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Heartwarming: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • Buzz finally admits that he needs backup from the Five-Episode Pilot.
  • Ty Parsec at first may come off as petty and jealous but he really just wants to prove that that he doesn't need Buzz to 'babysit' him. The friendship between him and Buzz is very nice to see.
    • Buzz trying to talk Ty down while at the mercy of the Wirewolf.
  • When XR beat Nos-4-A-2 after freeing himself from his Mind Control.
  • In "Revenge of the Raenoks," many of the familiar recurring characters risk themselves to save a captured Booster. This in itself is heartwarming. However, the CMOH comes after Commander Nebula leads a SC task force that saves everyone from the Raenoks. It turns out that he did so not to save Booster, Booster's parents, Becky or anyone else (each of whom he was sure was more than a match for the the Raenoks). Instead, it was to save XR (ostensibly because XR cost SC a fortune, but everyone else knew better).
  • From "Super Nova" when Mira's Father manages to have a pretty serious talk about the dangers of "Drugs" (It's presented in a G-rated "Alien" fashion, but it's pretty clear what's being discussed) and how getting over addiction is not an easy process. For a show that relied on the Status Quo, particularly a cartoon, to have such a frank exchange of ideas, is pretty cool.
  • XL after his Heel-Face Turn is just as hopeful of parental love from Commander Nebula as XR. And he's a copy machine.

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