad just like what happened with Togainu no Chi's anime adaption
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Virus and Trip. They kidnap Aoba, rape and mentally torture him on a daily basis, just for fun and to show much they love him. And yet they're still one of the most popular characters
  • Ear Worm: The music of the title screen.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mizuki, despite appearing in very little C Gs and not having his own route, he's one of the more popular characters. Virus and Trip, and Sei qualify as well.
    • Kou, the Bishounen Beni-Shigure member has a lot of recognition from the fandom, despite his only known trait is that he loves Dogs.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Virus and Trip
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: While Aoba gets shipped with nearly everyone. It doesn't stop the fandom from shipping the other characters with each other. Popular non-Aoba ships happen to be Koujaku/Noiz, Noiz/Clear, Mink/Clear, Koujaku/Mizuki, Virus/Trip, Beni/Tori, and more
  • Foe Yay: Noiz and Koujaku's Hot-Blooded fighting can be seen like this.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • During the sequence where Aoba uses Scrap on Mizuki, letters start start to pour out of Aoba's body and appear in front of him. This freaks him out and he runs off. The letters were probably going to form a word puzzle like in Koujaku's Scrap sequence, but Aoba didn't know what he was supposed to be doing. Consequently, the player never gets a chance to solve the puzzle, and Aoba inevitably fails to save Mizuki.
    • When Aoba runs away from the letters, you hear the same laughter that happens when you make a mistake during Mink's Scrap sequence, although this might just be the other people in the room.
    • During the Rhyme fight at the end of Ren's route, the reason only Noiz's Allmate was there is because Noiz was the only one to recognize the bug and remove it from his Allmate; all the others would've been berserk.
  • Fridge Horror: No matter who's Good Ending you get, the other characters are left off dealing with their problems for possibly the rest of their lives. Koujaku will never get over his self hatred and guilt and his love for Aoba goes unrequited, Noiz will still be unable to feel pain, Clear, Ren, and Aoba are left off not knowing about their true origins and the existence of Sei, and it's heavily implied that Mink committed suicide.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Why is the only time Aoba bothers to use that stun gun when you're taking Ren's route?
    • We've seen how Mink and Kojaku's groups can get into Platinum Jail during their respective routes, so how come no one but your chosen love interest ever bothers to come in (barring Ren's route, of course), even though it's completely possible?
    • In almost all of the bad ends, [[spoiler]]Aoba winds up either dead or tortured]], so why doesn't his evil side come out during them? Virus and Trip route I'm looking at you.
      • Could also be fridge horror when you realize his fate could've been so horrifying that even Desire wanted nothing to do with it.
  • Love to Hate: Virus and Trip
    • Also Mink to an extent.
  • Memetic Loser: Koujaku, from having a bloody nose during his sex scene with Aoba to overall being a really Adorkable boyfriend around him has lead him becoming one
  • Memetic Mutation: "iiyo" Explanation 
    • "You fuck the Dog" Explanation  (Though some fans consider 'you fuck the dog' to be a Discredited Meme.)
    • To a lesser extent, it has been argued that "the dog fucks you".
    • "Mizuki got friendzoned." Explanation 
    • the Aoba Cake
    • "Tae is a kidnapper" Explanation 
    • The whole entire episode 3
  • Moe: Toddler Aoba
    • Koujaku's Adorkable personality can fall into this
  • Narm: Many fans have pointed out when Toue says how he'd like to find a way to dramatically murder someone, it was in no way elaborated on. The thought-to-be Title Drop was so incongruous, fans have made fun of it.
    • All the Off Model shots in the anime, specially in episode 3.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The bad endings, some double as Tear Jerkers
    • The "glitch" in Noiz's route, it can be unsettling to first timers as many thought their game is literally crashing.
    • The "iiyo scene" in Koujaku's route (more specifically his bad ending). Though to some, it's Narm Charm.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Everyone
  • The Scrappy: Mink. If raping Aoba, continually abusing him wasn't bad enough, he is the least romantic. In a BL game (even if it is a N+C BL game)
    • It's quite a double standard in the fandom, considering that Shiki from Togainu no Chi is wildly popular in the same circles despite having an even more graphic and traumatic route.
      • Although, Shiki goes through a lot of character development throughout Tn C that Mink does not. Especially if you listen to the Drama CD which is in Shiki's point of view, it turns out he ad libs through much of his interactions with Akira.
    • It's a double standard even in the context of the game. Specifically, Mink is reviled for his rape and abuse of Aoba, but Virus and Trip not only get a pass, but are wildly popular and are many people's favorite characters. This might be because Virus and Trip are unapologetically evil and abusive (and catering to non-con related kinks without any excuses), while Mink is a Troubled Abuser and lots of players have (for very understandable reasons) problems with a trope that involves having sympathy for a character who treats his/her love interest badly, even if their Dark and Troubled Past is a good one.
  • Ships That Pass In The Night: Mizuki/Sei is a pretty popular ship despite them never appearing in a scene together.
  • Squick: Virus and Trip's H-scene.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Maaaaaaaybe having the dark-skinned dreadlocked warrior be the resident Bastard Boyfriend to Aoba whose very introduction is getting his gang members to attempt to rape him wasn't the best of the ideas Nitro Plus Chiral had for the first game... At all.
    • The fact that the normally hard-headed Aoba simply accepts his treatment at Mink's hands,or never tells anyone about how they met, makes the relationship seem like the typical "Jackass Seme rapes Uke and they fall in love" plot, at worst, a terrifying tale of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • The Woobie: ALL of the main characters at one point. Even Mink.

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