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Rubur serves the cause of the Chaos Gods from Warhammer.
One could easily make this connection by looking at how his "Mechanical Army" is created—-shades of Khorne.

Kayley is an ancestor of Belle.
Belle could almost pass as Kayley's identical descendant. Seriously, look at their faces and not think Strong Family Resemblance. As for why Belle is in France, one of Kayley's descendants before Belle moved to France for whatever reason.
  • King Arthur has French roots, so perhaps Kayley still has family back in France.

The Knights of the Round Table are communist warlords.
"Each of us will now divide, in equal shares our countryside."

Ruber has a plan.
It includes you.

Quest for Camelot is the sequel to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Look at the two King Arthurs. The king who Kayley is fighting for looks quite a bit like Graham Chapman, doesn't he? And Merlin doesn't look unlike Tim the Enchanter. Think about it. The singing at Camelot. The insanity of the whole movie. Ruber's helmet even resembles that of the Knights Who Say Ni. The swamp that Kayley meets Garret in is the "bloody swamp" that the Swamp Castle was build over (it sank again).
  • Oh god! it all makes sense now!
  • Eric Idle voices Devon. 'Nuff said.
  • Alternatively, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the sequel to Quest for Camelot, if you buy that King Arthur already had a couple of knights back in Camelot already (which is assumed in Monty Python and the Holy Grail).
    • Which means the King of Swamp Castle hasn't even started building his castles yet, the Knights of Ni are basically remnants of Ruber's forces, and Merlin retired from Arthur's court, disguised himself and gave himself the fake name of Tim.

The bad guys locked up Bladebeak's wife for a reason.
She's a chicken, they're a bunch of hedonistic gluttonous bad guys, and they're about to go somewhere that involves large banquets and giant tables. Don't get it? They were going to cook and eat her to celebrate their victory. Bladebeak found out and this became the straw that broke the camel's back.

The entire "If I Didn't Have You" sequence was all in Garret's head.
C'mon. It's hard to believe Kayley wouldn't pay attention to all the flashy stuff going on, or at least lampshade it afterwards. In reality, Devon and Cornwall were just singing the song itself, acting it out. All those flashy things and the mysterious background-music appearing were just in Garret's head. His imagination sprung loose and so the scene happened such as we saw it. It also explains why he didn't want any more songs: being used to seeing the world as a person living in medieval times, all those flashy, crazy things going on was too much for him. He didn't want his imagination to run amok again.
  • Oh my God...
  • Given that the man can't see, and therefore probably has a bit of an active imagination to compensate... I've certainly heard stranger theories.

The magic that killed Ruber was acting out of mercy.
Thanks to the potion that Ruber had used to make sure that Excalibur would never be taken from him, it kept spinning at his arm. When Ruber was tricked into stabbing the stone with the sword, he had doomed himself into spinning around the stone for the rest of his life or until someone who could remove Excalibur from the stone did so.

Ruber was one of Uther's knights originally
Or one of Ambrosius Aurelianus'. If he had been one of Vortigern's, I seriously doubted he'd still be alive by the start of the movie. Arthur probably only made him a knight of the round table because Ruber had served Arthur's father and before that his uncle faithfully, as long as he was repaid with new land that is.