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Funny: X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • This exchange:
    [just before a dangerous confrontation]
    Beast: I know I shouldn't ask, but... In the future, do I make it?
    Wolverine: No.
    Beast: [stares at Logan in disbelief]
    • Becomes a bit of a tearjerker though if you've read the '25 Moments' viral site and find out that Hank died after he was dragged from his home and beaten to death in the streets by anti-mutant supporters
  • When Logan's trying to get past the mansion's door to see Xavier, Hank attempts to stop him, and he teases the younger man with:
    Logan: Come on, sure there's not a little beast in you? Come on, Beast. Come on, Beastie.
    • After Logan gets inside, he says "we're going to be good friends", then sucker punches Beast. Hank transforms into his blue and furry form and chases after Logan. Cue Logan being thrown across the entrance hall screaming.
  • Charles shows his Deadpan Snarker side when Wolverine states the obvious.
    Logan: You can walk.
    Charles: You're a perceptive one.
    • And later:
    Logan: That's it, you're just gonna to walk out?
    Charles: Oh, top marks, like I said, you're perceptive.
  • Charles can't even be bothered to kick Logan out of his home directly.
    Charles: This is private property, my friend, I'm going to have to ask... him [Hank] to ask you to leave.
  • Charles has developed a bit of a potty mouth in the years since First Class, and even gets the movie's Precision F-Strike. Which he uses against Wolverine!
    • He also refers to Wolverine's claims as "future shite."
  • When Logan says they need to find Peter, Charles makes it clear that Cerebro is out of the question. Hank suggests they use a phone book instead.
  • "You were supposed to guard the boss's daughter, not sleep with her!" "I didn't sleep with her! OK, I slept with her quite a few times..."
    • The moment the claws come out, the waterbed gets punctured.
    • Wolverine's brief confusion at his claws not realizing (or having forgotten) his skeleton hadn't been coated with adamantium until sometime after 1973.
  • When Erik spots Quicksilver disguised as a guard staring in at him through the glass screen in his prison, and the latter flashes an ear-to-ear grin, Erik's expression changes from a mildly interested furrowed brow over the change in routine to a glorious look of "Oh, it's just some freak come to break me out. Charming."
  • As Logan and Past Charles head through the kitchen, they run into some security guards. Past Charles tries to reassure the guards that they are important personnel while Logan looks on nonplussed. After Logan does a look that basically yells out "Oh, fuck this....", he takes out the 2 security guards while Past Charles looks on horrified.
    Logan: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you finished?
    • Magneto, after being freed:
    Xavier: [to Logan] Sorry, I'm just not very good with violence.
    [Elevator door opens with Peter and Magneto appear in it]
    Magneto: Charles...
    [Xavier socks Magneto in the jaw so hard he falls over]
    Magneto: [as he is holding his jaw] Good to see you too, old friend, and walking.
  • After a particularly tense scene between Xavier and Magneto, the former storms off and the latter looks rather ashamed of what he's just said. Then Logan snarks, "So you were always an asshole."
    • Later, Wolverine notices the mess inside the cabin that Magneto's power had caused:
    Logan: Wanna pick that shit up?
  • Nearly every scene with Peter, especially the Pentagon kitchen Bullet Time scene.
    • Bonus points for the kitchen scene in that Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" was actually released in 1973.
    • He just doesn't take the rescue seriously, taking the time to taste the food and pose the guards in funny positions.
      • Not just funny for the sake of funny, they actually incapacitate them in real-time.
    • "They told me you control metal... ya know, my mom once knew a guy who could do that." Even funnier is that Magneto does a mini double-take when he says it.
    • When Logan, Charles, and Hank first recruit him, telling him they're breaking someone out, Peter says it's illegal. Cue the trio looking around the room at all the stuff Peter obviously stole. Xavier then appeals to the teen's propensity for mischief.
    Charles: You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon.
    • When told the building they're breaking into is the Pentagon, Peter's face lights up like he got exactly what he wanted for Christmas.
    • His expression when he enters Bullet Time is rather resigned, like he's thinking "Man, this again!"
    • When he sneaks into the elevator leading to Magneto's prison. He duct tapes the guard inside to the side walls ENTIRELY from TOP to BOTTOM except for his nose and eyes.
    • Later on, when he returns to the lift with Magneto, the guard is STILL duct taped to the wall. This means the large group of guard reinforcements didn't bother unfastening him and just ignored him in their haste to handle the prison break. An added bonus: when Magneto confesses his involvement in the JFK assassination, Peter turns to the taped-up guard to express his awe, who returns the reaction in kind (with his eyebrows)! Not only that, he mouths Holy Shit as if saying to a fellow passenger, Check this Mofo out. And by "fellow passenger," we mean "guy he just duct taped to the wall."
      • When Erik and Charles start shouting at each other, you can see Peter squinting at them and then giving the guard a "What the hell is with these two?" look.
    • Also in the lift, Magneto's little double take over his high-speed clothing change. Plus Peter's delivery of, "Whip. Laaash."
    • The ending of the kitchen scene is hysterical. All the guards just fall over because of Peter's intervention, while Logan, Charles and Erik just watch with confusion. Then we see Peter waiting at the back of the room in a typically bored "Are we done here?" fashion.
  • Beast creates a device to jam the Pentagon's security cameras. He does this... by broadcasting Sanford and Son over them. One of the guards even gets into the episode!
  • Meta-example; 2014 Hugh Jackman interviews 1999 Hugh Jackman.
  • In a Call Back to previous films, once Wolverine passes through a metal detector in 1973 without triggering it, he pauses and gives it an amused look. Or maybe a puzzled one — in any case, he's really used to these lighting up like Christmas trees due to his adamantium.
  • At the end when Logan goes to touch the alive and well Jean Grey, he is stopped by Cyclops, also alive and well. Logan is happy to see him, but Scott brushes it off as he would have in the first two movies.
    • Even better, when Logan tells him "good to see you", Scott gives him a brief "who are you and what have you done with Logan?" look.
  • Future!Wolverine briefly panics and loses his connection to his past self... and Past!Wolverine wakes up and finds himself unexpectedly in the middle of the action, in France, surrounded by people he doesn't know and with no memory of how he got there. Charles at first tries to explain what happened, but realizes it's futile and gives this explanation instead.
    Charles: ...You're on acid. Someone gave you really bad acid... yeah?
    • Special mention must also be made to Past!Logan's reaction when he catches a glimpse of a Hulked Out Beast.
    Logan: THE HELL IS THAT?!
  • Logan's utter confusion upon waking up in the past naked, next to a girl, staring at a lava lamp, on a water bed. And his confusion again when he wakes up in the new future and wanders the mansion until he gets to Charles' study... where the Professor quite grumpily tells him he's supposed to be teaching a history class.
    • In the same scene, Beast (once again played by Kelsey Grammer) gives him a slyly chipper "late start for you today!", implying that this isn't the first time that this sort of confused meandering has happened.
  • When the news of the appearances of the mutants are being broadcast, Richard Nixon and his cabinet are staring in shock at it, and so are Nixon's three dogs.
  • When Magneto gives his speech towards the end of the film on live television, we see Ink watching it in a bar, Peter in his basement... and Toad working a mundane job as a frycook.
  • Xavier calmly doing a Jedi Mind Trick to get past a security guard that asks for ID.
  • Mystique shouting "Get out of my head, Charles!" in the climactic scene brought back memories of "The Juggernaut, Bitch!"
  • Beast proudly tells Wolverine that he's rigged up a device to record "all three networks and PBS."
    Wolverine: [sarcastically] Wow, all three networks.
    Beast: [not getting it] ...and PBS.
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