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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Doctor Doom will appear in The Stinger
Quite a bit more plausible than Fox planning (and hinting at) an MCU crossover right away. Due to the success of The Avengers, I can definitely see Fox doing a really similar stinger with one of the biggest, baddest mo-fo's in the Marvel Universe - who they just happen to have the rights to. Probably to tease their Fantastic Four reboot.

How Fox and Marvel will handle the Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch Situation for potential crossovers
  • To allow crossovers:
    • Since Quicksilver is only appearing for a brief sequence in DOFP, it's possible he won't even be mentioned by name so that he can easily be Retconned should Fox and Disney do a crossover.
  • To forbid crossovers and/or spite Disney:
    • Fox will somehow contractually require Disney to create a new, original character as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father in Age of Ultron.

This and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will include some mean-spirited jabs at the MCU.
  • How many times is someone going to have to mention Oscorp's almost-cameo in Avengers? This troper says ASM is unofficially in the MCU.

The movie will explain the apparent Continuity Snarl's between the main series and the spin-offs/prequels
Time Travel is going to be a key feature; so if used correctly, it could provide some justification for anything that doesn't seem to match up throughout the series; the result creating an Alternate Timeline.
  • I hear that's one of the main reasons they went with this story in the first place.
  • Parts of X-III will be retconned and given an in universe explanation, mainly professor X's death and Rouge losing her powers as both have notable roles in the film, the latter's powers being mentioned . Jean Grey and Cyclops's deaths look to be kept canon.
  • I'm hoping for the Alternate Timeline idea. Gives the "I don't want your future" line some weight.

We will see Baby Nightcrawler in this movie.
Jason Flemyng has said he will not reprise his role as Azazel. His absence will be explained as having died somehow but having left Mystique Someone to Remember Him By. We will also see how mother and son became separated.
  • We'll also see how Nightcrawler was adopted, with Mystique, influenced by Magneto's new harsher principles, abandoning him shortly after birth. Magneto, horrified by this sees to it that Kurt is delivered safely to a circus where he will be loved regardless of his mutation.
  • If that's the only way this troper can see my favorite X-Man on film, I'll take what I can get.
  • About 2 minutes into trailer 3, we see Raven in what might be a hospital bed. I'm gonna go with "yes".

By the end of the movie Cyclops will be alive again
By virtue of travelling in time and changing the past, his death will be erased from the timeline.
  • It wouldn't be surprising since Cyclops is needed for a number of famous storylines like The Muir Island Saga, Mutant Massacre, The Twelve, Mutant Genesis, X-Cutioners Song, Fatal Attractions, Schism, etc.
  • If nothing else, it'll bring him onto the team.

Josh Helman will be playing Cable
The guy looks like a young James Marsden and a plot involving time travel is a perfect opportunity to introduce Cable
  • Jossed. He's a young William Stryker.

Nimrod will be the rumored all-CGI character
Just like in the comics, he's going to upload himself to the proto-Internet back in the 70s and appear in the present as Bastion during The Stinger.

Someone from the future is going to let slip some sort of information about Jean and/or her powers, tipping off the Professor and Magneto to her identity and location.

Wolverine will get his Adamantium Claws back
  • The Wolverine ended with him and Xavier in an Enemy Mine with Magneto, and knowing where to find a pile of Adamantium Scraps, the bone claws won't last
    • Wait, is the past in this film set before or after he got the adamantium bonding?

Sequels and stingers will mash-up various sagas in X-Men history.
Given the nature of adaptations, they will try to patch up whatever Continuity Snarl was created in previous installments.
  • DOFP's plot references X-Men Legends 2 with the Enemy Mine plot against the Sentinels, along with a far greater threat which could be a lurking Apocalypse.
  • Scarlet Witch was the actual cause of the apocalyptic future sometime after the events of "The Last Stand" and "The Wolverine".
  • DOFP will end with Magneto double-crossing the X-Men, removing what's left of Logan's adamantium. Xavier mindwipes Magneto in a fit of rage, the latter falling into a coma, where a future sequel will show the consequences on Xavier (possibly worsened by the Phoenix that disintegrated and later revived him).
  • Being the Phoenix's first victim, Cyclops resurfaces as the actual Dark Phoenix; later brainwashed either by a time-traveling Emma Frost (January Jones) or older version (Sigourney Weaver, as Bryan Singer originally visualized) along with her new Hellfire Club.
  • Quicksilver will stand-in as Hope Summers along along with Scarlet Witch in a battle between the Avengers and the X-Men; a metaphor of the license ownerships as mutant/Avenger between Marvel and 20th Century Fox.
  • Stuffed In The Fridge mutants (i.e. Angel, Beast) will later resurface to become Apocalypse's Horsemen or by Xavier's Onslaught.

