Awesome: All Grown Up!

  • In the episode "Interview With a Campfire" at the end when they are watching the video.
  • In "Truth or Consequences," Pangborn suggests that Dil should learn to be normal. Didi goes into Mama Bear mode in response for essentially wanting to make her son unhappy and without identity.
  • Part 2 of "Dude, Where's My Horse" is one big CMOA.
  • The second half of "Rat Traps", with the gang, under Chuckie's leadership, going all Home Alone against a pair of robbers. Even Harold, who had tagged along with them as a Sixth Ranger (or ninth), gets a little Moment Of Awesome by using his skating abilities to recover the loot from the criminals.
  • "Coup Deville" where Lil is at a party at her friends' house after spending the whole episode trying to disassociate herself from Phil. The friends start joking about Phil and their jokes become more mean spirited. Lil finally realises her mistake and angrily tells her friends off, defending Phil and then storming out of the party. The episode then ends with us finding out she did go on vacation to Twins' Canyon with her family after all.
  • "Lucky 13" has the gang discover that Savannah deliberately sabotaged Angelica's birthday party because she felt like it, so they come up with an elaborate plan to get her to cancel her own party so that everyone ends up going to Angelica's instead. When Savannah angrily shows up at the party, she tries to get the other kids to leave but they refuse to.
  • "The Old & the Restless" has Tommy defending his grandfather with a very memorable line. No, really.
    Tommy: "You know what, Sean? My Grandpa may do embarrassing stuff, but he's still my Grandpa! SO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!"
    Sean: (immediately backs off in complete shock)
  • The climax of "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" has Didi decide she is going to make up her own damn mind about what to do with repairing her relationship with Tommy, about raising the kids, and also about getting the kids to their location without looking to Lipshitz for guidance; For once, after about 11 years of being a Mother, she decides to use her own mind, heart, instincts, and the help of her friends without paying heed to the doctor who "knows more about being a Mommy than anybody".