Funny / Quest for Camelot

  • The "If I Didn't Have You" sequence, sure it's an obvious Call Back to Warner Bros. cartoon shorts. But one can't deny, it is fairly funny.
  • The Elvis Presley bit between Devon and Cornwall at the close of said acid sequence:
    Cornwall: (In Elvis' voice, to Devon) Hey, you've never sung before, have you?
    Devon: (Sucker punches him in the face)
  • This exchange:
    Garrett: Quiet!
    Kayley: Do you hear something?
    Garrett: No, I just want you to be quiet for a while.
  • When Ayden the falcon snickers at Devon and Cornwall's failure to start a fire, Cornwall just eats Ayden without much preamble. "I got three words, birdie; Dinner-Is-Served!" Luckily, the falcon escapes by flying out of Devon's mouth!
  • Kayley pesters Garret to allow Devon and Cornwall to come with him. Eventually he agrees, but only on one condition: "No more singing!"
  • When Bladebeak beats up a guard, his hen wife (?) looks at Juliana as if to say "That's MY man."
  • Ruber's Villain Song is both Narm Charm because he is so hammy with it and So Bad, It's Good because it's only a "song" by a great stretch of the word.