Funny: All Grown Up!

  • There's an episode where the Rugrats are playing basketball in Tommy's yard after their parents took away all of their television priveleges. All is fine and good until Phil presents Tommy with a bowling ball. What does he do with it? Why, toss it right through the roof and damage Stu's car, of course!
    • From the same episode, Chaz attempting to take away the TV set, only for Chuckie and Kimi to latch on to his legs and drag behind him like shoes when he tries to move.
  • This conversation from "TP+KF":
    Tommy: If only there was some way I could convince him...
    Kimi: That I'm completely unattractive to you?
    Tommy: Exactly!
    Kimi: (frowns) THANKS. I'll think of something.
  • Tommy chewing out Chuckie for sucking at Paper Football in "A Deville House Divided", which leads to this gem from Chuckie.
  • The Stu and Drew arc of "Golden Boy". They've inherited an old car from Grandpa Lou, but it's such an old piece of crap that neither wants it, and they spend the whole episode trying to pass it off on each other, from parking it with a big pink bow in Drew's parking space to parking it in Stu's living room. And when they decide to settle their differences and toss it off of a cliff once and for all? Lou tells them the car was originally owned by Elvis Presley, and worth a lot of money! Why didn't we have more episodes like this?
  • There is an episode where Chuckie and Kimi are working on a family tree together, and Kimi soon becomes very interested in her Japanese ancestry. The following conversation takes place:
    Chuckie: So, what did you find out?
    Kimi: I'm... Japanese!
    Chuckie: You haven't figured that out yet?!
  • One episode has the gang remodeling Kimi's room and they get Angelica to keep her out of the house for the day. Angelica has Kimi take her to a Japanese-themed tea house she was invited to three months ago and, when Kimi wants to leave, Angelica pretends that her tongue has been seriously scalded by the tea and has Kimi take her to the hospital. After five hours we see a crew of doctors wheeling Angelica out the doors in a wheelchair and throwing her down the steps.
  • Lil has Phil pretend to be her to break up with a gross boy that likes her. Phil ends up hanging out with the boy (as her) and doing all sorts of gross things publicly, resulting in Lil having to wear a wig, hat and sunglasses as well as cracking up as her reputation gets ruined.
    Lil: Do you realise the fact that I'll have to change schools? Cites? Countries! PLANETS!
    • Immediately after that:
    Tommy: (nonchalantly) No, it's just that Phil looks good as a girl.
    (Sexophone plays as all the guys nod in agreement and Lil looks on in absolute horror)
  • Poor Phil. In one episode he walks in on Lil trying on bras and at the very end he walks in on Betty.
    Phil: "I'm blind!"
  • Lil gets some leverage over Phil about a Noodle Incident prompting this little exchange.
    Lil: Well three words Philip - You! Know! What!
    Phil: Three words for you, Lillian - You! Signed! This!"
    Lil: I! Don't! Care!
    Phil: You! Can't! Do!....uh that"
  • Angelica wants to stay longer in the hospital so she starts pretending to have brain damage...
    Angelica: (in a high pitched voice) The couch is on vacation. The sky is green. The pillows are hungry.
  • In "Lucky 13" Angelica suggests to Tommy and his friends to not go to her birthday party by seeing Bossy and Flossy the two-headed cow. During the middle of the party she calls Tommy up to get them over here.
    Angelica: Bossy's the real cow. Flossy is just a fake cow head.
    Angelica: Well get over here as soon as Phil stops crying.
  • Angelica's attempts at Operation Jealousy in the Valentine's Day episode. She gets Harold to pretend to desperately ask her to the dance - complete with cue cards. The plan is ruined when he dramatically says "Get down on bended knee!"
    Kimi: Can she get more pathetic?
    Susie: I've seen worse. Wait, that was Angelica too.
  • Kimi is told she should become a film critic. After reviewing something for the school paper, she finds that other people have written in reviewing what she wrote.
    Kimi: "Pretentious!?" "Boring!?" Everybody's a critic.
  • When Kimi joins a Japanese society in school, Chuckie decides he'll be supportive. So he shows up dressed in a samurai outfit. Kimi says, in the best deadpan voice...
    Kimi: You guys meet my brother.
  • Angelica tells Ms O'Keats she should make up some jingles. The next day she performs one for Angelica.
    "I wanted a puppy with cute little paws/I wrote a long letter to dear Santa Claus/I woke with such joy, ran down to the tree/And stepped on my puppy, now he's history"
    • What makes it is the way her voice drops as she sings the last line.
  • While the children are building a tranquility hut outside of the school, Phil asks what the sixth vowel is. Ms O'Keats replies 'Y'. Phil thinks she's asking why and they go back and forth until...
    Ms O'Keats: It's A, E, I, O, U and SOMETIMES Y!!!
    Phil: (to Tommy) We're building this tranquility thing not a minute too soon.
  • When Tommy is making one of his movies, and Susie is playing an alien, she jumps out during a scene and sings this:
  • When Dil is taking an inkblot test:
    Dil: umm...A medieval castle, dozens of angry villagers, a fire-breathing dragon and...a honey-baked ham.
    cut to Pangborn holding blot. it is very clearly not that.