The movie is an experiment to introduce comic book-style Retcons to film. Depending on critical/fan response, this will lead to...
...The Avengers: Age of Ultron featuring something like the dimensional rift seen at the end of Age Of Ultron, resulting in an integrated X-Men/Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Finally!

This film will lead to a Star Trek-esque Story Reset/partial Continuity Reboot of the X-Men films
Due to the effects of the time travel in this film, events in the series timeline will be altered, creating a timeline separate from the one that the original trilogy (and The Wolverine) occupy. Alternatively, the first two movies still happen in the new timeline, but the events that change result in the events of The Last Stand (and by default, The Wolverine as well) not happening. In either case, the events of First Class still occur in both timelines, while X-Men Origins: Wolverine is still non-canon.
  • Why would X-Men Origins Wolverine be non canon? The only continuity error in it is that Xavier is walking and that is an error shared with Last Stand.
    • What about Emma Frost? Not to mention how we all want to forget Barakapool.
      • Never once called "Emma Frost", simply "Emma" and with no telepathic powers, it's a bit wibbly sure but not a continuity error. Wade Wilson, didn't become Deadpool as we know him until after Weapon X experimented on him, which was shown in the film (it being explicitly an origin story and all). The character is still entirely salvageable from where the film leaves him. And Barakapool isn't a continuity error.
      • Okay, how about Xavier somehow completely forgetting about Magneto's helmet between XM 1 and XMFC?
      • That was not mentioned in Wolverine:Origins.
      • Well I could fanwank it as "the professor was explaining it all in cliffnote form to Wolverine (who wasn't even really interested) and so skipped over some details", but yeah it's a tiny tiny flub in the dialouge/continuity. The series is over 10 years old, there are far more continuity issues with the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is only half that age. Also despite what people think of the overall quality of Last Stand and Origins, all the continuity errors in this series were created by First Class.
      • What continuity errors have there been in the MCU? The worst offense is that two actors were changed.

This film will be all about Wolverine. Again.
  • Just look at the last four Wolverine movies for the proof.
    • In the very least he's filling in a role that belonged to Kitty Pryde in the comics. His involvement seems very likely to be the center of everything.
    • It makes you wonder why they even bother calling it X-Men instead of just 'Wolverine'.

FOX hasn't a damn clue what they're doing with the franchise anymore (I'm not sure they ever did)
Not only are these films a Trope Codifier for Wolverine Publicity, but they've made such a Continuity Snarl that the main reason they went with this storyline is so they could use time travel to justify it.
  • Really? Because the only real continuity error in the series so far is that Xavier was walking in Origins-Wolverine and flashbacks in the Last Stand. Nothing else in all 6 movies contradicts anything else, it's just those two scenes of Xavier walking. That's pretty minor as far as continuity errors go for a series that is over 10 years old.
    • So, we're supposed to believe that there are 2 completely unrelated women both named Emma, both with blond hair, and both with the ability to shift into diamond?
      • Considering that one of them is also a powerful telepath and the other has no telepathic powers and that they were born several decades apart, I don't see a problem. People have the same hair colours and names all the time in real life, and there are plenty of mutants in universe who have the same powers as each other.
      • Yeah, one or two of those traits, maybe, but all three? That's incredibly difficult to believe.
      • Are we also meant to believe Moira somehow inexplicably both stopped aging and gained an accent? Regardless, you can Fan Wank all these errors any way you want, but the fact remains that these movies have sloppy continuity.
      • Also, Xavier and Mystique grew up together,w hich was not even hinted at in the previous movies, Xavier claiming he and Eric invented Cerebro when it was really Hank, Xavier suddenly being unaware of Magneto's helmet in X1 when he should know it was Shaw's helmet, and the world not knowing about mutants until the 00's (X1) despite the government finding out about them in the 60's (First Class).

Franklin Richards will have a cameo appearance in the dystopian future timeline.
  • With Fox announcing plans for the Fantastic Four reboot to exist within the X-Men universe, this seems like a likely way to subtly introduce it. If Days of Future Past has 3 timelines, the 70's with the First Class group, the present with the main group and the dystopian future with Bishop and the newbies. Then one of the members of the future mutant resistance will be Franklin Richards, the future mutant son of Reed and Sue Richards.

The series will be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap after this
Reports of comic-con footage say many characters will have more classic comic book-y costumes and it sounds like it won't just be about Wolverine this time. Here's hopin'.

Bolivar Trask was behind the killing of Kennedy
  • The viral marketing campaign implies it was Mystique that killed Kennedy (who was on his way to give a speech about mutant equality) by acting as Oswald, and then becoming Ruby to kill the real Oswald. Magneto was accused of controlling the bullets and was imprisoned, but claimed his innocence, saying Kennedy's true killer was female and had a way of "hiding in plain sight." But why would Mystique do this? So it's either someone working for, manipulated by, or mind controlled by Trask to build the fear of mutants.

Bolivar Trask will be a combination of himself and Mr. Sinister.
  • The next film after this one is implied to focus on Apocalypse. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that in this universe, Trask created the Sentinels to ensure is master's survival of the fittest belief.
    • Unlikely, since Shaw from First Class was already a composite with Sinister.

The movie will end with Wolverine returning to the present day, but inside the X-Mansion.
  • He'll be greeted by characters dead in his original time, like Jean and Cyclops (who'll comment on how he's acting weird), along with any characters possibly killed in the Bad Future. This will simultaneously be Funny (due to his dumbstruck reaction), Heartwarming and Awesome.
  • As an added bonus, he'll see Erik (insisting on his students not calling him Magneto) and Mystique teaching at the school, probably something ironic, like self-control.
  • This will then be followed by a Sequel Hook, something to do with Apocalypse.

In order to tie-in the X-Men with the Fantastic Four, the Celestials will be introduced to provide a Meta Origin.
Fox has announced that they want to make their own Marvel Universe with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four characters. Given that the two properties are so different, the Celestials provide a way to connect them more easily.

There will be a Stinger to link with the next X-movies
The next movies on Fox X-Men franchise, are X-Force (spin-off), and a sequel of DOFP dealing with Apocalypse. So we'll probably be treated to a seemingly corrected timeline at the end of the credits, only for the stinger to show further up in the future, Cable and X-Force fighting against Apocalypse.

The final foe the heroes face will be Master Mold
We know that the Sentinels will be the primary foes, so it makes sense for the Final Boss (so to speak) to be their leader.

Dr. Bolivar Trask will start out as a Non-Action Big Bad, but towards the end he will become combat-capable
He may upload his mind into a powerful AI, for instance.

The "bad" timeline where mutants are persecuted is the one seen in X2/X3
Magneto is found out as the killer of JFK many years after the fact, and the Sentinels project is underway secretly during the original trilogy timeline. They take over shortly after X3.

Quicksilver is intentionally made to look bad in this film so that his appeal in The Avengers: Age of Ultron would be sabotaged and alienate more causal audiences, possibly bringing both films down.

The 2023 parts take place 3 years after Real Steel
In Real Steel, Wolverine was just training so that he could fight the Sentinels.

Most, if not all, of the future X-Men will be killed off.
It's a Days of Future Past adaptation. It's something of a requirement. They will, however, be resurrected at the end due to the fixed timeline.

The reason that both Charles Xaviers are face to face in the trailer.
Young Charles Xavier, at some point in the movie, will read Logan's mind. In his mind, he will see a memory of old Charles Xavier saying to Logan the very words that he wants his younger self to hear. Essentially, Logan's mind has a metaphorical video-recorded message in his head from old Charles Xavier.
  • I assumed they were using Logan as some kind of telepathic link between their times.

Wolverine will be sent to Ancient Egypt at the end of the movie

  • And his mummy will be used by scientists to create the mutant race.
    • No, no no no no, no-no-no, no NO! Ultimate X-Men tried to fix something that wasn't broken!
    • Like Armin of the Comic Book Cast said, everything in this series is basically about Wolverine, so something like that isn't too far fetched.

James Mc Avoy's Professor X will be killed.
The next movie is X-Men: Apocalypse. The Age of Apocalypse storyline starts when someone goes back in time and evidentially kills Xavier. This movie has someone going back in time to change history. History will be changed, but not how they planned.

Wolverine will live.
Seems pretty obvious.
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