Webcomic / Circumstances of the Revenant Braves

Circumstances of the Revenant Braves is a webcomic about a young man named Kanzaki Kei and the trials and tribulations he faces after meeting a strange girl named Aoyama Fio. It is drawn in the style of anime and manga and employs a variety of tropes and staples from several anime genres, most notably romantic high-school comedy and shonen.

As the story begins, average high-schooler Kei is chosen for an unknown reason by a girl named Fio to help her start a club dedicated to "helping others" without any specific focus. Reluctant but unsure why, he joins her. It isn't long after this that he accidentally gets imbued with super powers originally meant for her and has to literally fight his own and other people's inner demons, called 'Vices', that feed off a person's good nature.

Soon others join the group as well and their diverging personalities have to try to get along in between solving problems, fighting monsters, and attending high-school.

This webcomic provides examples of: