Funny / Quest for Camelot

  • The "If I Didn't Have You" sequence, sure it's an obvious Call Back to Warner Bros. cartoon shorts. But one can't deny, it is fairly funny.
  • The Elvis Presley bit between Devon and Cornwall at the close of said acid sequence:
    Cornwall: (In Elvis' voice, to Devon) Hey, you've never sung before, have you?
    Devon: (Sucker punches him in the face)
  • This exchange:
    Garrett: Quiet!
    Kayley: Do you hear something?
    Garrett: No, I just want you to be quiet for a while.
  • When Ayden the falcon snickers at Devon and Cornwall's failure to start a fire, Cornwall just eats Ayden without much preamble. "I got three words, birdie; Dinner-Is-Served!" Luckily, the falcon escapes by flying out of Devon's mouth!
  • Kayley pesters Garret to allow Devon and Cornwall to come with him. Eventually he agrees, but only on one condition: "No more singing!"
    Devon: How do you feel about interpretive dance?
    Garrett: [groans]
    • Kayley also turns around to give them a (presumably) dirty look.
  • When Bladebeak beats up a guard, his hen wife (?) looks at Juliana as if to say "That's MY man."
  • Ruber's Villain Song is both Narm Charm because he is so hammy with it and So Bad, It's Good because it's only a "song" by a great stretch of the word.
  • When the Griffin reports to Ruber after he stole Excalibur from Arthur but lost it in the Forbidden Forest:
    Ruber: Panic sweeps across the land?
    Griffin: Precisely.
    Ruber: My plan is perfect?
    Griffin: Precisely.
    Ruber: Without the sword, Arthur is vulnerable?
    Griffin: Precisely!
    Ruber: And now Excalibur is mine!
    Griffin: (nervously) Uh... er... and that is where we enter a grey area...
  • When Ruber is pursuing "a little girl, a blind man, and a pigeon," we get this gem.
    Ruber: (tosses a dragon leg to the Griffin, who starts eating it) Find them all, and report back to me. (Griffin does not reply, and Ruber impatiently grabs the Griffin's collar) Did you hear me?!
    Griffin: Sorry, Master, my mouth was full.
    Ruber: (releases the Griffin and does a Face Palm) Typical. Of all the evil creatures in the world, I have the one with table manners.