Funny / Duck Dodgers

  • The episode "Deathmatch Duck" pits Daffy against an unnamed alien captain (Taz). Notably, it is able to combine a reference to Star Trek and the Duck/Rabbit season skits simultaneously.
  • From "The Fowl Friend", after Dodgers "accidentally" drops his mother's broach into the engine port:
    Dodgers: Roboto, I'm in an awful bind. I just did something terrible.
    Roboto: Roboto will help friend bury body.
    Dodgers: Uh... no...
  • "I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots, or only five? Well, due to a previous head injury, I kind of lost track myself."
  • Dodgers' attempt at saying the Green Lantern Corps Oath in "Green Loontern":
    In blackest day or brightest night
    Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda yadda
    • Made even better in that the first line is actually how the Sinestro Corps oath would begin. Green Lantern's oath is the one that goes "Brightest Day, Blackest Night".
  • In "Diamond Boogie", Cadet covers for Dodgers by impersonating him with a puppet resembling Dodgers on video-chat with Dr. I.Q. Hi. When Dodgers arrives and notices Cadet with the puppet, Dodgers himself brings in a puppet of Dr. I.Q. Hi. And the latter still falls for it.
    Dodgers: (imitating Dr. I.Q. Hi) Calling Duck Dodgers! Come in, you handsome devil, you. Dodgers, your mission is to find out why I never get invited to any parties.
    Dr. I.Q. Hi: Why am I on my own monitor?
    (Cadet pulls both of their puppets down and pushes the real Dodgers up)
    Dodgers: You were saying?
    (cut to a dumbfounded I.Q. Hi)
  • "The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck"
    • Dodgers prepares to test-pilot the Asthma 13 rocket: Space Cadet thinks to ask what happened to the previous twelve in the Asthma series, and we're treated to twelve consecutive flashbacks. Every possible malfunction is shown, including some bouncing, drilling themselves into the ground, melting, and imploding.
    • Dodgers entering the ship and smashing the door on his limbs.
    • I.Q. saying that Dodgers' operation cost six wazillion dollars, so much, they that had to invent a new number and multiply it by six.
  • From "Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace" parts 1 and 2:
    • Dodgers mishearing what X-2 says:
      Dodgers: What do you think? That today marks the end of our mutual hatred?
      X-2: Highly unlikely, Dodgers. Whether in war or in peace, I shall always loathe you.
      Dodgers: You shall always love me?! Eww!
      X-2: I said "loathe", you idiot.
      Dodgers: Did not!
      X-2: Did too!
      (the two of them get in a slap fight)
      Dodgers: You love a duck!
    • Dodgers is plagued with feelings of guilt after framing Cadet, to the point where a nightmare about it leads him to see a psychologist:
      Dodgers: You gotta help me, doc. Please! I can't sleep! I'm up all night watching 350-year-old reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Thoughts of self-loathing won't leave me alone. What can I do?!
      Dr. Psy Q. Hi: You must undo the reasons you hate yourself.
      Dodgers: No, I mean about Sabrina! (giddily rubs his hands together) I got a wicked crush on Melissa Joan Hart.
      Dr. Psy Q. Hi: But...what about the self-loathing?
      Dodgers: That I sort of enjoy.
    • The Martian Queen has been held in the bathroom of Dodgers' Protectorate ship by the traitorous Z-9. When X-2 rescues her, she falls to her knees, gasping for air.
      Queen Tyr'ahnee: What does Dodgers do in that bathroom?!
  • Dodgers' behavior when hypnotized in "I'm Gonna Get You, Fat Sucka".
    Igor!Dodgers: Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, I was dancing like a madman!
  • Tyr'ahnee learns of X-2's love for her from Z-9.
    Z-9: If I know that little runt, he'll perish foolishly trying to rescue the woman he loves. You.
  • Dodger's Happy Cat alarm clock. "Waaaake upppp... You are lazy and worthless!"
  • "A Lame Duck Mind". All of it.
  • The Queen and Commander X-2 invite Dodgers to be the best man at their wedding. The Queen's reasoning:
    Tyr'ahnee: Nobody else has done more to bring us together... by creating problems that we had to solve.
  • The epic battle at the climax of "Samurai Quack" begins as a spot-on parody of the drama-building shots so common to Samurai Jack: but then there's a sudden cut to a dancing monkey wearing lederhosen. It's a Moment Killer.
    Dodgers: Is he building dramatic tension, too?
    Achoo: No. I think the editor is playing a dumb joke. Try to ignore him!
  • "Invictus Interruptus":
    Cadet: Good luck Captain Dodgers.
    Duck Dodgers: I'm not going there alone! I need you to navigate the auto-navigator.