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Western Animation: Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century

Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (an obvious parody of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) is a 1953 Chuck Jones short featuring Daffy Duck as the eponymous Duck Dodgers, a cocky, spectacularly inept space hero who, with the help of an Eager Young Space Cadet played by Porky Pig, battles Marvin the Martian for control of Planet X, only known location of "Illudium Phosdex", the shaving cream atom.

Also an obvious send-up of the Cold War, with Earth representing the United States and Mars ("the Red Planet") the Soviet Union. The escalation of their conflict is a perfect illustration of the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction.

The popularity of this short led to a number of subsequent Duck Dodgers adventures, including a Duck Dodgers cartoon series fifty years later.

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alternative title(s): Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century; Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century
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