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Webcomic: Two Keys

Two Keys is an online manga created by Chloe Chan and Aliena Shoemaker, authors of another successful web-manga, Honeydew Syndrome. It is hosted on their joint site,, as well as the American manga-hosting site, Inkblazers. It updates on the fourth week of every month with new chapters. The Two Keys hosting site updates slower, but has no restrictions on the viewers.

The story follows Colin Aston, an antisocial diner owner with a Mysterious Past who apparently used to be a mediocre Private Eye. When an equally mysterious blonde from the AFIA shows up with a job only Colin is capable of performing, he reluctantly accepts, despite knowing full well it will thrust him back into the world of the Occult. Colin faces sorcerers, politicians, and little old ladies... and a secret that destroyed nearly half the city and hits a little too close to home. The setting was inspired by Robin McKinley's Sunshine.

Read at Inkblazers here, or at SmackJeeves here.

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