YMMV / Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

  • Ear Worm: "Let's Make Peace", a song written and performed by Eric Idle for the episode "War and Peace and War".
  • Expy: Zurg may be one of Bowser of all people; he's the series eponymous character's greatest enemy, he self-identifies as Evil, he tries to conquer everything he lays eyes on, he always shows up at inopportune moments to make things worse, he always comes back no matter how many times he's defeated, he's responsible - or at least related to - pretty much anything villainous that happens in the series, and he even has horns!
    • Except that while Zurg only engaged in an Enemy Mine situation with Buzz once, Bowser made quite a few temporary alliances with Mario, making him a Hypocrite for self-identifying as Evil. Choosing to help Mario instead of Smithy, Cackletta, and Dimentio is not evil, it's selfish, particularly wanting his castle back. And because of that, others are have also contributed to anything villainous around the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Also, Paper Mario confirmed that Bowser wants Princess Peach all for himself, which turned kidnapping her into his Achilles Heel and since then played a huge role in Mario defeating him every time and doing more damage to Bowser than Princess Peach, no matter how she can't prevent herself from being kidnapped, nor how much Bowser comes back after. Zurg never had that kind of weakness.
    • And Bowser might be more reckless than Zurg. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser's plot is to steal Grand Stars and use them to mutilate the order of the Galaxy to recreate it to revolve around his Sun in an Evil Empire. While there's obvious sinister intentions, Bowser nonetheless likely risks destroying everything, including him. But this makes him MORE of a threat than he had been, especially his attempt to play God. Zurg would love to do something like this, but he might do better with his own plot to avoid risking himself.
    • Either way, Bowser is currently more comparable to Vegeta than Zurg. Vegeta himself had a lot of those similarities to Zurg too, but like Bowser, he ended up becoming a Heel–Face Revolving Door. However, at some point after the Babidi Saga, he made a permanent Heel–Face Turn. If Bowser were to make a much-needed, yet unlikely Heel–Face Turn, he should have no remorse for the evil things he's done, and only in it for himself, while the Mario games would get a new villain who'd at least have the best villainous traits Bowser had. Still being the Big Bad doesn't exactly erase being an occasional enemy of his foes, even as a greater menace in both Galaxy games, while being more of a nuisance than a threat just about everywhere else after Paper Mario for N64. Zurg, on the other hand, never had any shortcomings and/or other reasons to make a Heel–Face Turn. And forget about the Zurg toy and the Utility Belt Buzz toy in Toy Story 2.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: One of Zurg's lines in "Stranger Invasion" suddenly gets very disturbing after seeing Toy Story 3.
    Zurg: And if I may remind you, no giant trash compactor! When heroes fall in, they always have enough time to figure a way out! Make it an incinerator!
  • Genius Bonus: Natron the First, the "Living Mummy". The mineral natron was one of the important ingredients in the mummification process in Ancient Egypt.
    • Also, to get to Planet Roswell, you need to go through the Mogul system. A Project Mogul balloon was said to be the cause of the Real Life Roswell Incident.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In "Eye of the Tempest," a mutated super villain wrecks a power station made up of two generating towers. The first one is damaged without much comment... But as the second comes down, Mira shouts, "Look out! The other tower!" amid falling rubble. Chilling in hindsight, as WTC North would do the same less than a year later.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The show does a episode (one of two actually) with Buzz and Booster crash landing on a world called Roswell where they're the aliens and the residents are the stereotypical green/gray alien the media usually depicts. (green skin, blacks eyes bald head, etc) Yet their town is effectively just like a normal human town. A few years after the show ends its run, a movie called Planet 51 is made detailing...you guessed it (though their aliens are different looking the premise is the same). What makes it funny? It's a CGI movie made by another company and this show was co-produced by Pixar, whose forte is CGI movies.
    • Wayne Knight voicing Zurg becomes especially hilarious when one remembers that the wrong Buzz Lightyear once speculated that Al, who was also voiced by Wayne Knight, was one of Zurg's minions when they inform him that he was the guy who kidnapped Woody in Toy Story 2.
    • Another villain, Norbert Klerm, was voiced by Mitchell Whitfield, who would later voice a much more important villain in another Disney action series.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Ty Parsec resembles his voice actor, Steve Hytner, down to the brown hair, face shape, and lines around his mouth.
  • Iron Woobie: Ty. He's been rescued by Buzz 50+ times, and yet he still keeps on trying to do his job and never thinks about quitting.
  • It Was His Sled: If you saw the show before watching the movie, you would know that Warp Darkmatter didn't actually die.
  • Magnificent Bastard: NOS-4-A2 surely qualifies.
  • Mildly Military: Star Command does possess some form of militaristic discipline and rule regulation, but they seem lax otherwise.
  • Ugly Cute: Villainess Gravitina is actually very beautiful, but has a very large head.

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