Funny / Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century

In a cartoon short filled with funny, this:
  • Setting a course for Planet X:
    Duck Dodgers: And now then, eager young space cadet, here is the course we shall pursue to find Planet X. (illustrating every detail on a clear plastic star chart of space) Starting from where we are, we go 33,600 turbo miles due up. Then west in an astro-arc deviation to here, then following the great circle seven radiolubes south by downeast. By astro-astroble to here, here, and here, then by space navigo-compass to here, here, and then to here and here. By thirteen point strato-cumulus bearing four million light-years, and thus to our destination note . Now do you know how to reach Planet X?
    Eager Young Space Cadet: Y-y-ye—oh sure.
    Duck Dodgers: (gawking at first the Cadet, then at the chart's ridiculously complex path) Well, I wish you'd explain it to me some time, buster!
    Eager Young Space Cadet: Oh, it's v-very simple... (cuts to a look outside the ship, with various planets lettered "A", "B", "C", etc.) If we follow th-those planets, we can't miss Planet X!
    Duck Dodgers: (laughing) That's ridiculous! (more laughing) Wait... I've got it! I'll bet that if we just follow those planets, we'll find Planet X! Gads... How do I do it?
    Eager Young Space Cadet: I d-d-d-don't know.
  • Duck Dodgers vs. the Disintegrating Pistol... Both Marvin's and his own:
    Duck Dodgers: (appearing out of nowhere and pointing a gun at Marvin the Martian) HA-HA! Got the drop on you with MY Disintegrating Pistol! And brother, when it disintegrates, it disintegrates!!
    (Dodgers pulls the trigger of his pistol... and it promptly turns to dust in his hand)
    Duck Dodgers: Huh? What do you know... It disintegrated...
  • Not to mention the scene beforehand, where Marvin had pulled a Disintegrating Pistol on Dodgers, who dared him to fire since Dodgers was secretly wearing a disintegration-proof vest. Well... at least the vest didn't disintegrate...
  • The first time Eager Young Space Cadet catches Marvin the Martin flatfooted:
    Eager Young Space Cadet: (handing him a lit stick of dynamite) Ha-Happy B-Bir-Birthday you th-thing from another world, you! (disappears back into the ship)
    Marvin the Martian: (dropping his pistol) Oooo! Thank you!
    (KABOOM!), Marvin's look right after was not a happy one.
  • How Duck Dodgers wins in the end:
    Duck Dodgers: As I was saying, buster, this planet ain't big enough for the two of us. So... (shoves Marvin off the small remains of Planet X) off you go!
  • "Whoops! Heh, had the silly thing in reverse!"
  • Hard to put into words, but the bit where Duck Dodgers and Marvin send "ultimatum dispatchers" to one another is pure gold.
    (Dodgers shoots a bullet at Marvin. It stops mere inches in front of his face, and opens up to reveal a message.)
    Message: Surrender, or be blown into 17,670,002 micro-cells.
    (Marvin then shoots a bullet back. Like the previous bullet, it stops inches from Dodgers's face and opens up.)
    (It then shoots Dodgers in the face.)
    (Dodgers sends one more bullet back, revealing another message.)
    Message: OUCH!