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Webcomic: World of Fizz

World of Fizz is a webcomic created by Robert M. Blake (not to be confused with the actor), which focuses on the Fizuths, a family of anthropomorphic foxes.

Although most of the series is pretty family-friendly, aside from the odd Toilet Humor and occasional sexual reference, it seems to have some of the most perverted fans of any webcomic, focusing mainly on the family's bisexual daughter Kelli and her girlfriend Dawn.

This originally began on Geocities, and now appears on Comic Genesis. The CG site was originally created for Blake's other comic, Fergo and Enrique, which briefly ran as a webcomic and in selected newspapers; World of Fizz is actually a Spin-Off from Fergo and Enrique, with both strips sharing the characters Carlos Enrique and Alex Fizuth.

Author Blake has a number of associations with other comics creators, and has drawn fan art and guest strips for these creators, and vice versa.

While this comic does have an entry on WikiFur, it's generally a sore point to call this a Furry Comic, due to Blake not being a member of the Furry Fandom (at least not openly).

After a few months of hiatus and spotty updates in 2013, the comic has been placed on indefinite hiatus. On December 2, 2013, author Blake brought the comic out of hiatus.

World of Fizz includes examples of these tropes:

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alternative title(s): World Of Fizz
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