Quotes / Quest for Camelot

Garrett: Well, the good news is, we're out of dragon country. The better news is, this is where we say goodbye.
Devon: But- You can't leave us here! If we try to go back, we'll be banished! Ostracised. Exiled... (they turn back to the cave)
Cornwall: Not to mention kicked out.
Kayley: Why?
Cornwall: We just broke the dragons' cardinal rule!
Devon: What, never wear brown shoes with the blue suit? (Cornwall grabs Devon's snout)
Cornwall: No, you moron. Never help a human. (Ayden screeches)
Garrett: Come on, Kayley. We must make camp before dark.
Devon: Camp?
Kayley: Garrett. Let's take them with us. Please.
Garrett: Oh, I suppose so. But no more singing!
Devon: How do you fell about interpretive dance? (poses like a ballerina; Garrett groans with annoyance)

Cornwall: (whilst rubbing a stick about a pile of sticks) C'mon baby! Come on! Light my fire!
Devon: You know there's nothing more pathetic than a flame retardant dragon. (he grabs a tries to light the fire by using the same method)
Cornwall: (looking up) Hey, Devon! You blew fire! (Devon looks up) No, no, my mistake. Just hot air!
(Before Devon can hit with the stick, it suddenly came alive and ran off, the other sticks follow afterwards, leaving Devon and Cornwall confused)

Devon: (walking through the ogre's cave - filled with skeletons and carcasses) Ooh. Charming place. I must get the name of his decorator.