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Webcomic: Zap!
Zap! (not to be confused with the classic Underground Zap Comix by Robert Crumb, or ZZap! the Commodore 64 magazine) is a science fiction webcomic centering around the eponymous main character Zap Vexler. Started in 2003, the already written story is about halfway through being drawn and released. Chris Layfield is the writer, and Pascalle is the artist.

In the story so far, amnesiac Zap finds himself the captain of a Cool Starship called the Excelsior. He discovers that he is psychic and falls for the first officer, Reona, who is still heartbroken over the previous captain, Efrem. He had been apparently killed by an enemy, Naveed. Reona and the ship's mechanic, Grontar, and navigation droid, Robot, aren't too thrilled about Zap being picked as the captain. This is mostly because Zap is a doofus and far from captain material. They fight their way through the GEF, crash land, fight their way through the GEF again, take off, and pick up an ally: Kasey. Another Resistance member, Kasey is infatuated with Robot and helps repair Reona's artificial arm. Zap runs into a stranger (to him at this point), Gunner that claims to be a friend from his forgotten past.

At this point in the story there are about five separate plot threads, one involving space pirates, one involving a government conspiracy, and some others following the now split up crew of the Excelsior.

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