Heartwarming / Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

  • Buzz finally admits that he needs backup from the Five-Episode Pilot.
    Buzz: Buzz Lightyear mission log, final entry. I don't know if anyone will be left untainted by Zurg's evil to receive this, "last chapter". As I go to my doom. I pause to pay tribute to three of the best and the brightest to ever come out of Star Command. I have taken a one man stand against darkness and depravity, and I have failed. I was wrong, Perhaps if I'd taken a new "partner", (obviously directed at XR, Booster and Mira) or two, or three.
    • A bit of a milder and indirect example, but there's also a small moment when Buzz tells Nebula that if it wasn't for Mira, Booster and XR, Zurg would have won. The team then goes on to say that of course he had backup. As Mira states, "Because everybody needs backup."
    • In "The Adventure Begins", when Nebula rewards Booster for his heroism, he gives a small smile and quick shake to the head. It shows that he's not only proud of Booster's acts, but he's also glad to have Booster be a part of the Space Ranger team even if Booster still has a lot to learn about working in Star Command. It's brief, but it's sweet to see Nebula acting like a good Father to His Men.
    • Another minor pilot one: despite having no desire to keep him around, Nebula is horrified when XR is blown up. Buzz, who had been nothing but irritated with him the whole time, is equally devastated and while he doesn't beg, it's clear he's pretty desperate for the LGMs to fix the robot.
  • Ty Parsec at first may come off as petty and jealous but he really just wants to prove that that he doesn't need Buzz to 'babysit' him. The friendship between him and Buzz is very nice to see.
    • There's a quick Freeze-Frame Bonus for Ty here. After he fights NOS-4-A2 for the first time, he goes to check on his robot partner after the robot's been injured. Stop the camera at the right moment, and you'll see Ty showing genuine concern for his partner in various shots. Even if he was grouchy at the very start of the episode, he'll let it go to help someone in need.
    • Buzz trying to talk Ty down while at the mercy of the Wirewolf. And it actually works.
    Buzz: Ty, I know you're in there somewhere! I need you to save me!
    Wirewolf: (the Wirewolf stops snarling and its expression changes to one of concern)
    • The exchange between Buzz and Ty at the end of "Wirewolf" is really sweet and touching. Ty thanks Buzz for saving him, while feeling guilty for his actions earlier, and Buzz in turn? He thanks Ty for saving his life and basically assuring Ty that they're still friends. Awwww....
    • "Revenge of the Monsters" has several, Buzz trying to keep Ty in Star Command Buzz and team trying to protect Ty from XL, then promptly going after Ty when he does get captured, followed by Buzz's reaction to Wirewolf!Ty in the weapon NOS-4-A2 designed. It ends with NOS-4-A2 going after Buzz, and the Wirewolf taking said vampire out. When Ty gets back to normal, try not to smile at their exchange-or Ty's reaction to being reinstated.
    • When Nebula shoots his peg leg cannon at XL and yelling at him to keep away from Ty. And in turn, when XL apprehends Nebula, Ty goes to protect his commander. Even if Nebula discharged the man, he'd still go to great lengths to protect Ty and vice versa. It's a small moment, but it still warms the heart. It also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • XL after his Heel–Face Turn is just as hopeful of parental love from Commander Nebula as XR. And he's a copy machine.
  • When XR beat NOS-4-A2 after freeing himself from his Mind Control in the episode "NOS-4-A2".
  • In "Revenge of the Raenoks," many of the familiar recurring characters risk themselves to save a captured Booster. This in itself is heartwarming. However, the CMOH comes after Commander Nebula leads a SC task force that saves everyone from the Raenoks. It turns out that he did so not to save Booster, Booster's parents, Becky or anyone else (each of whom he was sure was more than a match for the the Raenoks). Instead, it was to save XR (ostensibly because XR cost SC a fortune, but everyone else knew better).
    • There's an earlier moment also involving XR. Throughout most of the episode, he's felt ignored and neglected, but on their way to the execution, everyone apologizes to him, and assures him that they DO care about him.
  • Heck, ANY time Nebula gives XR credit for his heroism is a sweet moment.
  • From "Super Nova" when Mira's father manages to have a pretty serious talk about the dangers of "Drugs" (It's presented in a G-rated "Alien" fashion, but it's pretty clear what's being discussed) and how getting over addiction is not an easy process. For a show that relied on the Status Quo, particularly a cartoon, to have such a frank exchange of ideas, is pretty cool.
  • The ending of "Star-Crossed".
    Romac: "Mira, I know it'll never be like it was. We're both different now, but someday, I'll win you back. And you know, I never quit a job 'til it's finished. Never."
  • The ending of "Lone Wolf".
  • In "Planet of the Lost", XR defends his team from the villain of the episode, calling them his friends after the villain insults them. Buzz in turn says this line.
    Buzz: "We're like family, really."
  • Anytime Nebula shows pride in his Rangers. He may not always show it, but when he says it, you know that he means it.
    • Or whenever he shows faith in them, as showcased in "XL".
    Nebula: "My rangers have been in tougher scrapes than this a thousand times. They're not gonna panic."
  • "Holiday Time"
    • The montage of Team Lightyear helping Santa make his deliveries. One highlight is Becky's cameo.
    • At the end of the episode, XR gives himself as a present to the boy in the beginning of the episode who mistook him for a toy.