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YMMV: All Grown Up!
  • Canon Susie: What flaws does Susie have, exactly? On top of that, consider this: Whenever it looks like a gig is going to be utterly ruined for Susie, it seems like the very laws of nature itself will go out of its way to ensure Susie is the one who comes out on top. See the episodes "R.V. Having Fun Yet? Part 2" and "It's Karma, Dude!"
    • However some other episodes do give her some realistic flaws such as the first episode where she is easily conned into giving a woman $1000 thinking it's for a record deal, another one has her struggling to juggle a music audition and an academic commitment and she's portrayed acting very petty and childish in the episode where Angelica stays with her. One episode also has her fed up with being called perfect by the other kids and goes bad for the next 20 minutes.
    • Also probably intentional, given that even though it's slightly less so here she's still intended to be the same Foil for Angelica that she was in Rugrats: Angelica thinks a lot of herself but has many flaws, so Susie is the all around better person who counteracts her - to her resentment. It's worth noting that almost all of Susie's best moments put her in comparison to Angelica in some way.
  • Contested Sequel: It is generally disliked by fans of its prequel due to its massive differences, and it never got the love its predecessor had. It barely lasted a few years, and with no legit movies.
    • Cult Classic: However, there are fans of the show who fondly remember it on its own merits, and to this day, there is still fanart/fanfiction of the show being created.
  • Creator's Pet: Harold appears more often in the later seasons of the show, sometimes even interacting with the younger kids in the absence of one, which hits a sore spot with fans of the original eight Rugrats.
  • Designated Monkey: Tommy becomes this in his preteen years, whenever his friends make him the scapegoat of their fury, whenever they're in a tight situation. This is done episodes like "Truth or Consequences", "Dude, Where's My Horse?", "All Broke Up", and "Brothers Grimm".
  • Die for Our Ship: Nicole, Rachel, Z and Nicholas for being the love interests of Chuckie, Tommy, Kimi and Lil, respectively. Strangely, a lot of them (save for Rachel) end up getting Put on a Bus, particularly noticeable with Z, who doesn't appear much save for a couple of non-speaking cameos at the start of Season 2.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Among the main characters, Dil and Kimi. Ironic when you consider that they are often Mis-blamed for the Seasonal Rot in Rugrats, making them....
  • Epileptic Trees: People were trying to figure out if Savannah Shane and Samantha Shane were one and the same girl ''(they do share a last name, after all,) despite looking and acting completely different. It doesn't help that Klasky-Csupo confirmed this rumour, right before Retconning it by having both characters appear in the same episode.
  • Fanon: Savannah and Samantha are relatives. The most common consensus is twins though them being half-siblings or cousins isn't unknown.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Kimi and Tommy (just look at this simple DA search of Kimi All Grown Up and half of the images are them getting married). Which is why many people consider TP+KF that They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Tommy pretty much bounces between shipping himself off with either Lil or Kimi.
    • In universe, it starts with a girl Chuckie has a crush on, then he has a couple more single-episode girlfriends, then Rachel for a season and then an episode teasing Kimi.
    • Kimi is also often shipped with Phil in the fandom.
  • Puppy Love: All the pairings from the original series (Tommy/Kimi,Tommy/Lil, Chuckie/Lil, Chuckie/Angelica, Phil/Susie, etc.), except it's easier to ship them here due to it being less Squicky.
    • Less Squicky?. Speak for yourself...
    • Also, the Westermark Effect should be making any such paring squicky to the characters themselves. They have known each other since infancy, after all.
  • The Scrappy - Harold.
    • Morty is a parody of one. He's introduced to the group, tries too hard to be funny, and ends up widely disliked by everyone in record time.
  • Squick: The kids' reaction to Lou Pickle's Haggis.
    • Everyone's reaction to Phil's science experiment.
  • Tear Jerker: From the second episode where Lil moves out of her and Phil's room into one of her own. Just the moment where Phil walks into the room to find her stuff gone and sadly looks at pictures of them together as kids, ending with a shot of them in the mud from Rugrats.
    • Tommy's fate in "All Broke Up."
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: It may surprise a few that the series actually did get a couple of video games, one PC game based on the pilot, and one Game Boy Advance title which was a dress-up game starring the girls. Neither was remarkable, and both fell off the radar as quickly as they came.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Your mileage may vary on whether or not some of the more drastic Season 2 redesigns were a good thing.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Stu and Drew. In Rugrats, they were fan favorites, and their bickering were a great source of comedy on the show. In All Grown Up!, they fell Out of Focus as characters, only to reappear together in one episode bickering like before (making it seem like a return to the good old days)...and then the show ended.
    • Also, Samantha. Promoted as a possible love interest for Chuckie in the pilot, only to vanish from the show proper.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: "TP+KF" suggested it might finally have Tommy and Kimi become a couple, but is instead an episode where Chuckie believes Tommy is hitting on his sister and Tommy is trying to make it up to him.
  • The Unapologetic: Kimi Finster. She has said and done a lot of uncalled-for things throughout the series, from snapping at her own brother and friends, to anything else. However, any matter of conflict is magically resolve at the end of any given episode, with no one to call her out on any of it.
  • Uncanny Valley: The character designs may not seem like this at first, but when you notice the little things such as huge heads resting on tiny necks, it makes you wonder how they even turn their heads without falling over.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In season 2, the Carmichaels' skin tones were lightened.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit: This show is meant to do this for the Rugrats franchise. Your Milage May Vary whether it worked or not.
  • What an Idiot: What in the world made you think throwing a bowling ball through your roof was a good idea, Tommy?
    • Drew and Stu basically say this to each other when they realise that the car they threw off of a cliff originally belonged to Elvis.

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