Webcomic / The World of Vicki Fox


This furry webcomic, created and written by Michael Russell and drawn by various artists, began in 2001. The strip can be read here, and an index of cast biographies (mostly written in Vicki's voice, and the source of the Word of God quotes on this page) is here.

It's a wholesome Slice of Life comic about Vicki, a likable young fox woman who lives in a small town in Georgia, and her interactions with her friends and family. Vicki shares a house with Ceri Bobcat, hangs out with Meredith Skunk, works as a science reporter at the local paper, and puts up with occasional visits by Zephy Fox, her annoying mooch of a fraternal twin sister.

In December 2013, Russell announced that the strip would be ceasing production, and that it would be replaced with a continuation called Dixie Wildlife which would focus on the bluegrass band that Vicki and her friends have formed. On the comic's message board, he added that the strip was going on hiatus due to Schedule Slip, and "will return when these production issues are resolved".

In January 2017, Vicki Fox returned with a redesigned website and some semi-new strips; the unfinished "Summer Work" arc was restarted with redrawn versions of existing strips, which eventually led into totally new material.

The Tropes of Vicki Fox: